Books by Hans Koning

In these pages author Hans Koning, will guide you in finding revelations of a way of life that has been hidden for more than 6000 years.

How did we become bio-robots of a Higher Force – a Force we cannot see?  Are we not Gods greatest creation, forced to spend our lives as slaves on the earth, in obedience to a Man-made system?

Missionaries arise who proclaim the necessary need for salvation, but have we forgotten we already possess it?

The book delves still deeper and asks …

  • What was the power of Moses?
  • How was the great Empire of Rome destroyed, without a war being waged?
  • How can Divine Nutrition cause us to be Powerful?
  • Who are we and what we are doing on this planet?

Is there actually a way to escape all the craziness that is happening in the world and discover a Divine way of life? The author says there is. He will illustrate a way to enter a Space of Love that we ourselves have created. A place where we can find peace and wholeness. A place where we will be energized and inspired by a totally new appreciation for life.  

Do you experience poverty or a lack of finances in your life? Do you battle finding the proper work? Are you one who sits in church listening to all those promises and still don’t come further in life? If you experience this, then this book is written for you. This book will unveil the Truth and Purpose of Prosperity; that it is your birth right to be wealthy and healthy.
I will prove to you, contrasting in many ways what we have heard before, that it is very devout to pursue wealth. Once you are liberated of all those religious miss concepts of being wealthy, you too will be able to get what you desire and live the abundant Life, which was ordained by our Creator.
Every person consciously or unconsciously, desires to be wealthy. “As a man thinks, so is he”. To be able to be in harmony with Creative Power, we must pass from the Competitive to the Creative thinking. You will be encouraged, motivated and inspired to live up to your full potential.