Why is our speed of thinking so important?


I do not know that much about computers, but one thing I do know; the importance of the speed of my working memory on my computer, especially when I work with graphic design software. When I am busy with a new project and/or try to make a viability study or busy with graphic designs, I have all kinds of programs open at the same time. This creates a problem with the actual working memory. Now when your operating speed lacks you get frustrated. Now what happens when you create lots of work like this and more and more data gets loaded into the computer day by day and hour by hour? Your computer start to work more slowly until one day it may refuse to process any new information, because its memory is overloaded.

I can tell you, I was there many times. A dear friend of me in Holland, who repaired my computers for me in the nineties, when computers were still very immature and slow, said one day; “it is amazing what you do with your computer, you try to do work that this machine is not designed for, you need more OPERATING SPEED”. So there you go and you buy a new computer or load more speed hardware.

Now, our Creator has also designed a computer, a biological computer, called the BRAIN. This living biological computer, which all men on earth possess, is far more superior than the artificial computers designed by men. Someone called this artificial computer, the prosthesis of the brain. With other words it means, the prosthesis for our thinking.

But why then was it necessary to create this computer when God has given Man a much more superior one? The problem is that many do not understand and do not even know that our brain can do 1000 times more and better then the artificial computer. The reason that we do not believe this is because our thinking has become very, very slow indeed. So slow that man thought it wise to design their own artificial brain, the computer, which could help our own biological brain. Now, we are surprised what computers can do these days and we are very proud of that fact. But is it something to be proud of? For is it not a fact that the less we use our brain, the less it will it be trained? When you don’t use it, you lose it.

A simple fact is that young scholars today do not calculate numbers with their head anymore; they have to use a calculator, which are now allowed in our schools education systems. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Scientists say that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. But I m thinking, if God made a brain with that capacity why then are we not using all of it? What happened to Man and why and how did he lose the 90%? Did you know that the feature that distinguishes Man from all other creatures is his capacity to THINK! Although some type of ‘thought’ might be found in other creatures or plants, it is a fact that Man distinguishes him from all the others by the SPEED of his thinking.

After reading what the Ringing Cedars series said about these things, I have been thinking a long time about how we could have lost the capacity of our brain and I came to the conclusion that a great part of our brain is dormant and is in need of awakening. This means all the cells of the brain are there and ready for use, but most of them are inactive, they are asleep and they need to be awakened. How can we awaken the dormant cells of our brain?

Very simple; by asking questions. By asking questions about anything, you have to think and therefore you will activate the various cells of the brain. This should be done even at a young age (or even before we were born). When you ask a child questions, it will start to think and analyse things and in the process it is awakening cells in his brain which will then operate throughout his life. This will make him/her brighter and more talented compared to those whose corresponding cells are still dormant.

Only ask one question at the time until they have found the answer, thereafter you can ask another question. Try it out and you will be surprised with the answers you will receive. You should not give him the answer, but he has to find it himself. A child is very pure in his thinking and will only tell you the truth, which he finds within himself. Remember that God gave ALL knowledge to Man when He created Him in His own image. The purity of the child’s thought will make him an exceptionally happy person.


This is one way how we can return to the Creators design and increase our speed of thinking again. This is very important! When God created his SON (Man), he created him in His own image and gave HIM ALL THAT HE HAD nothing less and nothing more. He gave him the power to THINK in the same way as the Creator does. I believe that if Man had attained the speed of thinking to the level of the Divine, Man could create in the same power as God and could live in harmony on this planet earth. He could even surpass the Divine and created life on other planets. Why else were these other planets created?

When God was contemplating the first Man, He gave everything to him and in explaining everything to him He said: “My son, you are infinite, you are eternal, and within you are your dreams of creation”. If this is true, than this is true today and we bear all those creative dreams within us! How powerful are those thoughts, including its energy, in His sons and daughters on earth today?

