Have we really lost the full function of our brain? Scientists reckon that we only use 10% of our brain. Have you ever thought about this? I suppose this is debatable, but that we don’t use our full capacity we are designed to use is for sure. Think about this; somebody gives you a house with ten rooms, but you are only using one or two rooms. This does not make sense. Why would God create a perfect brain for Man and only allows you to use part of it, does that make sense to you?

There is a saying; “what you don’t use, you lose”. How does that work? By our thinking process we are activating new cells all the time, especially in infant’s time. We should ask our children questions, so they can THINK about it and this activates new cells in the brain. But through our modern technocratic world we are doing less thinking and therefore losing more and more of our brain work.

I believe that when our Great and all wise Creator created Man, He gave Man everything that he needed to make his life on earth sufficient, pleasant and peaceful. Besides that, Man also was designed to co-create with God and make earth even more beautiful that it was and, in that way, create a paradise for himself and his family.

Do you think God is a fool that He would create something and let it lay dormant? This was bothering me for some time and I searched for answers why Man was depleted of this phenomenon. In this article (of 4 parts), I will reveal what I found out about this.

I don’t want to talk “for God” as I see so many Christian are doing as if they have God in their back pocket. If you received anything, please let me discern if it is from God or from somewhere else. But if people say, God said this or that, then I am out of the equation. I don’t like to do that, but when I talk about God, I talk about the All Omnipresent One, my eternal loving Father and that is how I learned to know Him and still do, and that gives me a pleasant and secure feeling. When I receive something, I am not telling you it is from God, I leave that to your discernment. I also don’t need a religion to come close to my Father. Others might think of God different, but to me He is my eternal loving Father, who created me for eternity, and gave me ALL THINGS THAT PERTAIN UNTO LIFE AND GODLINESS. Everything that was His, He gave to Man, His Son.

Many may argue about this, but when God had His great idea of making the EARTH the most beautiful planet in the Universe, He needed help to do this. Although you can say that God is a person, with feelings and emotions, but is He not Spirit? Does He have a physical body to be able to do the “physical” work” here on earth? I see it like this; we are, as it were, an extension of Him and He gave His extension a physical body and voila – He created Man in the image and likeness of Himself. Simply said; Whatever God can do, Man can do.  Therefore, whatever God can do, I now must do that myself.

Remember when it is said that God created Man in His own image, He gave Him a brain and feelings to be able to BE that – god. Man was supposed to be the Master of the Universe. He is a creature that had supremacy over all the other living beings on the earth. He was created to co-create with God and make the whole earth a paradise. But then he is supposed to use ALL his brain to be able to be that Master.


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and all living beings. I believe He wanted us to do the following: TO HAVE DOMINION OVER THE EARTH AND SUBDUE IT. You even can find that in the Bible.

This was the only thing my Father asked of Man. This was not even a command either, but rather a loving instruction, which was built in man from the beginning of time. You could see it like this that God desired a conjoint creation so that everybody may see it and be joyful when they observe it. 

These instructions could never have been given without Man also having received the full knowledge how to do this. He is a loving Father and His love cannot be explained with just earthly words. I sometimes try to compare His love to the love that I have for my children, but even there I fail to come to the fullness of it. His love is a powerful energy and not only able to move mountains, but at the same time love even the small ant that is creeping on the earth.

It seems that He has divided Himself and put a particle of Himself in Man, but also in all other living Flora and Fauna. When Father created the earth, He started with an idea, a thought as it were, and He spoke that thought into being. With other words every living creature, tree or flower was first in the thoughts of God before it existed. The same with Man, whatever he has created (good or bad) was first in his thoughts, before it was materialized.

Look around you (not in your city, but in nature), what you see in nature are Gods thoughts. When you commune with your natural surroundings, you commune with Gods thoughts.

