A DIALOGUE BETWEEN TWO FRIENDS – illusion or reality


I slowly walked up the pathway leading to the static house. As a building contractor I was always interested in the design of houses. It was built in the post-modern style with a flat roof. Surrounded by a beautiful garden and I even saw a lovely Gazebo in the corner of the garden with a Koi pond in front. I also noticed the beautiful flowers arrangements on either side of the pathway to the front door and sensed that Alan’s wife must be a real nature lover.

I ring the bell and thought how Alan himself has stood at my own door many years ago. A lot of things had happened since then and because there derived some frictions between us, I was hoping to explain the misunderstandings in love. That was the reasons why I was knocking on his door today. My motivation was love, nothing else.

The door opened and there was Alan. I had not seen him for 10 years or so, but he had not changed much. A little more weight around the waste maybe or did I see some grey hairs appearing? After greeting me with a big smile and hugging one another he went to his office and we sat down in a comfortable chair.

“You like some coffee John, or something else maybe?”

“I would love some coffee Alan, you know me, I never say no to a good cup of Dutch coffee.”

While Alan went off to arrange the coffee, I remembered the first time Alan came to my own front door, many years ago. I was an entrepreneur and had started several businesses in town, but my deepest desire always went out to the deeper spiritual things of life. Therefore, when I could not find a decent church to attend to I had started a church myself without any denominational affiliations.

This is how we met for the first time when he knocked on my door. He came to visit me, for he had heard weird things about me and our church and was very inquisitive about the things that I proclaimed. I invited him in and we became friends straight away and had very good times together after he joined our church.

He himself had become a very renowned lawyer and as far as I could see very successful.

After about 12 years in the country, we closed the business and church and immigrated back to South Africa, where I started of course another business. But I kept on doing research on spiritual matters and opened a website and started writing articles, which I send to my friends and colleagues. Alan also received those articles.

After returning with the coffee and biscuits, and chitchatting about family and kids, Alan wanted to come to the point and asked me about what has changed in my life. He received my articles and became at one stage very upset with me. According to him I was losing my plot and became a back slider. At least this is how he saw this. He had mailed me many times to try to get me back in the religious circles, but without success. When he heard I had come back to visit my family and friends in Holland, he contacted me and arranged this meeting.

Alan said, “Well, John, we have communicated a few times by e-mail and you know that we differed in many ways concerning your spiritual view points, but what really happened to you that you have changed so drastically. Even in such a way that I thought you were losing it all.”

“Well Alan, it did not happen drastically as you would describe it, you can call it more a process of happenings, or maybe I should say a process of “awakenings”. I think that is a better word. Some call it a ‘conscious awareness’ of spiritual matters.”

“What do you mean with this ‘awakening”, is that like you awaken in the morning after a night’s sleep?”  “No, it is the awakening of the spirit man, the real you. When you awaken out of sleep, it is your body and your mind that is awakening and become physically aware of things around you. But when the real you awakens, you awaken to a truth, you become spiritually aware of things around you. Truth that has been there all the time, but has been dormant. It tells that I was awakening to certain truths that I was contemplating on for many, many years.”

“Remember Alan, that you were always intrigued by my strange things of applying the Word of God? I could even be, in many ways, very “dogmatic” in my approach of the Word of God.”

“Yes, I remember and I still am charmed and is the reason I asked you to come over and discuss as friends the different viewpoints that you express today, for I certainly don’t hear them in our christian circles. To try this by writing and mailing did not do it for me. I need a better explanation.”

“Well I should tell you a bit about myself first, so you can understand why it is that I followed that route.”

“From what I can remember as a child I was rebelling against things that I did not recognize as truth”. I never could put my finger on this, why I was doing that, but there was something within me telling me different things than what I heard in school or even what my parents told me. I often kicked against these things without any result. This happened in church circles in the same way. Today I have a better understanding WHY I did those things, because of the ‘awakenings’ I was telling you about.”

“I have come to understand that “laws, rues and dogmas” are not always the truth. I sincerely believe in following rules for safety reasons, but I will give you an example. Say now I have come to a 4-way stop street. The law says, you have to stop. The first car that stops can also drive away first. A very simple rule. Today I arrive at this 4-way stop street in the middle of the night and I see no cars approaching, not even in the distance. So, without stopping I drive slowly through. Was I breaking the law?”