Vladimir Megre says and I quote: “God created the world in which we live through the help of a dream – the energy of His thought. He created Man, giving him complete freedom of action and endowing him with powerful energy capable of creating similar worlds, or possibly worlds even more perfected than the earth. In order to create new worlds or to perfect the world already created, it is vital that the speed of man’s thinking match that of the Divine”.

But if we look around us, we do not see this happening today on earth. We have no more clean water to drink, we have no more clean air to breathe and our food has been manipulated and full of chemicals that are designed to kill Man instead of sustaining him. If we don’t change this very soon, it will only get worse. The question is what happened or what powers could have proven capable of influencing human consciousness and aiming it down the path of degradation?


I can tell you this, there is NO power here on earth or elsewhere that could do this, except for man himself. This is what the Grandfather of Anastasia said about this: “To either redirect or subjugate the energy of human thought is something only human thought itself can do. In other words, one Man possessing a greater speed of thought than the rest and wanting to subjugate others could, under certain circumstances, do so.

In today’s situation human society has been subjugated to the descendants of the Egyptian priests who preserved the knowledge of the science of imagery and who maintained, with the help of special exercises, the capability of thinking at a much greater speed than the vast majority of people living on the earth”. End quote.

This significance of the speed of our thinking is what the dark forces (priests) kept very secret and guarded for many millennia. Nobody has ever thought about the significance of this and when this was revealed in the Ringing Cedar Series books, this was most upsetting to the existing priests that are still operating on these levels.

The worst thing that is happening on the moment is that when I tell people about this, they say, “I am crazy”. But tell me why would I make things like this up, what does it profit me? I do not tell people about these truths because I get money for it, but I tell them because I love people, I love Gods creation and I like to set them free. Was that not the same reason that Jesus came, to set His people free? He had no problem with making Himself equal with God; he thought it not robbery to be equal with God either. So should you, change your thinking about who you are.



Our Creator created His great creation in an impulse of inspiration. He created Man in His own image as a culmination of His creation. Still there are many who doubt this fact and say; is this really true that Man is created equal with God, that we are gods ourselves? God Himself said, “My image and likeness he is. I have given him everything that is mine, and will furthermore give him for his own all that may be thought at a future time”

But look at Man today. He is a far cry from his pristine origin. The great Designer wanted to SEE His own creation in the likeness of Himself. I believe that I am a Son of God, but I can also say that my actions do not show that I AM yet. Not yet, but all the potentials are there for you and for me to become just that. (He gave us power to become Sons of God). Therefore it is a fact that I AM. I AM that I AM therefore I AM! But first of all there need to be an awakening, a conscious awareness of who we really are.

As a young believer I was proclaiming God to be my Father, and told people I love Him. But by doing this I was lying to myself. For how can I love someone that I have never seen, felt or even understood? Do you see, I can love my wife, for I see her, I can feel her and understand her (sometimes I don’t), but God, I have never seen! How can I worship Him that I have never seen? That is why Jesus said, “You worship what you do not know!” We are only kidding ourselves by saying this. It is impossible to love someone without seeing or feeling him.

In some church circles I visited, you were told what to do in worship services. Sometimes you were forced to go on your knees before “God”. As a young Christian I did it because it was asked of me, but my heart was never really in it. It did not feel good. Today, I will never do that. I say, do I like my children to bow before me? That is a big NO! Do we really think that Man is pleasing their heavenly Father if they bow before Him? It rather grieves Him that you have not understood that you yourself are a god, made in His image. A Man that is supposed to rule and reign and dominate the earth is not bowing, but LOVING God’s creation that He left for us to enjoy and make it even better.


For 30 years I have “served” God. Today, I do not “serve” God anymore. Why? Because He never asked me to, for I am not His servant, but His Son. I read the other day an article of a well-known minister who has million of followers, and he says that we are “slaves of Christ”. O, dear people, we are NOT slaves of Christ, we are not anybody’s slave, but supposed to be free men, created by God. Jesus never claimed this; He came to set us free of religious slavery. He did mention we could follow Him and do the same things than He did, but never asked to be served or worshiped, let alone to be His slave!

