The reason I write these articles is only for one reason; I LOVE PEOPLE, I love MAN, and in actual fact, I love all of God’s creation and His Universe. And I like to see Man really free, free from all the dogma he has created for himself.  It pains me every time I see what Man does to himself; he created hell for himself on this beautiful God-given earth. By these same dogmas, they create division, envy, greed, bitterness, jealousy etc.

Many years ago I used to go to special “leaders” meetings. But what is a leader and why should we need them? Is a leader not someone who is greater than his pupil? Does he put himself above others? How can that be when the Creator has given His all to His creation?  Are we not all the same, are we not all connected? Man is the Son of God. I realized that you can only be a leader of yourself. Most of us have been seeking the truth outside of us and thought we need leaders to tell us. We thought we need someone t look up to. But, as I see it, if you look up to others, you bring down the Divine within you. I learned that we should not seek the truth out of ourselves, we already have all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Have a look at nature. Nature is always capable of restoring itself; it will bring everything back to a state of harmony where it can thrive. For example, when we look at Men, people say that a woman and a man are different. Is that truly so? They say in treatises exactly what a man is and what a woman is, who is stronger and who is more important.

But, are not all females and males the same, are they not one? Have not the two principles in them merged into a single one? And in the creativity they feel, are they not inseparable and both exist on the earth? What does Man really consist of? The flesh of the male and the flesh of the female have merged into one; they are united in us in the same way as the spirit of two has merged into one spirit within us.

But….. the question we should ask is, WHO would want to and for what reason replace your awareness that is your consciousness which the Creator gave to everyone in the beginning, with his own dogma? Some might say that maybe God gave us that difference, but is that truly so? Think about that.

If every seed on the earth is filled with the knowledge of the Creator from its pristine origin, why should the Creator withhold something from us, Man, His Supreme Creation? It would be an insult to God to think like that. So who are they that want you to believe differently than what the Creator has given to you? Think about that.

Who are they that prophecy doom and gloom about Man and the earth, of which most of them are lies? Let me cite here a prophecy (Book 3 Ringing Cedar Series) that might make you think about these things:


“Woe unto you, prophets! For centuries you have been prophesying about the frailty and futility of earthly existence, terrifying people with doom and hell’s flaming judgment. Tame your ardor – you are the ones that have made Man’s comprehension of Heaven so much harder!

“Woe unto you, Nostradamus! The dates of the fearful cataclysms upon the Earth were not so much your divinations as the creations of your thought. You made millions of people persuade themselves of these by what you taught and thereby aim their thoughts at the implementation of the same. Your thought still hovers up there, hiding in the blue, still frightening people with your prophecies of despair, but now they will no longer come true. Let your thought join in the fray with mine. Of course, you knew all this ahead of time, and that is why you are so eager to flee away.

“Woe unto you who call yourselves teachers of human souls! You try to suggest to Man that he is abject and weak in spirit, knows nothing of himself, and that all Truths are accessible only to a few elect like yourselves – and only through worshipping you can he detect God’s voice and the Truth of the creation of the Universe. Cool the passions of your heart, and may everyone now know: the Creator has given all to each one right from the start, and we need only refrain from hiding the Creator’s great creations under the murky domain of dogma and conventions, the murk of inventions for the sake of one’s own selfish pride. Stand not between the people and God. The Father wishes to speak with each one equally. The Father abides by no intermediaries.

“The Truth has been there right from the start in each one’s soul. Not tomorrow; but here today each Man may be happy and whole! The Creator has filled each moment of every year with gladness. And in His thought, there is no room beloved child to feel torment from sadness.”

“Woe unto you, prognosticators of the ages, foretelling but gloom for Man, thereby creating both glooms and how earnestly you have been feeding your own egregor (group consciousness, say religion) frightening people in the name of the Father and more. Well, here I am. You can all come to me. With my Ray, I shall take but a moment to burn up the murk of age-old dogma. All anger on Earth, leave your deeds and make haste to me, join the fray with me, and try your utmost.

“But you, militants of all faiths, it is you who have all the wars. Dream about wars no longer. Lure not people into war with your obscure deceptions for the sake of your own mercantile connections. I stand alone before you. Try to defeat me. To defeat me, all of you come to meet me together.  The fight will be fightless, as clergy of all religious confessions will greet me with their merged assistance. END QUOTE.