“Yes, you broke the law by not stopping.” I am a lawyer and can tell you all about what the law says in such situations.”

“Yes, of course I broke the law, but I did not break the truth. The truth was that I could safely drive through without harming anybody. That is the TRUTH. Please keep that in thought when I do my clarifications.”

“Let me ask you Alan, do you believe that God created Man, and created him in His own image?”

“Yes, I certainly believe so and always have believed this to be the truth.”

“The next question is, can anybody be above His creator?”

“No, that is impossible, John.”

“Okay, we have established a truth here that we both believe. You also believe that Man himself is a creator, he was, after all, created in Gods image?”

“Yes, I can go with that. Man can create things.”

“Now, for a long time Man created beautiful things, but there came a time they also created governments, and government created laws, rules and regulations. Now the question comes again, can this law that Man created be above their creators?”

Alan, being a lawyer, was careful in answering me on this one. He chose his words carefully.

“Well, that is a tricky one. If I say, yes, it means I can be above my Creator, which I can’t. But if I say, No, than I can’t be under the law, but I put myself above the law!”

“In actual fact, you do, for it is Man that created that law. The law can never be above his creator, in this case, Man. But is it not so that we have brought this on ourselves. We decided to make rules and then obey those rules. Is this not absurd? We could have just been led by love and good. Why have we done a thing like that? How did get into this position that we created things and then become a slave of what we created?”

“Yes, you are right this sounds stupid, but we can’t live without laws anymore. What would happen if everyone just did what he liked to do? Don’t we get chaos?”

“You are right, we can’t just abolish all laws, for this would create chaos and war. But we could start and search for truth HOW we got here. And maybe we can go back to our pristine origin ways, to our genesis, the way God created us in the beginning.” Maybe we can’t change the rules, but we can be the beginning of this change.

“I really have never thought about this. But now you mention this, it sounds strange. But how do you think we landed here, John.”

“There is a simple answer for this. WE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO WE ARE! We have forgotten that we are created in His image, sons of God. In that, we have forgotten that we are the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! Created by a loving Father to become gods on the earth and co-create with Him on this beautiful earth. Like the story of Adam and Eve, they wanted to be “like God but had forgotten that they already WERE gods.

“What do you mean, forgotten, Master of the Universe, are you crazy? I know who I am, I am Alan Fable, born in 1966 and raised by my father and mother in Edson. I went to one of the best universities in the country. I studied law and I am damn good at my job. I know who I am.”

“You don’t need to get upset, Alan. What you are talking about is not the real you, but your image. That is your illusionary image you have created for yourself. You believe in it and if someone tells you it is not real, you get angry. I can tell you something else that is truth;

People don’t want to hear the truth. Because they don’t want Their illusions Destroyed.”

“Are you also one like that Alan, don’t you want to hear the truth?”

“Okay, John, maybe you are right, but I need to think this through. Who is then the real me, how do I get in touch with my real man?”

“Maybe your real Man is still dormant. You are sleeping, but can be awakened if you really want to. Don’t you know what your own Bible tells about this? “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”

“So you are saying, if I don’t awaken I am still dead? I don’t understand this”

“Most people are just ‘spiritual dead’ and are in need of awakening to the ‘spiritual’ life. And yes, most people have a religion, but that is only a “form” of godliness and not the whole truth. Once the real inner man is awakened, you don’t need a religion or anybody else to help you, you will find all the answers within yourself. Remember you were created in the image of God, you are sovereign, and a divine being and He has given to all men a particle of Himself that resides within you. It is up to you if you want to listen to that voice or the voice in your mind! God has given all men a free choice and has never taken that back.”

“Wow, John, I have never seen myself as ‘dead’ to spiritual things. I experienced God in the services and I heard His voice. I love God and worship Him. When I sing I do that with my heart. What must I think of that?”