However the system in the world does not think so and they say, bow, serve, pay, etc. They want to enslave you, they even demand you to be obedient to the government, but remember that government is an invention of Man and not of God. God’s intention was never that Man should rule over other Man, because Man is sovereign. Proof me otherwise. In actual fact: “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to Law, for it is the author and source of Law…

If I may ask you a simple question, “are you free?” You might say, yes I am free! I ask you again, do you pay taxes? You will say, yes. Then I say to you, “you are not free”. Or do you want to tell me that you pay taxes, because you feel led to do so, or is it rather because it is a DEMAND from your government?

On the one hand I see people telling me they love God and on the other hand I see these same people destroying their Creator’s creation. I see them isolating themselves behind stone walls of churches or other religious structures, hiding from the beautiful world that the creator has created for them. They create all kinds of treatises about how to act towards God. They give you new laws and by-laws to “please” God. But does this really please God or does this make Him sad that His creation has degraded himself in such a state instead of becoming Masters of the Universe?

I remember in my young Christian years, my wife needed to have a hat on if she would go to church. No hat, no church service. Later again my wife was told that she may not wear trousers, because a Man is supposed to wear trousers and not women (also an invention of Man, for God designed us without clothing). When we went to the Beach, she had to wear long skirts, because bikinis are evil. Must I go on? Ridiculous you say? Well it really happened. This is one of the reasons why the world does not want what you have, they have enough laws and rules without adding those of the church.

Today, I have faith in God and am more and more able to “see” God. I can “see” God in everything around me, because He is in all things, in every single leaf, flower or blade of grass, everywhere where there is life there is God. By loving Him you do not want to destroy His creation, but instead in co-creating with Father you please Him. We are connected with the whole Universe and when we are doing well to Gods creation, the Universe will respond and send good things to you. This is truth!

God looks down on His creation and sees all this corruption going on, what will He think about all this? They say, we love you God, give us more, and help us here. In actual fact they are saying, “give us more, for we cannot afford this, we are your servants, we are powerless and ignorant, we are stupid!


I like what Anastasia said on a question from Vladimir when he asked, what is God? Does He exist and if so why hasn’t anyone seen Him? She answered and I quote:

“God is the Interplanetary Mind or Intelligence. He is not to be found in mass. Half of Him is in the non-material realm of the Universe. This is the sum total of all energies. The other half of Him is dispersed across the Earth, in every individual, in every Man. The dark forces strive to block these particles.”

Christians say that God lives in their heart. If they REALLY believe that, their actions would show this. The world finds it hard to believe them, because they maybe speak their faith, but do not show their faith. With that I mean LOVE for God’s creation. It does not matter what religion you belong to, LOVE is the only religion.

But who made Man this way? The dark forces, you say, but how where they able to do this? Through the mind of Man! The deception can only come by one that had equal power of thought – MAN himself! The evil forces (priests) were the ones who launched mankind down the path of degradation by working on their flesh mind. The reason for this is most probably because they liked to play for God in controlling all mankind. But a fact is that God never intervened, and the reason for that is because he gave FULL FREEDOM to Man, to do what they like and He will never take that away from Man.

As I explained in my previous articles about Family Life (go to: www.dvineliving.org) that our way of growing up of children has to change drastically otherwise it will get worse and we are destined for greater disasters. First of all we need to change the way of upbringing of our children in our homes. Secondly we need to change our education programs, or rather replace certain subjects at our schools. The one subject that is most important and missing in our schools; the subject designed to increase the speed of our thinking is missing in our syllabus. This subject is replaced with all kinds of other subjects that are designed to do the opposite, the slowing down of the existing speed of thinking in children. In other words it is designed to make you stupid. The end result is that we only use 10% of our capacity.