I know this is to the chagrin, but we need to realize that our dogmas could be wrong. The systems designed by Man demanded that we all have the same aspirations. By doing this they perpetrated violence on everyone. It is designed to break people. As I said before, even our education systems are so designed to make you obey their “dogmas”. Those “dogmas” are often against the God-given truth which has been given of our Father. But having received these dogmas from an early age, the result is that we have accepted this abuse as a normal state of affairs.

Century after century various systems have come and gone, but did you know what they were designed for? They were designed to kill you, a ruler and wise creator, and transform you into a soulless slave. A slave of what? A slave of our own created “system”.

“I asked the question: “Why are you going to work today?” “To earn money”. “But what are you doing with your money?” “To buy food and clothes”. “But were those things not freely given by the Great Creator?” Yes, they were, but things have changed, you know”. “Oh, what has changed?” “We make our food better; we call them today GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). We take some molecules out and replace them with our own chemicals and now it is better for people”. “You mean, for those who make this food or for us? What our Creator originally made was not good enough for us?” “No, it is not that, but now our food will last longer and our idea of living on this earth is different now, we have “progressed” you see. We are now very clever; we designed computers that can do anything you we like. We have designed a chip as small as a seed of grain and can do things that we never could do before”. “But in order to create these clever things what did you have to do for that?”

“O, but we dig deep into mother earth and take from her precious veins, iron, copper, and even gold and silver to help us make these things”. Then we have designed factories that melt these metals into what we need. In these factories, we place people in a chair for 8- 9 hours a day and put it all together.”

“But do these factories not make bad smoke that pollutes the air?” “Yes, that is true, but today we also make special filters that filtrate these bad odors, so that we don’t smell them”. “But what do you do with all the dirty water you need to clean all the heated metal objects?” “Oh, we throw that water back into the rivers or special canals that we have designed for that and this will be washed out into the sea.” “Is that not bad for the water we drink?”  “Maybe, but we also pump well water from below and put them in plastic bottles and sell them in the shops, so people can still drink clean water.” “But is that water still alive, while it is put in plastic bottles, is plastic, not bad for Man?” “Well, I am sorry, but I can’t answer more questions now, because I must go to work now.”

Today, everything is about money. We have to go to work (prison) to earn that money. This is the prison of our work with invisible chains. The chains you can’t see, but you do feel them. Your chains are working from 8 am – 5 pm. On the weekends you may be free for a few days as long as you will be back on Monday at 8. And then we still say that we are “free”.

Well, let’s see what happens if you stop doing that, what will happen to your food and your house? It’s all an illusion; you are NOT free at all. Then we still have the banking system that creates money out of thin air. I know you might think I talk nonsense, but it is the truth and recently the SA Reserve bank agreed in writing that this is the truth. But what can you do about it? Did you know that even the reserve bank is privately owned?

I can carry on about these issues, but my point is that life is not supposed to be like this and we can and will change it, but only we, the people can do that. I say, when people fear governments, that is tyranny, but when governments fear the people that is liberty”.  Don’t listen to lies anymore, but get to the truth. Don’t seek the truth outwards, but seek it inwards. It is all there from its pristine origin, we just have to find it again and walk in it. Once you have started to walk in the Light, you will recognize more truth. Go to the freeman association websites or even in the Netherlands you have: www.ikclaimmijnnaam.nl and find the Links that apply to this and become consciously aware of what is happening in our world. Only YOU can change your own world by trying to make sense of this all through your own heart.

Once a Man is free from insecurity, aggression, selfishness, fear, and many other dark feelings, he will emanate the Light of Love. It might be invisible to the eye but is stronger than the light of the Sun. The energy emanating from this Light of Love is life-giving. Only Man is endowed with such a tremendous ability. He alone is able to bring warmth to all living creatures and is also the reason living creatures are drawn to him.

I am not claiming that I am there already, but I can claim that I am striving to keep seeking the real truth. The truth that has been given by the Creator to every Man born on this earth from the beginning of time. I can also say that I stopped looking for that truth outside of me, and I will find it on the inside.

My prayer is that you’ll find it too.



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