“Hear me out Alan, I know that you are sincere, otherwise I would not sit here today.  This all might sound strange, as it did to me as well when I realized this. When are we alive to God? It can all still be part of a religious act that we are doing. Am I a fully flexed Man if I don’t use my inner man? We should be quiet and think more. Because thought is the most powerful energy that man received from God. Everything was created by a THOUGHT first. Thought is material as even scientists have proven. Don’t you remember what you learned in your bible school; “Now faith is the substance (material) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”?

“I realize this can take a long time to think this out, but I will give you an example out of Gods creation and then you may think about it and evaluate what you get out of that yourself.”

“Okay, let’s hear it”

“Someone said once and I quote “ …that the truth lies within you—as does all the power you will ever need to change the direction of your life and the course of human history”. 

“Wow that is strong medicine, don’t you think so? This person has understood that all truth and power lies within you to change even your own destiny. I totally agree with that, but also realize that it takes time to renew your mind.”

“Here is my example from nature. When God created a seed of an apple. He put into that seed all the knowledge it needed to grow, produce and reproduce.  As soon as the seed touches earth, it knows what type of juices and nutrition’s to take from the earth. It is also connected with the Universe. It receives information from the universe concerning the seasons of the year. It knows when it is spring and blossoms and gives its fruit in the summer. It also does not give its fruit all at the same time, but in stages. Then it also reproduces new seed for reproduction. In this way the apple has survived for millions of years until this day. It will keep on surviving, unless man destroys it by manipulation. But that is another story again.”

“Now, dear Alan. Do you think that God, who created Man, the pinnacle of His creation, has not given him the same knowledge from pristine origin, to grow, produce and reproduce?” To think different would be devastating. Man was supposed to be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

“Yes, I know the Bible teaches us that, but is that not what we are doing?”

“No, we are not doing that anymore. We are busy destroying the earth. Instead of ruling the earth and subduing it, we are busy trying to subdue one another and in the process raping the earth and steal its precious properties that are so important to keep the earth in harmony with Man. I don’t think that was in Gods planning. His plan was for Man to be a Master of the Universe. We are supposed to be rulers and now we are mere slaves.”

“You know John, I always have liked you, looked up to you and listened to your teachings when you were the leader of our church. You even had a Bible School and I was one of your favorite students. I was sorry to see you eventually close the church, I never understood that. I was sorry to see you leave the country again. But what really shocked me was when I read an article of you a few years later that read, “I have no more religion”. I really could not understand that and it also upsets me. After all that we went through together, you just changed your mind concerning everything you taught us? After all the books you have written, about christian principles and doctrines, how could you just wipe all that away?”

“I am not wiping anything away Alan, I only changed my perception concerning the interpretation of law and about my loving Father. You remember in the past I could make sometimes shocking statements. I did that to get the attention to certain truth. This time I did that as well. If you had read the article properly you would have seen that I meant, ‘I don’t follow denominations anymore’. And please, if I may give you some advice, I appreciate your friendship and respect, but please do yourself a favor and don’t look up to people anymore. We have all been created equal and are all the same. We can respect one another, but by looking up to another human being, you make yourself lower than him and that is not how God created you, it is not what a Master of the Universe is supposed to do.”

“To answer your question, do I still believe in God? Well, let me say it this way, I don’t have to believe in God anymore for I KNOW God. He is my heavenly Father, who is present everywhere. That is the same with Jesus, He is a very precious Person and I give hear to all His teachings, but don’t follow doctrines that Man made of Him anymore. He came to set the captives free, which means that Men was somewhere captivated. Prisoners of what? prisoners of religious mind-sets maybe?”

“Do I call Him, Lord? No, I don’t, because by calling Him Lord, I make myself lower than Him and is not what God intended for Man. Jesus never asked for man to call Him Lord! I respect Jesus Christ very much, but He does not want to lord over us. How can He be my Lord then? He is my Brother and Friend and we have the same Father. That is how I personally think about Him. But of course, He does not mind if you call Him Lord, there are no conditions for His love, He loves all Men.”

“Do I worship the Father? That depends what you mean with worship. If you mean do you go on your knees before Him. No, I don’t. I used to do that, although it never felt good and after becoming more conscious aware of these things I totally stopped that a long time ago.” But I do LOVE Him.

