The answer to all terror and wars on earth    (Recommended to read for all women)

In this article I like to talk about and give you an answer on “how to end all wars on the earth” Maybe you think this is impossible. Wars have been here for many millennia and seem to increase by the day. Put your TV on the News Channel and you, for sure you will hear that somewhere is a war going on and people are being killed and slaughtered. Today not only do countries war against one another, but there is a global full-scale religious war going on against all mankind.

This war can’t be stopped by eliminating all terrorists. Even if you could, the war will still go on because the dogmas behind this are still alive and new recruits will follow suite. The answer is not responding violence with violence.

But before I give you the right answer, let’s first see how wars started or how the first weapons were designed. In actual fact there was only one lone inventor that created all rockets and lethal weapons that exists today. Its name is “Destructive Thinking”. I am not sure how this thought came, some may call it a demon, or wherever it came from, it was a ‘thought’. At first this thought got through to a single individual and took over his material body producing spears and stone spearheads. Thereafter it came up with ideas of arrows and iron arrowheads. This lone inventor takes pleasure in giving out hints to all people that call themselves scientists or inventors, no matter what country they live in.

Although even the modern weapons were created a long time ago, slowness of matter was given by the Creator to allow people time to think things through. Therefore, to manifest modern weapons of today or of the future requires the construction of a multitude of factories and laboratories that are today termed as scientific. Under the guise of plausible excuses more and more people were gradually drawn into the business of turning such deadly thinking into reality. But you may think WHY was there a need for this thinking?

To establish itself! (some may call it the devil or Satan) The purpose to destroy the whole material plane of earth itself. To show to everything in the Universe the superiority of the energies of its all destructive element over everything else, and in fact, over God. And it is through people that it acts.

Now my question, is it possible to eliminate this from the earth? Yes, we can eliminate this; by not allowing it access to our thoughts or body. Here is the answer: “All women should avoid intimate relationship with men who permit destructive thinking into their consciousness, so as not to reproduce it over and over again”.

Just imagine what will happen. If women refuse to have an intimate relationship with men of our scientific military minds, they will go out of their minds. What man will go to war if no woman wants to sleep with him after that? Not be able to marry any woman, nor bearing any offspring. In actual fact, any man starting a war would be killing himself, and his offspring as well.

If women would just gang together and willing to do this, no man in his right mind would ever start a war. Eve’s fall from grace would be compensated by women living in today’s times, not to mention their own decline, in the face of themselves and God.

Just think about this, what would happen on the earth? The earth will once again burst forth in its pristine flower. Men, who have now left their destructive thinking, instead will use their minds on positive things like co-creation and creating new heavens or family domains for their loved ones on this beautiful earth. Pristine gardens will arise everywhere. And this earth will change again in a divine paradise as Gods intention was from the beginning.

I know you are thinking that I am very naïve in thinking that women would do this but I not only believe this, I also KNOW this will happen, because I know women and they are perfect created in Gods image. How can I NOT believe in them? Because the Divine essence is present in EVERY woman living on the earth today. Let it be revealed today in all its resplendent presentation. Goddesses! Women of the divine earth! Reveal in yourself your own Divine essence.

I know that some might offend to this, but it is important that we become conscious aware of who we really are. Because of some people’s low self-esteem, they will never get over their lips that they are ‘gods’ or ‘goddesses’. They might say they are a child of God, but does that not mean the same thing? Are we not all created in His image and likeness; gods and goddesses? Only God has no fleshly body, but we have. Did not Jesus say that all men are gods: “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’? He was talking about Psalm 82:6:  ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’ Ever thought about who has changed our minds in thinking differently?

So I dare to say; Goddesses, women of the Divine Earth. Reveal in yourselves your own Divine essence. Show yourselves to the whole universe in all the beauty of your original pristine presence. You are a perfect creation; you are created from the Divine dream. Each of you is capable of taming the diverse energies of the Universe. Dear women, goddesses of all the Universe and the Earth.”

I understand that some men will doubt that every woman is a goddess. It is only a chain of circumstances that makes earthly goddesses spend time in a kitchen day after day. But every woman has her own beauty. I am sorry to say that not all women have had the opportunity to reveal this treasure. But that does not mean that this treasure is not present. On the contrary, it is present in every woman, young and old. It is not something you can measure, but this beauty is on the inside and present in young girls as well as in women of senior years.

When I look at my own love, who I married 47 years ago, I can see the beauty in her. I can see the goddess in her. Have I always treated her that way? No, I am very sorry to say, I have not. I had to change my selfish thinking of what I wanted from her into what I can do for her and see the perfect creation, the goddess in her. But in time I became more conscious aware of who we really are and who my dear love is and I have changed my thinking and acted accordingly.

In spite of the endless humilities my wife has experienced in life, the multitude of blows dealt by fate, she still wakes up in the morning with the Sun, smiles at the sunrise with a ray of conscious awareness and then suddenly makes someone love her. I will love her forever and she will impart to me the warmth of her love. Yes, to her only one, to the one who sees in her the goddess.

Every woman has her own beauty and once they have changed their priorities of love, they, Gods perfect creation are capable of changing the world.

Women, the perfect creation of our heavenly Father. Yes, they are capable to restore the Earth to its resplendent pristine worth. They will transform the whole earth into the blossoming garden of the Divine dream. Because they are Gods creation, the beautiful goddesses of the Divine Earth.

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