So, when you really like to commune with God, go to His creation and you not only hear Him, but also feel Him and in a certain way see Him. He loves His creation and He loves people that take care of His precious creation. It is as simple as that. But why would we forget such important things? For thousand or even millions of years Man lived in harmony with God and His creation. Today we are far from that type of harmony. Did we simply forget or how then did we lose that? Did He really ask us, “go to a religious group and worship Me between four walls”? Do you think so? Well, I am determent to find those things that we have lost.


I heard the other day someone on TV that tried to explain why we can’t drink our water in the rivers anymore. He said that this all got worse in the last 100 years on the earth. 100 Years ago, you could still drink the water from the rivers, and breathe some unpolluted air, and before that for millions of years, Man could pleasantly enjoy the goodness of God’s creation. But all this seemed to have changed. When did this change? When Man was so called “progressing”, he also seemed to have lost more of his capacity of his brain. What have we done in the last 100 years, which scientists call “progress” to make the earth in such a state?

What we call “progress” today does not seem to be progressing at all, it is rather what I would call “regressing”, the other way around, and it is a destruction of Gods environment. We keep on splitting things of God’s creation until we have split the exact thing that will destroy us. The scientists say that they do this because they want to make things ‘better’ or more ‘economically’. But is that not all an illusion; how can Man make natural produce ‘better’ than his Creator?  It looks like, these scientists are still biting the apple, they lie for the simple reason, so they look more clever and wise than their Creator.

Then these so-called scientists have begun to fundamentally change the plants and fruits existing in nature, and consequently change the fruit that they bring forth. GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) they call this today. They manipulate the seeds and have not determined first what purpose these fruits have. What they forgot is that everything in nature, and in the whole of the universe, is interconnected. When you intervene with a part of it, it will stop functioning for the purpose it was meant for, and instead of beneficial for man it turns against him and harms him. These are mutant foods and if you consume them, you also become a mutant.

To illustrate this; suppose an airplane mechanic takes some parts out of the engine or he alters them. The plane might go for a while, but sooner or later it will give problems and a whole lot of people’s lives are at stake. Every part of a plane is very important and has been put there for a reason, it has a function. Before you take anything apart you must first determine its function. I think most people will agree with me that to fiddle with things like that is very dangerous.

However, when we consider nature, you will see that this also is a perfect mechanism and show me someone who has fully understood it? Every part of a plant for example has its purpose and this beautiful living mechanism is closely interconnected with the whole structure of the Universe.

A simple example is when you see a flower opening once the sun arises in the morning and closes again when the sun goes down. It is interconnecting with everything else in the universe and it reacts towards it


We ended Part 1 with; “when we consider nature, you will see that this also is a perfect mechanism and show me someone who has fully understood it”.

Now what will happen when you change the mechanism of nature’s structure? Nature has many protective devices and will give you a sign when you try to intervene with its structure. But when the so called “mechanic” does not listen, nature will be obliged to destroy him.

How often do we hear the message from scientists that this or that is causing cancer? They in their stubbornness will advise you what to take to prevent that; do not eat that anymore or take this pill for you not to get cancer. But they will forget to tell you that they themselves are the cause of this happening, because of intervening with nature’s mechanism.

We use the fruits of nature for food, but when we genetically manipulate our food, we begin to feed ourselves with distorted food. Those who begin to eat this distorted or mutant fruit will steadily be transformed into a mutant himself. Our scientists do not heed to the signs we see today and keep on splitting seeds of our God-given crops.

We are not only talking about diseases like cancer, but every day we hear of new diseases that were there never before. Man is experiencing a weakening of his immune system and of his mind and feelings. Big Pharma keeps on giving us the chemical pills to “heal” you, but that too is an illusion. Does Big Pharma really want to heal you? Is it not so that they need sick people to sell their products?  Yes, they are trying to heal or rather treat your symptoms of your sickness but not the cause of all these diseases. Once you are healed of that illness, they will start treating you again for another illness, which is a result of the side effects of your first treatments. And on and on it goes.