“So, you mean, you never call Jesus, Lord or God?” You don’t worship God anymore? That is strange, I tend to remember that you even wrote a book about worship?”

“Yes, I wrote a book about worship about 20 years ago, and although there are many things in it I would like to re-write, I also wrote about a lot of truth. If you remember, I was writing about how WRONG it is to worship God the way we do that in church, just singing songs. In those days already I was seeing that as not proper. In my book I was more speaking about how to “worship in spirit and in truth”. And as you remember well, we had many blessed church services ourselves, where we really had a lot of fun and trying out new things and making music and playing in the spirit as we called it in those days.”

“Yes, I remember that very well. We really had good times. Sometimes we had services with just making music for a few hours and afterwards had some more fellowship or we played volleyball together. It really was fun and I am missing that kind of fellowship.”

“Well who stops you of having fellowship like that again? I am not against church or the coming together of people of the same faith. Together we can help change the world to the good. I just don’t call myself a Christian anymore, for I am not belonging to any kind of faith or denomination. I am born a free Man and would like to stay that way, without being told what to do and what not to do.”

Listen carefully Alan, I heard a teaching the other day about ‘being a slave of Christ’. This came from a very respected ministry that has a lot of influence in the christian world. But I personally think this is totally wrong, we are absolutely no ‘slaves’ or even ‘servants’ of Christ. These are exactly the type of doctrines that keep Christians away from BECOMING the sons of God. They are doomed to fail with thoughts like that and they will never be happy with life. Can you see why Jesus wanted to set His people free of that type of religious hogwash.”

“I don’t believe God created Man to worship Him. He has no ego that He really needs that. Together with my wife we co-created our children. I don’t want them to go on their knees and worship me or my wife. No ways, that would be terrible. Why do we think differently about our heavenly Father? God does not want us to worship Him, he want us to BE LIKE HIM. To be like Him is to respect His creation and love that. He wants us to be gods on this earth and co-create with Him in this splendid paradise. Remember even Jesus acknowledged that we are all gods.”

With that being said, I also realize that we do not ‘ACT’ like gods at this stage. All this have become very difficult, because we have forgotten HOW to be gods on earth. In actual fact we now all have become slaves.”

“What do you mean by, “slaves”. I am not a slave, but a free Man. I have a business and am my own boss. No one is telling me what to do. I am married with a lovely woman and have 2 children. I have a nice house and don’t owe anybody anything. I am a free Man.”

“Okay, I hear what you are saying. But say now you get into financial trouble one day and can’t pay your Taxes anymore. Let’s see who owns your house if you can’t pay the government what they think is due to them. If you can’t pay them in funds, they will see what you owe in property. They will sell your property until they have been paid. Who is now free, and who owns what?”

“Yeah, but that won’t happen to me!” I am too clever for that, I know the law and know what to do”

“Well dear Alan, I also call myself clever and it happened to me when I was about 40 years of age. When I could not pay the government taxes due, they sold my houses, even the house we as a family lived in and we were left with nothing. No work, no money. I was evacuated out of my house after not paying the rent for 3 months. I had to go and stay with my brother in another city for a while until I could get some work again. Must I tell you what hell I went through, and you say we are free?”

“I understand John that must have been terrible thing for you and your wife to go through.”

“Yes, not only me and my wife, but also my children went through this. But don’t worry I now know how to live the life.”

“I can talk to you for a long time about this, but I don’t want to talk about that anymore. It is behind me and I have taken matters in my own hands and made sure that nobody will hurt me or my family again. Never ever! No government can be above me, no law can be above me. I will apply Gods laws (written in my heart) above any other human made law. I made sure that I am slowly but surely getting out of this damned system of the world. It is NOT of God!” I am determent to follow His rules of love and compassion.” Maybe  can’t change the “system” but I certainly can be the beginning of that change.

It was quiet in the room for a while until Alan broke the silence.

“Another cup of coffee John, I am sure you can use another one.”

“Sure, Alan, thanks.”

“After Alan poured in another cup, he asks, “Tell me John, in what way did you change your thinking about the Bible. I mean the way you speak now and write about it these days in your articles is completely different to the way you used to proclaim. Is that because you follow another doctrine or listened to other teachers?”