Maybe you like to know what I mean with “speed of thinking”. As I explained, Man is a thinking being. The power of the energy of thought has no equal in the Universe. Everything we see is created by the energy of thought. But all people on the earth have different levels of thinking. For example, some will say, he is dim or stupid, or with him it takes time to sink in. It can be very boring to speak with someone that takes time to understand what you are saying; it can be very boring when you speak with someone whose thinking operates at a slower speed.


This can also be very dangerous, because the one whose speed is fast is able to dominate the other that is not so fast. With other words, he is able to rule over him, or rather to dominate him with his own thoughts. The priests thought up a system many millennia ago to do just that. This system of theirs kept improving over the millennia and is still operating today.

When you have a closer look at the lifestyle of people today, you will see that there are many efforts directed at stopping the operation of your thoughts. In today’s world they keep the people busy with Newspapers, Games, Sports, TV shows film industry and of course the latest gimmick, the cellphone. As long as you are busy with these things, you will not think for yourself.

I have touched on this subject in my previous writings and above, but I like to say here again that this is supposed to start when our children are still very young. As I said, we can activate their brain cells by asking question, but also by constantly creating learning experiences through playing. It looks like play, but it is developing the child physical abilities as well as mental abilities. At school they learn to “memorize” things what others have said or discovered. This does not really help with activating the cells, for it gets memorized in the subconscious.

The system that the “priests” (evil forces) have created has blocked up human thought. The system pours forth floods of apparently meaningful information, but in reality practically all communications are calculated to draw Man away from the Creator’s information.

Today with the slow speed of thinking, Man is not in a position to determine whether mankind is on the right path of development, let alone to visualize his own life. In actual fact are the leaders of this earth in control of absolutely nothing. Think about that! In the last 50 years we have chosen leader after leader and they all proclaimed “change”. Has it changed? Yes, but only for the worse. They only have increased our problems and you have to pay more taxes today than 50 years ago. They only talk, talk and talk and make new laws, but provide absolutely nothing to make your life happier and more meaningful.


The rulers of this Earth are only active pawns in this system created by the priests. The biggest problem is that the system created by those priests has gone out of control and has begun to work on its own. It has become a great BEAST. The beast that Revelation is taking about has been created by Man. And this beast has to be destroyed by Man.

You do not believe me? Who has control of your baby when it is born? The system! Who determines what food it is given? The system! Who determines what air to breath and what water to drink? The system! Who determine that you have to “register” your child? The system! Who determines that you have to pay the so called “government” their taxes? The system! What do you have to say about that? You can try and disobey those rules and you will see where it brings you.


Anastasia was talking about her goal: “Transporting people across the dark forces’ window of time”. This means, changing the consciousness of people already living on the earth today – changing it to a consciousness which was or will be inherent in them under the conditions of a Divine, paradisaical existence.

Time will learn that we the people of God can change and will restore those things we have created in this technocratic world.

Anastasia’s dream is about to happen in today’s world. Domains are being established all over the globe and they are making a paradise for themselves and thereby creating a Space of Love. People are being awakened to the Divine truth. It will happen when all of us are becoming aware for the necessity of being changed from being Bio-robots to becoming Masters of the Universe.


Why is it, that Man with his unique abilities designed by the Great Master to him alone, but still losing so quickly his capabilities concerning his mind and his feelings? He is being transformed into an easily manipulative biological robot, a bio-robot. He is losing his independence and becomes more and more dependable of what others or the “system’ has to offer him.

Man has all the unique aspects of everything you find and see in the Universe. He has a particle of everything build within him. He is unique, divine and as Jesus said “YE ARE GODS” on this earth. Every Man has a particle of God in him and therefore is capable of doing exactly the same things as the Creator. What has become of Man, this superior creature that was commanded to subdue the earth and have dominion? Was he not supposed to: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth?

