It has been some time that I wrote a new article on my website, for the simple reason that I am busy with my new book, “Book of Kin”. However last night I had a revelation I shared in this book, but had an urge to share this also with you today. A revelation that could bring more light on what is happening today with Man on earth and how to get delivered from those issues. We live in a world that does not seem to find resolutions for tormented people in their sicknesses and distress or for the crimes and wars that are escalating all the time. Although some of us celebrate Easter feasts, but do we really seem to imply the solutions this feast has given?

I first have to go back a few years to share with you what happened to me and my wife as an introduction to this revelation.

When we were attending the Assemblies of God  church in Walmer in the ‘80’s , we met Jim Brewer for the first time. He is an American evangelist, which would play an important role in our lives. His ministry was very much involved with healing and deliverance. When I saw him ministering in our church, the people sometimes fell under, what they called, “the power of the Spirit” and were delivered from all kinds of bondages. If this was really Gods power is for you to decide. However, the anointing on Jim’s deliverance ministry was very strong, you actually saw the demons come out of people. I had never seen anything like that before where the demons would manifest in the front of the church in the same way as they did when Jesus was ministering to people in His time on earth.

Jim received a lot of opposition though, for people believed that things like that do not belong in the church. In some circles it is even taught that Christians cannot have demons. If that is true my question is, what did Jesus cast out of people when He walked the earth? When someone proclaims to be a “Christian” does that mean the demons have left when he proclaimed that? But my experience did not lie when I saw with my own eyes that demons were cast out people and even out of “born again Christians”, how can you explain that then?

One of my close friends went forward for prayer and thought by himself, “I have some problems I need prayer for, but I am not going to fall”. Well he only stood there for a minute, before he was lying on the floor and Jim was ministering to him and he got delivered from some stuff.

Being very much a ‘sticker of the Word’ in those days, I went and searched the Scriptures concerning “demonology”. I found out that most Christians don’t even take the time to find out for themselves if a certain doctrine is of God or not. No wonder that Hosea said in Hos. 4:6 “My people are DESTROYED for a lack of knowledge”. This is strong medicine! Remember that it is never God that punishes, but it is our own deeds, or lack of deeds, that seem to punish us.

Look at the world today and we think we got it all under control. But do we really have it under control? Control, yes, rather by a spirit of control and that is not of God, but of the forces of darkness.

As long as the carnal mind is alive and not been transformed with Gods Mind, that resides within each Man, the person will stay bound until set free. Jim Brewer wrote in his book “Deliverance” about this and I quote:

“The world today is experiencing more youth crimes, divorces, sick and tormented people because the church has turned its back on the real solutions of these problems. Believers, many of whom are the clergy, are falling into all types of sins and they don’t know they can be free. Many have told me that they have gone to the church and even the leaders and found no help. People are hurting everywhere and can’t find help”. END QUOTE.

I was surprised to discover that the ministry of Jesus for the most part exists out of ministering to the oppressed and the casting out of demons. Why is this thing then so much resisted in the established churches, if they say they follow Jesus? In that same bible we read that the casting out of demons is a MIRACLE. Casting out demons is the gift of “working of miracles” in operation. We read in Mark 9:38-39 that some people were casting out demons in Jesus name. And when John told Jesus about it he said, “Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a MIRACLE in my name, that can speak evil of Me” So Jesus called here the casting out of demons a miracle.

How does one know that one needs deliverance? There are many people who are trapped in sins. The fleshly person can still be bound by habits by adhering to voices he hears in his mind.  When a person can’t resist the temptations and yields to those same voices again and again, is an example of a certain stronghold in your life. There are even many people in leadership positions in the world as well as in churches or ministries who have demonic strongholds in their lives. Believe me, I know for sure, for I have moved for years in those circles.

In my recent research I discovered something that gave me more light on this subject of listening to the wrong voices. I read in Book 3 of the “Ringing Cedar series” the following: “Every Man, Vladimir, is so constructed that he has access to the whole Universe, both visible and invisible. Every Man may communicate with anything or anyone he wishes. It works pretty much the same as through your radio receiver. Out of the many broadcasting stations you select what you are listening to. Man is both the receiver and the owner. And which source finds a reception in his thought depends on his conscious awareness, his feelings and purity”

“As a rule, a Man receives directly information he is able to make sense of, understand and use. And all this must take place calmly and quietly, without intrusive attention drawn to greatness.

“When voices draw attention to their own greatness, they try to appeal to one’s sense of self-importance: ‘Look here, I’m so great, yet I have chosen only you out of everyone – you shall be my pupil, and you too shall be greater than everyone else.’ As a rule this is what you would hear from inferior, soulless creatures. They are not granted a bodily existence, so they attempt to oppress the human soul and occupy another’s body. They act on Man’s mind, his sense of self-importance and his fear of the unknown.”

These inferior soulless creatures, you also may call “demons”  are disembodies spirits. Vladimir asked the question, “but how do we get rid of such creatures?” The answer Anastasia gave really awakened me. “It’s really very simple, they themselves are cowards, rather primitive cowards at that. You need to give them an ultimatum: ‘Get out of here, and if you do not, I shall burn you with my thought!’ They know very well that Man’s thought is many times stronger than they are.