“No more doctrines and no more teachers, Alan. It all started because I always had questions about the Bible. Questions about things that I did not understand. That has been with me my whole life, even when I was running a church, ‘SOMETHING WAS WRONG’. But I could not put a finger on it. All I knew is that something was not right concerning certain doctrines of the Bible. When questions like that keeps on haunting you, there will be a day that you will receive your answer. This will always happen and I did receive my answer. And after that day once I fully understood, it changed my whole life radically, for ever.

My love for my heavenly Father and His creation has only increased, for now I really got to know Him and I loved Him even more for that. I thank Him every day for life and for His beautiful earth he has given us. I tell Him that I will do my utmost to restore the earth to its full glory and I get tears in my eyes when I think of what we have done with His beautiful creation, but also recognize that He has full faith in His people to restore things as it was from pristine origin.”

“But your whole outlook on the Bible and your faith has changed radically. Do you mean, you received your answer by someone else or did you have a prophetic word? I first thought you got mixed up with ‘New Age’ doctrines. How did it come to you and what kind of questions did you have?”

“It did not come through a person or prophetic word or even ‘new Age”, I have nothing to do with them, although they also may have truth. It also did not just come in one day, but it was more a process. A process of awakenings that started already at a young age. It is a thrilling experience to think how I became conscious aware of who I really am and also what the purpose was for that book that we call the Bible.”

“The questions that I had from as young as I can remember. Two main questions that many other people might share with me. The first question is this, although the Bible teaches us that God is no “respecter of persons”, how then could He choose a people (Israel) for Himself and put them above the others?” This is contradictory.

“The second question is, the Bible teaches us that God is a God of Love. If he is a God of love how then how could He order His so-called “special chosen people” to murder out whole villages? To kill and murder all people, mothers, children and babies and all other livestock? Do we call that love?”

“Yes, I understand that would make you upset, and I myself have been thinking about that as well. But did not God have a special purpose for that? Were those people not heathen and serving other gods. Did God not have the right to punish them?”

“My answer to that question is, if God has given all freedom to Man, to subdue the earth, to do with it that we like, to co-create with Him, how can He then take that back? Is God a liar that He comes back at His word?” And really, who is a Heathen? Do you mean to tell me that all the billions of people that lived before Christ came are all lost?That is hogwash. Those heather also had truth that led them to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

“No, I don’t think that God would ever lie, but did He not say that they should not take from the tree and if they did, they would be punished?”

“Ah, that’s a good question. But did my heavenly Father really say that? That also has been bothering me for a long time until one day I read an article of a person that saw things in a different light. I started communicating with her and grew to love her very much. She brought things to the light that overwhelmed me in such a way that I was doubting if this really could be true?

‘What was she revealing to you?’

“That the ‘Lord God’ that approached in Genesis 2 was not Father God, but His created being, MAN! In other words, US.”

“What? You mean to say that the Lord God is not the same as our Creator God? Now you are really going too far John.”

“Yes, that was what she was suggesting. But only later when new revelations became clear to me that this could be true, i started my own research.”

“But there was still so much religion in my system that I threw it out at first. I could not believe this. It can’ be, it is a lie. How can this be true? My whole life I read the word of God and she says that the Bible is not interpreted in a correct way. I really had to let this sink in and I was determent to get further into this.”

“To be honest with you, this also is shocking to me. I mean that would imply that we have to read the Bible in a whole new light. So, what did you discover further?”

“Well I did research in other ancient writings and also in books that the so-called “church” forbade you to read. You see truth is truth, it does not matter where it comes form, but it is still truth. I read them all. I also read the Gospel of Thomas, a very interesting book that gives a lot of new light concerning who Jesus Christ was and what He did and said to His disciples.” In this Book we read:

“Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.” I also continued seeking until I found.

“Then one day I got hold of a series of books (Ringing Cedar series) that brought even further light on this and in actual fact confirmed what I was starting to believe as truth. This truth did not come from a person, but was revealed by my inner man that was being awakened”.

“I hope you believe this, Alan. I believe that when God created Man He built into his system all truth of the Universe. In the same way that this little apple seed knew what to do, so also Man knows in his inner being exactly what to do and what is truth or lies. But we must not become lazy, we have to seek it until we find it.”