Scientists say that cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancerous cells are also called malignant cells. However, the cause of many cancers remains unknown to them. But I believe that cancer is only a warning sign of the body that something is wrong in your system. Maybe it is a shortage of something. If that is so, you need to find out what shortage you have in your system. If you don’t do that yourself, they will describe a treatment that is certainly not going to heal you. It might even kill you, like for example, the chemo cure.

Their options for treatment include radiation, chemotherapy, or both. Some cancers require a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The name says it all; it is chemical treatment that might kill some of the cancer cells, but it also kills millions of healthy cells in the body.



Because of the weakening of the immune system in Man, he is beginning to lose his God given abilities that are unique to him alone. This Man that was meant to be the Master of the Universe is slowly but surely being transformed into an easily manipulative bio-robot. This way he is quickly losing his independence. Is it true, he then finally becomes a bio-robot?

Man was designed to be an independent individual. He could depend on God’s creation to feed him and sustain him forever. But the forces of darkness have managed to trap Mankind into a state of economic dependency. They lured him to believe that if they don’t eat their produce they will die, but is this true? Are they not reversing the truth? Is it not true that if we keep on eating this genetic manipulated food, we will die?

You know who I call a real scientist? They do exist you know! That is the Man that starts changing the earth to its original state. The way it was meant by Its Great Designer, our loving Father. But first there needs to be an awakening, a conscious awareness of these things. And this is happening all over the world, people are becoming more and more aware that things are not the way they should be. Man becomes conscious aware of his purpose on earth he will be able to restore the earth.

This will not be easy as many of our seeds have become mutant. But I also believe that God has given to Man all the knowledge from the beginning of time to change this, and I will explain this later.


As a child I saw things much simpler or maybe I should rather say PURER, because I was not yet infiltrated with the evil thoughts of the forces of darkness. Because once I went to school I received information from the “evil system” that made me think “differently” than how I was originally programmed by the Creator. Once I started receiving this information my brain stopped working in finding things out for myself. I started memorizing things without the feeling of things, which are so important for edification of the real me. When you keep on receiving info without the feelings, the cells of your brain are not being activated anymore, your brain stops functioning and stays dormant.

Oh, yes of course I believe in education, very much so, but our school system has been designed to conform all people into thinking the same thing and this education is not activating our brain cells.  I don’t believe that was the purpose of the Creator when He created man in His own image and likeness. Our education system teach conformity; all should think the same way and therefore are much easier to control. But we are individualistic beings, each has his own way of thinking and in that way makes each person unique. As a young child in my subconscious mind I knew this type of education was not right. I have been rebelling against this at that time and in fact my whole life.

I remember when I had to sit for 45 minutes in a prescribed pose, arms neatly folded and not moving a muscle. Maybe the slow and sluggish type can take this, but certainly not me. I was too energetic and impulsive by nature. It’s a one-size-for-all approach, but where is the individuality? Here I sit and try to endure the 45 minutes and after a five-minute break another 45 minute. Then another month, another year, ten years and the only way out is to give in. I could not wait for weekends or holidays to escape for a while that environment.

But the person that resigns himself will have to live the way society dictates, marry the way society dictates and go to war when the order is given. I felt being robbed of my freedom and when I was 21 years young I left my parents, married my present wife and two weeks later I left the country and fled away from this controlled system that we call today the Netherlands. Now, I have nothing against the people of the Netherlands, I am against the system of control in this country. I fled to South Africa where there was less controlling of the people. Although in those years I did not fully understand all this, but today I do, I have been awakened in many areas and determent to keep awakening until my higher self is restored in its pristine origin.

Then again, some people don’t know how to escape from this prison of utter subjection to something his heart cannot possibly comprehend. Some are trying to escape and start drinking or taking drugs. Others just become bio-robots and do what they are told by the administrations. Our present education system is to blame for this, I call it EVIL. It originated from the forces of darkness. Can you see, we never had the freedom to perceive the world as it really is. 