So this tells me that you can allow other people to cast demons out of you, as I discussed above, but you can also do it yourself by giving them an ultimatum. I believe that this is much stronger and lasting than when someone else is doing it.

When I saw Jim ministering in our church in those days I also began realizing that in my in my own life there were things I was not in control of. There were strongholds in my life like, fear of man, lust, pride, anger, religion, self-righteousness, and many more that I wanted to get rid of. Now where do these things attach? They attach to your soul, your carnal mind; they attach to your religious mind-set, but never to the REAL you, which is spirit and cannot sin. But they can torment you and make your life miserable and one thing is for sure, you really must WANT to get rid of these things otherwise they will not leave or they might come back.

Jim counselled me concerning these issues, which were bothering me at that time. When he started binding and casting out the demons and strongholds in my life, I began to feel light in my head, my fingers began to tingle and I began to breath faster. I later heard that these signs are symptoms of demons leaving your body. They often go out of your mouth, or you feel a prickle in the top of your hands or toes. So what was really happening here?

These demons are disembodied creatures and have no body, so when they leave you, you can actually feel them going. In the bible we read that they are going to “dry” places, that is out of your body. After I was being delivered I stood up and felt I was going to fly. Something had ‘left me’, some heaviness was gone. I felt light and had a wonderful sensation as if you were in a different world. Can you imagine what a load of stuff some people and even Christians carry with them? Well, I did, but was glad that I found the answer. It is simple and easy you would say, but for many it seems not and maybe because of their pride?

God was moving very mightily in South Africa in those days in healing and deliverance. Many churches that opened their doors for this ministry have seen miracle after miracle. Jim ministered in many churches, but especially in the Assemblies of God churches at that time. The anointing was so strong at times that whole churches came forward for deliverance. The demons were starting to act in the church. For those people who believe that deliverance should be done in the backroom, look at how Jesus did it. Everywhere He came he healed the sick, in the streets and even in the synagogues and NEVER in a back room. In Mark 1:21-26 Jesus rebuked a spirit saying “Be quiet and come out of him, and when the unclean spirit had torn him, and cried with a loud voice, he came out.”

I attended many sessions where Jim was ministering and saw all kinds of different reactions. Many demons act in the way of what their nature is. You could see that it was easy to discern what kind of spirit you had to deal with. For example, I saw Jim ministering to a person whose head went up and the nose in the air; you can be rest assured that this was the manifestation of a spirit of pride.

Although this ministry has its ugly sides, it also has its pleasant sides. The nicest part of this ministry was when you see those, who were ministered to and delivered, stand up and lifting their hands in freedom with tears streaming from their cheeks and saying, “Praise God, I am free!”


Deliverance for my wife.

My wife, although she liked Jim as a person and later became our friend, did not like anything of what was going on, and when I asked her to come with me to the meetings, she always used to say, “No, you can go, I am alright, don’t worry about me”. But what worried me is that she did not want to go. I even showed her a Video tape, taken at one of the meetings; she looked only at it for a minute and walked away. Somehow, she was scared for something. I did not realize at that moment, but my wife had a serious problem. There were things coming to the surface that I had not seen there before.

The last couple of months, she drew back more and more. My friends saw it to and tried to help. But she did not want to, but what made her so scared about all this? Was it maybe this deliverance ministry that made her scared? Was she afraid of losing control? She was of nature a perfectionist and always tried to be in control of everything. Now let me say this that there is nothing wrong in being a perfectionist, but when it rules your life this is oppression. This is often the result of insecurity. Insecurity, if allowed can become a stronghold and my wife needed deliverance from that.

One day I thought to be clever and decided if she did not want to go to those meetings, I will bring the meeting to my house. I invited friends and other people and Jim Brewer would minister that night. My wife did not like this at all and most of the time when Jim was speaking, she was either hiding or away in the bathroom. Then she came into the living room and fled away again. She later told me, she had that uneasy feeling in her stomach area, something moved there and did not know what to do with that. At one stage, when somebody was being ministered to, she run into the living room and cried out, “Please, help me, I can’t stand it anymore, help me”. I was surprised to see my wife act that way, but this really happened. The one sitting in the chair just had to move and while she sat there, Jim ministered to her. I had never seen my wife like that. It seemed she was not in control anymore. Well, that was a good thing. The demons really came out with a scream. It took not more than 15 minutes and at last my wife was set free from these tormenting soulless creatures. Some of them were like controlling spirits, the spirit of fear, and fear of man, inferiority, insecurity and perfection, which in actual fact is a spirit of pride. I wrote a full detail of her testimony in my book “Jezebel spirit, goddess of war”(in Dutch).

That weekend we had meetings in the Town Hall of Walmer. Jim had to minister there and my wife said to him that she had a strong urge that she should tell her testimony that night. Jim agreed and she did. I was very surprised to hear my wife wanting to speak before an audience. I thought, “my wife talking in front of people, that is a miracle”. She was very shy before this and did not have a high esteem of herself, she actually had a great inferiority complex. Not much of that was to see that evening, for I saw a changed wife, who gave her testimony before hundreds of people that night and she was not even afraid and she touched many hearts that evening with her testimony.My wife has since never been the same and she is still free and ministers freely to the people and is able to set others free of tormenting creatures. What is happening after the ordeal?