“I found that the only thing I could trust in life was my own inner self and no one else. The one that was not spoilt by my fleshly mind. When I now read the Bible, I read it with my inner man and let him do the talking. I do not allow the doctrines of Man to guide me anymore, because they can be false and maybe build on the wrong interpretation of what is truth.”

“So, you don’t believe the Bible is true anymore. Have you turned your back on it?”

“I sincerely believe that whatever is written in the Bible is true concerning its history. Everything you read there really happened. What I can’t accept anymore is the interpretation of Man as completely true. I don’t accept the doctrines of Man anymore, concerning these things.”

“There is a saying in today’s world, “if you want the real truth exposed, follow the money!” So, whatever you read even in the Bible, always think . . . who is getting better of it?”

“But John, where do you base that on. How can you say for example the ‘Lord God’ is not Father God? I mean I am not believing that yet, but if that is true, this means that most churches would reject your statements, for they all base their faith on the Lord God?”

“Today this is simple for me, but was not so in the beginning. I really struggled with the idea at first and realized that this was a result of the indoctrination what Man had taught me. This was so engraved in my subconscious mind that I really struggled to get passed that. I had to unload first, before I could put in the new info received from my inner being, which I see today as the Divine me. It is like a computer which memory is full and you can’t get in more unless you unload it first. It is simply getting rid of a religious mind-set and replace it with rational thinking, more logic thinking.”

“So that is what you did, logic thinking? You wrote to me once about genesis, I did not understand that very well. Can you tell me again what you did discover in Genesis that made you think so inversely today?”

“It is between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 where it all began for me. In Genesis 1 we read about how God created the Earth and Man and all other creation. In the end He said it is good. He even said, ‘it is very good’.”

“Yes, I believe that is written. God created a PERFECT world”

“Now tell me Alan, Do you believe when God the Creator does something or creates something that it is good the first time?”

“Yes, I can believe that, John. I don’t think the Almighty God needs a proof first and then He makes it. He can do this once and for all and it is good. I don’t believe that He can make mistakes that He has to rectify later. What He did, He did perfect, for He is a Perfect God. And I can also believe He has given all power to us to further His Paradise on earth.”

“Okay, so we have established that God is true, not a liar and that He creates only once and that he has given to Man all power to co-create with Him.

But Alan, before I tell you about my revelation concerning the Lord God, may I tell you who this newly created majestic Man really was?” I made a note of that from Ezekiel and have it in my bag, I shall read it to you.  Many would call this a description of the devil, but there again you see how wrong interpretation can be. This clearly describes Man. ‘You have been in Eden, the garden of God’.”

“Look at Adam, how this majestic Man lived on the earth, full of glory, full of power and love, he was given everything that pertained to life and godliness. He was in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was his covering: the Sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold; the workmanship of his taborets and of his pipes was prepared in him in the day that he was created. ALL these things were originally created in him. How magnificent! He was like a splendid Tree above all other trees, even “The cedars in the garden of God could not hide him; nor was any tree in the garden of God like unto him in his beauty. God had made him fair by the multitude of his branches, so that all the trees of Eden that were in the garden of God envied him.”

“This majestic creature was told by his Father God to subdue the earth,  to give names (nature) to the animals and rule them (not people) of which he did a marvelous job in his time and spent quite a lot of time doing this, maybe even hundreds of years, who can say? He played with the animals and found out what their strength and weaknesses were and he knew exactly where to put them to use. Animals were/are created to help Men, so were/are all the plants and trees. Animals and plants long for the love of Man, for he has the light of grace. When we love them, the thoughts of God, in return they will give us their healing power and nutrition’s we need to keep us healthy and fit. An animal will do anything just for a pad on the back, because Man is the Superior being on the earth and their instinct knows and understands this. Adam was playing with the lion and rolling over the ground in the same way that we do that with our cat or dog. Nature was not ‘wild’ in those days; it was in harmony with Man and the Universe. It only changed when Man started thinking with his own mind.”

“Now Alan, we don’t know how long Man was in harmony with Gods creation before a change of the whole set-up came into being that changed the whole world.”