But what then is the purpose of our teaching system? You might think differently, but I can tell you for sure, TO ROB YOU OF YOUR INDIVIDUALISTIC THINKING. Oh, yes, they give you lots of information – information about what? About the things “THEY” want you to know. The first thing they teach you in school is mathematics, at least you should be able to fill in the Tax forms! They can’t stop you to think, but they can make you “WHAT” to think about. I call that brainwashing. That is exactly what they do in our education places and is exactly what they are doing via our Mainstream Media. They are brainwashing the people with false information. You must go and find the truth yourself. Don’t believe everything you hear on the Mainstream Media, they are lying to you, even about this sickness that is going around today.

Think about it, when they teach us those things they want us to know, you stop thinking about WHO you really are. They will keep you so busy with things, things and things, because that way it is easier for “them” to control you through their systems that are in place on this earth today. This way we all become “slaves” of the system.

Think about this, for ages children have been under the spirit of Sadism. Like a vicious beast, invisible and frightening. It tries to chase the children into an invisible cage. The beast has also some faithful soldiers, and it is to you my dear reader to find out who they are. If you are a created Man, born of a woman, you received the freedom to choose for yourself which path to take. You must become aware of what you really are, a Man born to be in paradise, forever and ever.


When I ask someone, “Are you free?” They will mostly answer, “Yes, I am”. But is that really the truth? Do something that is against the LAW and you will see how free you are! They (the powers that be) also realize that once you know WHO you really are, that is god-like, you are a danger to them and very difficult to control. A slave is much easier to control if you tell him he is not a slave but free to choose. So, they teach us that we are free and most of us have believed this lie to be the truth. IT IS THE BIGGEST DECEPTION EVER TOLD MAN. Even Jesus came to “set the captives free”. To set captives free, they must have been captivated with something!

How then did we land here, so far away from the original design of our loving Creator? The Creator gave us freedom to choose, so it must have been our own choice, because Father God would never do this to His creation, Man, the Pinnacle of His creation. So, the big question is; who are “they” that seem to have control over our education programs and our Media houses? How did we lose our freedom to choose so fast and become slaves of “them”?


Of course, all this did not happen overnight, although concerning economics I might be able to give an answer. We must go back about 6000 years in earthly time to see how our modern “economics” was born. This was revealed by a prophetic insight, which you can read in Chapter Six of book 8.1, the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, by Vladimir Megre.

Man’s thinking has by now already reduced and has fallen far short of his original state as a Master of the Universe. His brain was already affected by the forces of darkness. Even in those years the social orders were changing all the time. The social order was set up in such a way that the system was used for their (priests) own advantage at the expense of millions of innocent people. Have you ever wondered if our social order today has been deliberately set up in the same way to advantage certain people in expense of millions of people? Think about that!

You should read it yourself, but I will explain in short here how Man was entranced into believing that he was a “free man”. This was in Egypt and there was the order of priests with in charge the high priest that oversaw restructuring the state in subjugating to them all the people of the earth. The high priest was observing the construction activities of the slaves at work.

The slave owners realized that one day these slaves would be able to escape. It is a wonderful story how clever and shrewd this plan was. The slaves were chained at their feet and had to transport stones from the quarry to the site. After thinking out a master plan by the high priest, they decided to “free” the slaves from their chains and offered them “freedom” instead. However, they were told they still could carry the stones to the site if they so wish but were now offered “coins”, for every stone they would carry to the site they receive one coin. They would be free to do whatever they want. They were free to buy clothes and food for those coins. They were free to choose where they would live and could build their own homes.

The slave owners had very cleverly worked this scheme out. The more stones the “freed” slaves would carry, the more coins they would receive. The more ambitious people did exactly that; for these more coins could now buy them the better food, clothing and houses. They kept on doing the same things, but now without chains and they were paid for their work.