In the process of climbing up and walk in the order of God, which order is hidden within every Man from pristine origin, we have to prepare ourselves and allow our Inner Man to guide and rule our life and not so much the doctrines of the world or the church.

This is the process of letting go, to “surrender”, it is the stage of getting into the “not my will, but Thy will be done”. This is about coming close to Divine. Your ego is gone and replaced by Father. You surrender to the higher power within, the real YOU. It is about triggering the fact that you are created to be god on this earth. We are not talking about THE God, but you are God’s creation formed in His image,  you are a god, or maybe I should say an extension of God. He is manifesting His Life through and with you; that is His ultimate purpose, which means, if you believe this, you can take dominion and subdue the earth in a godly manner.

In those days I was praying that I wanted more of God, not realizing that God had already given everything to Man and there was nothing more to give. It is not about having more of God, but rather about God having more of you, that is, losing our carnal mind in order to operate in the Mind of God that resides within us. He has given me His Kingdom or rather Paradise, what more can He give me such as just learning to walk in this kingdom? Here follows the revelation I received.

After listening to the wrong voices of the evil forces of darkness, we need to learn to listen to the voices of the light. God gave us the freedom to listen to either of them. It is our choice to choose which one we adhere to. Every individual produces their own thoughts. What we think also exists in space, your and my dreams do exist and everybody is free to listen to them. Did you know that every thought produced by Man still exist in the world to this day, they do not disappear into oblivion. All our thoughts or dreams still exist from the beginning of time and every individual has access to the whole Universe.

People can communicate with the thoughts of other individuals who lived in the past. This is possible because those individuals of the past still reside in some kind of invisible world, these are their dreams and thoughts they had. This is the same way that some people can give prophetic words to people, they receive these words from the invisible dimension.

The first time I received a simple proof of this was many years ago, when I was working in a class room of a High School in Holland and I always sing when I am working. But this time I was singing in German and later thought why am I singing in German, while that was not my favourite language at all. But when I was finished my work in that class room I closed the door and read on the door – German Class Room. Apparently they gave German lessons there. The words that were spoken in that class room were still there and I picked them up, it was that simple. I believe in the same way, we can pick up words that were thought or spoken thousands of years ago. There are thoughts of “good” and there are thoughts of evil. The thoughts of evil you may call the forces of darkness. The thoughts of good you may call the forces of Light. These thoughts can help us living in Truth.

These thoughts and words, the positive (forces of Light) and negative (forces of Darkness) are around us and it depends on you which you pick up. Not only the words or thoughts of Jesus and/or his apostles, but every Man that existed since the beginning of time are available in that dimension.

How can we hear those sounds of the past? Much like the radio’s broadcasting stations, you are the receiver of whichever station you like to listen. In the same way we can hear thoughts of others, depending to which thoughts you like to listen. God is truth and the rest is a lie. I am sure you like Gods truth to be established in you.

“But truth can be distorted by the purity of the receiver. The degree of distortion is determined by the purity of the receiver if he hears truth undistorted. It is only one’s own purity that is capable of hearing Truth undistorted and if they are insufficient, your tuning and your purity that is, then you should not blame the source.

In the Cedar Series it was explained: “In our material life in our world there are a multitude of sources of sound on all sides, all of them claiming to be Truth and trying to control our mind and will, to make our life suit their purposes, but we are free to listen to them or not to listen to them. We are free to decide with nobody to blame but ourselves. The question is, what can help us decide if what we hear is Truth or not?

It is when you hear MORE than just “words”. When combined with those words there is a flash of feeling or emotion in the soul and tears of joy in your eyes. And when sensations of warmth and fragrances and sounds are born in you. When you feel within yourself the impulse or urge to co-create and a thirst for purification, you may be sure that you are clearly hearing the thoughts of Light.

On the other hand when it is simply cold information that comes, an order or command, even one that talks about good, perhaps it seems wise, even very wise, and the originating source claims to be supreme and very powerful, know this: it is not good that is hiding behind good, but an entity not allowed a place in perfection that is trying to persuade you to follow it for its own purposes.”

All you dear friends, have received the same freedom of choice. Your freedom to choose has and will never been taken from you. You are a Man, a living sentient Man with a soul, you choose whatever you like. Becoming conscious aware of what and who you really are. You are a Sovereign Man, born to be in Paradise, not in a future Paradise, but in the now Paradise here on earth. Adam and Eve lived in Paradise ON EARTH, remember! There is nothing else, earth was designed to be a Paradise for Man. I won’t go in here what we have done with it.

Now, you can live the way society dictates, marry the way society dictates, learn the things society dictates, go to war when the order is given or….. , go the original route the Father of heavens has dictated when He originally created you and given you ALL things that pertain unto life and godliness. It is your decision if you want to follow the Divine way of living and become a Master of the Universe. You already have all the ingredients, all you have to do is follow the One that resides within you.

That is the Truth.



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