“Let us go and read what happened AFTER everything was created and established. After Man spoiled his paradise and created other things then was planned by the Creator. We read in Genesis 2 that “The Lord God” changed certain things in his creation. Now why would he do that if all was created perfect?”

“I think that was because Adam sinned, is it not?”

“Not in a way you are thinking Alan. The ‘Lord God’ (Man) started changing things before we come to the Tree of knowledge.”

“Suddenly we see the “Lord God” arriving in Genesis 2 and changing things, and started to create his own version of the earth, he did things that looked like against what Father God originally designed. For example Father said, it is good and the Lord God said it is not good that Man is alone. He planted a new tree in the Garden and created some laws like not eating of this tree of knowledge of good and evil that Father God never did. Father God NEVER gave any laws to Man in Genesis 1. All He said was to replenish the earth and subdue it. Can you agree on that Alan?”

“Well yes, that is true, the Lord God did indeed starting to create again in Genesis 2, I never thought about it that way. I thought it was just part of creation. But he really started all over again. I never heard anybody preach on those things in church either. But, if what you say is true, then Man also can never sin against something that was not there in the first place. Because that evil tree was designed by the Lord God? This is amazing.”

“I understand your amazement Alan, but all this what I am saying, is it not written in your Bible? Can you see why we need the voice of God in our inner man to make sense of this?”

“I still can’t understand all of this, but yes, we certainly do, carry on.”

“What man CAN do of course, is going against what God designed from pristine origin. After all he has been given all freedom to do what he likes to do. I think that maybe one day Man decided to be led by his own mind instead of by the inner witness of things, his inner man. When Man decided to do his own thing and was being led by his own mind, he designed a new world for himself, and all went wrong for him after that and we pluck the fruits of many generations of walking in darkness. So, in actual fact there are two worlds today, the Natural world, created by God and the Artificial World created by Man. It is up to you in which world you like to live. It is your choice.”

“So, if I am correct, you are saying that Man never sinned because of eating of the forbidden fruit, but because he followed his own mind and started creating an illusionary world for himself? To become an important man, to become god-like, while he had forgotten that he was already god, as you say, a master of the Universe?”

“That is correct, or maybe using his own mind was the forbidden fruit? Because I saw that the “Lord God” was the person that did all these wrong doings, it became clear to me that I should read the Bible from another viewpoint. Therefore I also believe those curses the Lord God wrote in Genesis are not from my loving Father. My perception is that He loves us all and He will NEVER curse or punish Man. Man does not have to earn his bread in the sweat of his brow. All food is given my Father freely for everyone. Only Man has put a price on it.

Women DO NOT have to give birth in pain and in agony. NOT AT ALL. My wife has proven that as well, by giving birth to her last child without any pain or agony. This already happened 35 years ago, you can ask her yourself.

“Are you sure, did she feel no pain at all?”

“No, she did not feel any pain. She asked her Father and it did really happen. Although at that time we did not have full knowledge of these things as I am telling you now.”

“Amazing, I have never heard of that before”

“Today I know that it was the Lord God that told Moses to do what he did. He told Moses that those people were special and that He would give them a special promised land. Moses had great power and could easily persuade Man to believe in Him. He could do miracles that Man had never seen before”.

“Have a look at the miracles that Moses was doing in front of the Egyptian priests. Moses was a priest himself and they were competing with one another and all fighting for power. It was not the Pharaoh, he was fighting but these priests that had the power in Egypt in those days. He who had the most power would win. And we all know who had the greatest power. That was Moses being backed by the Lord God.”

“I really have trouble believing that John, you really seem to take this out of proportion and I need to think about this.”

“But remember Alan, Is it not the Lord God Himself that said somewhere in the Bible, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things”. This is what the Lord God said of Himself. This dear Alan, could never have been MY HEAVENLY FATHER SPEAKING! He made everything perfect and loved Man, the pinnacle of His creation, and would never order them to kill one another, NEVER!

I realize that this is shocking to you as much as it was to me when I discovered the truth. It completely differs to what we heard in Sunday School. It is a long story Alan, and I will need many more days to explain everything to you in detail, but I don’t really have to, because you will find all the answers within you, if you allow that. Just think about this. be quite and let the truth sink in and you will receive your own answers. I can promise you, if you do that, you will receive.”