My question is, where they still slaves? The slaves thought they are now free to do what they liked, but was that the truth or were they tricked into believing they were free? Were they really free, or were they now slaves to the coins? I reckon they are still slaves of the coins. We are all still slaves of the system that tells us how and where to live through their clever education programs. At school they inform us that it is necessary to “earn” money otherwise you will not survive, you will die of starvation. Are you also still collecting stones?

In my own experience of the last 50 years concerning my own children; you see the parents would like their children to do better than themselves, which in itself is nothing wrong with and apparently built in our system. But is this really what would set our children free?

By now these well-meant parents send their children to the Universities, because they think (read: brainwashed) that they will teach their children how to make more coins to be able to survive or to rise above others in this cruel system of the worldly powers that be.

But what do they really learn in those education places? Is it not all about ECONOMICS? They teach you how to sell, how to market things and how to subtract and especially how to do their accounting to be able to pay the “government” their share of the profits. To me this means they teach you how to control people through their marketing systems. To market a product is it not to brainwash people that they should buy their product and not the other?

Again, we see here a form of controlling other people through a “system”. In their fears for survival the people are obeying this system. This system will never tell you the truth, about who you are: DIVINITY WITH DOMINION. You are Divine and received power to have dominion over all the earth. I like what Mary Croft says in an article, and I quote:

“Mankind, in his fear for his survival, has always wanted to control his environment and other people. So, mankind has never known anything but slavery. People who insist that the commercial system was designed to work for everyone if only the public servants would do their jobs and, if only there weren’t so much greed––are just being naive. Nothing is going to change the system of slavery. We cannot change anything outside ourselves without first changing our minds about what we think is outside ourselves. We must do as the original slaves (Adam and Eve), did – realize that we are God, get up the gumption, and leave the “Garden”. End quote.

But who are those priests, evil forces, forces of darkness or the so-called controllers of the world? How can “they” control the world? I like the explanation of Mary Croft, I quote:

The “world” is only a projection of what goes on in our minds, so, those whom we call “controllers of the world” are really only “controllers of our minds”. The only reason they are “controllers of our minds” is because WE ARE NOT. The instant we take control of our minds, our world will become the way WE want it and it will immediately cease to be the way ‘they’ want it.

The work that is exigent is to take control of our minds …. not of the world, not of others, not of our circumstances, not of anything; only of THAT WHICH GOES ON IN OUR MINDS. Turn away from the world; turn away from everything; turn away from everyone and turn to yourself. The purpose of life is “mind management”.

The only thing going on ‘in the world’ is that which I am perceiving and, in order to perceive it, I had to imagine it, first.  I am the creator of all that I experience.


Is that not what is happening now with this virus issue? They are trying to get into our minds by sowing fear, Fear of what? Freedom Leaves where fear begins. Fear knocks on the door, faith answers and no one was there.


If we don’t see things as they are, but see them as WE are, we first need to know WHO we are in order to change the things as they really are. Once we know WHO we are, that is God, we can change things and accordingly, walk in the light as God is in the light!

The only one way to peace and harmony in the world is to SEE and THINK peace and harmony. The only way to change the things back as they were in the “beginning” is our Divine DESIRES.

I discovered that only Man’s desires and goals can launch any kind of program of action. This is the law of the Creator. You can’t break the laws of the energies of the Universe. We are created in the image of God, which means we also can create like Him. He created by means of thought and brought it into being, so can we!

Of course, it all depends how strong our desires and goals are. And, whether our desires correspond to the dark or to the light. The forces of light and the forces of darkness both respond to these desires and goals. When our goals are lively and substantial, the forces of light will be drawn into it. But when our goals are dark, the forces of darkness take over.

I myself am not there yet, and not perfect yet in my thinking, but I am striving towards that goal. We are supposed to be life-givers. That is my desire and my purpose of this article, to be able to give truth and set the captives free. Without love this is impossible to do.