For the answer we have to turn again to Gods creation and study Nature and the ways He designed it. He designed everything to serve one species; MAN! Everything, even the animal kingdom has to serve MAN. But when Man decided one day that we needed other things as well, things went wrong in such a way, it was disastrous and the result was that Man was losing his divinity.

I have told you how the State has made you a corporation and that your name is spelled in CAPITAL letters on all legal documents, like Passport, I.D, or even by the Banks. This means that you are for them just a “person”, but not a living soul, a living sentient Man with a mind and feelings. They treat you as a business and never show any grace at all. Showing grace is a sign of weakness and they will never show that and hide all the time behind rules and regulations.

The idea is that every person is “incorporated” into a legal entity and given a share certificate (a birth certificate) which is evidence of a security that is placed in our “trust.” Because we don’t know who we are, we are tricked into acting as the administrators of trust instead of the principal, and the state is considered the beneficiary. To use an analogy, it’s like we are playing Monopoly and we believe that we are our Monopoly piece. When we realize that we own the game, the golden age begins. We need therefore a change of mind-set.

I further spoke about how money came into the world and who created this evil capital; by the forces of darkness and they are very proud of this invention, even till this day.

Do you really like to stay a Bio-Robot or rather be in His Divine plan and purpose and become the Master of the Universe? Transporting across time constitutes a change in consciousness. This is possible for you as well. Once we are transported across time, which is today in our time means that we can fulfill all our dreams.

In Anastasia’s own words” “In the times of our pristine origins people’s way was quite different from today’s. They not only knew Nature, they controlled it. Through the sounds of Nature and the power of the light of the heavenly bodies they had access to the database of the Universe. They received information not just through their mind, but through their feelings too. The speed of our thinking was many times greater than that of people today.”


The priests knew that absolute control over people meant that their speed of thinking should be considerable faster than other people. In order for them to do this, they could not accelerate their own speed more than they had, but they came up with another evil plan. They would use special devices to slow down the thinking of all mankind. One of their devices was to conceal from people the existing Divine method of nutrition. They wanted people to consume food that stops the acceleration and slows down their speed of thinking. Once that is accomplished the degradation of other things will just continue.

Do you like to know HOW they accomplished this? You might be surprised to hear this or maybe reluctant to hear this. For how could they conceal what God offers freely to everyone?


This is what Grandfather’s prophetic insight revealed and he exposed the deceptive plans of the priests, and they concluded:

“People will agree to give gratitude to the Creator and will not see anything wrong with it (until this day, this is true). We shall think up rituals to draw people away from God’s first hand creations. People will be thinking that they are giving God thanks. But the more time they spend on giving thanks, gathering around the idols we think up, the less communication they will have with God’s own creations, and the farther removed they will be from information coming straight from God. They will be receiving information from us, but imagining it is God’s will. Their thought will go off in the wrong direction. We shall lead it in the wrong direction”

This is strong medicine and many will or cannot believe this, but please don’t take my word for it, but think for yourself, go to your Inner Man and all truth will be revealed to you. It was there all the time. It is only for us to call it up. This is what I did and you know what, it makes sense to me.

The only way to get back to God’s original plan is to draw close to Mother Nature, to the Flora and the Fauna, which reveal God’s thoughts, and our speed of thinking will increase again. It won’t happen overnight, but you will succeed slowly but surely.

If you allow that to happen, no matter what age you are, God will reveal Himself again to you in His original way and your eyes will be opened and you will become conscious aware of these truths, hidden for so long. But eventually this truth will set Man free from all bondage that Man has put on us.

Maybe you have not heard such words being spoken in your church? Well it is time that the churches pick up this truth and set their people free form all the religious hogwash they have been feeding their flocks.

Father, may our heart warm us for Your truth. That we all may return to Your original purpose, in order to create our own future and, a Paradise on Earth.



Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to Law, for it is the author and source of Law…”


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