“Yes, this is shocking to me, I just can’t believe this. If this is true, I have been led around the bush all those years. I really need time to think about this, before I am believing this to be the truth.”

“I understand Alan, but this was also the beginning for me, when I started seeing things WITH THE EYES OF MY INNER MAN. It took me many more years of changing my mind-set about things. I used to be dogmatic and had a religious mind-set that had to be changed in an open mind-set. Open to reality, open to what is real and what is an illusion. Now you may realize why I am not following any religion anymore. Oh, I am not there yet, but thank my Father every day for new awakenings.

“We have created a technocratic world that damages mother earth. Mother earth is a living entity that gets hurt by what we doing to her. We dig deep into her veins and get out the gold and black gold and sometimes mother earth gets angry and spews fire and she shakes off in anger what we do to her”.

“We call this PROGRESS, but is this really progress? We can’t drink our natural water in our rivers anymore. We breathe air that is polluted from our technocratic world and while our factories are still spewing forth their filthy dirt and poisons, we keep on fighting our wars about religion of who is wrong and who is right. If you want to change the world you start with yourself. That is what I am trying to do Alan. I know you were very much against my beliefs and standpoints, but I hope that you will try and see the things not as I see them, but as you perceive them yourself. The way they really are. I am not recruiting new soldiers for my beliefs. I love Man and like to see them free as Jesus did.”

“Yes, this is not really progress, we all can see that. But all these revelations brings up new questions. I never heard anybody preach about these things in any church John. That is why this is so difficult to grasp. If this is really true, how can we get back to, as you say, pristine origins?”

“Well if I should preach this in your church they most probably will throw me out. You see, I am not recruiting new soldiers for my beliefs, dear Alan. I love Gods creation, I love Man and my heart goes out to people that are so deceived that they don’t know anymore who they really are. I want to bring them the truth and truth that will set them free.”

“Yes, there is a way back Alan, but it starts with ourselves. We need to walk and talk in the love and light of God. We need to change our thinking first, you would call that the renewing of the mind, then we will change, for Proverbs says, “AS A MAN THINKS IN HIS HEART SO IS HE”. As long as we keep on thinking about survival in this world. Getting the best paid job. Getting the highest education and are busy, busy, busy with things, things and things, we will not change. But if we put our thoughts with Gods thoughts, it will change.”

“Unfortunately, I like to tell you more, but the time has come for me to leave. My wife is waiting for me and we have other arrangements.”

“Yes, I understand John, I am sorry to have kept you here so long, but I am very thankful that you gave me the time. I have even more questions for you about things you wrote in your articles. I wish you could tell me more about our education system and what is wrong with it. About, did Jesus really teach about reincarnation? Why is the birth of a new Man on earth so important? And many more things that is on my heart. But maybe there is time for that at another day?”

“I would love to Alan, but you really have a lot of things to think about first. The things I told you now, I accumulated in the last 2 decades and you received it in a few hours. But you can any time go to my website (www.dvineliving.org) and find out more about certain topics.”

“Yes, thanks, I will do that, and I can promise you this, I will do some research of my own and I will think about these revelations and I will search within myself for answers as well.”

“Thank you Alan, I am really glad to hear that. We can differ in opinions, but we can still walk in love with one another. Once we have all become conscious aware of these things, the whole world will change.”

“Do you know Alan what is the greatest gift the Creator has given to Man?

“Was that Jesus?”

“Jesus also manifested this gift. This gift is the energy of LOVE!” Jesus walked perfectly in that love. Let us keep on walking in that energy of love, even if we tend to differ in opinions.”

“Okay, thanks John, and I appreciate you for making the time to come and see me and explain this to me.”

“Thank you for the invitation and your lovely coffee, Alan”

“You are welcome, until next time.”

___________        _____________        __________         ___________


“His disciples said to him, “Who are you, that you should say these things to us?”

Jesus said to them, “You do not realize who I am from what I say to you, but you have become like the Jews, for they (either) love the tree and hate its fruit (or) love the fruit and hate the tree.”

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