My wife and me had an experience some decades ago through which we learned that LOVE is the key to life. This happened in Holland when we lived there for a while. Our child (9) was at a birthday party at a friend’s house. He ran over the street and was caught by a car and died. In Christian circles they would say it was the work of Satan. But Satan, whoever that may be, had nothing to do with it. If there were no cars in this world, my child would still be alive today. So, what I want to say is, what Man creates is not always a blessing.

Now of course we were devastated by the loss of our child, but we still had a choice of reaction to this; through hate or through love. Either we hate the person who drove the car by thinking he drove too fast and hate the persons where it happened because they did not watch over the children, or just forgive and love them?

Even in our grief we decided to visit the people involved. We went to the driver of the car and said that we do not hold this against him. We don’t want to know how fast he was driving. He was not racing and drove in a way he was comfortable with. My son ran over the street and did not look out. We don’t know why these things happen, but they did. We further said to him, we forgive you of any wrongdoing and want to set you free of any guilt.

We also went to the people of the house where this happened and set them also free of any wrongdoing. We forgave them and set them free. They both came to the funeral and we could sense they were grateful for not holding this against them.

In this way the forces of light could be drawn into it and bring peace. If we had not forgiven these people, it would most probably have haunted them all their lives. Nobody does something like that on purpose. We had a choice to make and we chose this path, because we love people and want to see them free.

We all have received this FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Should we then not rather choose love and not hate? This is the beginning of changing the world in its original state, it begins with us doing the right thing by thinking the right thing.

Someone said:” In a country where from childhood all willows are cut back, no man can form an idea of a willow as it could have been, if it could had turned freely into the tree is was intended to be. In a world where all children are polled and trimmed in their freedom from childhood on because they must learn to live in this society, no man can imagine a man as he was intended to be. Man has no idea of an independent, free man. At one time, man has been like that, free and only dependent on nature”.

So, the answer to the question, how to get back the full function of our God-given divinity and the seemingly lost capacities of our well-being, we need to take control of our mind again. When you do that, the world will become as YOU want it to be. You can turn the world around. This will stop the world to become as THEY (forces of darkness) want it to be. It is that simple. Stop memorizing without experiencing the “feeling” of things. Once you experience the feeling of a thing, you start educating the real You. You are now activating the cells of your brain again. You did not “lose” the full function of the brain, but it lies dormant and needs to be activated to function in its fullness.

Let’s walk in love and not hate. The next thing for married couples is to start birthing their children in the way it has been ordained by the Highest. I have described some of these issues in my series about “Family Life” Part 1-3 available on my website. (

The full process of this truth will then be established in our children and they will begin to change the world into a real Paradise. We don’t have to wait for “heaven” somewhere in another dimension. The real “Heaven” is here on earth, the creation that our loving Father gave to us. It is our inheritance.

Currently what is happening in the world, I see many are mentioning “the last days” and “rapture” and coming “Kingdom”. I can only speak for myself and I am not deceived by all these messages about last days. The earth has been given to Man and will last FOREVER. That is all that is given to Man. Is it not written in Psalms, ”the heavens are the Lords, but the earth He has given to the children of men”. I will not be taken away to go wherever they imagine this will be. For me there is only one heaven and that is the earth where I have established my own Paradise again.

Is it not written somewhere that we all will become kings and priests? How will this happen then? Does a king not need a kingdom?  Kings needs a king’s domain. I have established a domain that I am busy transferring into a paradise on earth, where I am the king and priest. This is my heaven on earth. And one day when my physical body has to leave, I will come back to earth again, for I am created for eternity. Not to spend time in the so-called ‘heaven’, (wherever that may be) but here on earth. Let us all purpose this goal of peace and harmony.

You to my dear reader are created for eternity and our Father will give you anything that you desire. He will give you the desires of your heart. Remember that you are created in His Image and Likeness, you are a god on this earth and can create whatever you desire. He loves you and His Divine Power (that lives within you) has given to you all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Stay blessed

Forever yours

Hans Koning

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