Love, is the greatest and most powerful energy in the Cosmos. It is never thoughtless. It has thoughts and its own feelings too. Love is a living, self-sufficient entity, a living being. By the will of God it is sent to the Earth, ready to bestow its great energy on every earth dweller and make their lives eternal in love. It comes to each one of them, endeavouring to tell them, through the language of feelings, about the Divine programme. If Man doesn’t listen, it is forced to leave, not by its own will, but by Man’s”, according to the grandfather of Anastasia.  

Love, is the greatest and most powerful energy in the Cosmos. It is sent by God to the Earth and through the language of FEELINGS it comes to each one of us, to impart in us the Divine Programme. We don’t want this to leave, do we? It all depends on what we do with it. There is a need to understand this love!

LOVE, although almost all the songs Man writes today has to do with love and our works of poetry and poems are fully laden with it in many creative ways. However most of the information it contains establishes the works of the outward existence of love. It shows the different manifestations and various reactions to love in different people. But the question is do we understand love?

I described the birth of a baby by the Vedruss people more than 5000 years ago. It showed that they knew what they were doing and why. Anastasia also described a wedding rite of those days and is interesting to see that many academic researchers agree with these rites and were affirming that this particular rite was capable of transforming an initially flaring feeling into a permanent one. This rite can help young couples find lasting love. (Book 8.2 Rites of Love – Chapter 11)


I consider my own marriage that we enjoy for 42 years now as an experience of life sharing and can say that I learned a lot through the ups and downs in these years. But when I read about these rites of the past and realized that we have lost a great deal of important information, I felt sad. My parents failed to tell me how to find a partner and how to love and keep harmony in the family. However, I must say that they left a good example, which seemed to work for my parents for they were married for 68 years. But what I am talking about is the depth of a relationship, the spiritual significance of it that will last forever.

Nobody told me how to find a partner; I just went out and looked for one, already at a young age. In modern times, young people seem to have dissimilar ideas about that and their priorities are different and many first want to make money for various reasons. The one wants first to buy nice things, like a car and a good house, others want to enjoy life or like to travel the world. This is what we call self-centeredness. They all think to get satisfaction out of these “material things”, but can these things be satisfying? Is it not better for these young people to hear the truth about reality? Only those who have a chip on their shoulder don’t want to listen to good advice.

One thing I know, to find a loving soulmate is one of the most profound things I found in life and to compare this with material things is comparing death with life, for material things are dead and cannot produce life, but to be able to enjoy a spiritual relationship with your partner is life giving. To have a partner you are attracted to, someone you can relate to and communicate with, not only about material matters but also spiritual things is most pleasing and satisfying.


Much has been written about sex and sexuality, and it is not my intention to add a new method or system to this, but only to REGAIN the lost knowledge and understanding of the ENERGY OF LOVE. I am seeking a restoration of the energies of Love to our families.  Are not families the base of every State? I am fully convinced that when our family life is restored to the Creator’s order, the result will be peace and harmony with all the creatures on this earth.

To be able to find one’s soul mate, or his other half, it will help to understand first WHY we need a soulmate. Once a Man finds his soulmate, and they become one, they have the power to co-create with Him and in this way fulfil Gods desire to replenish the earth and subdue it and make it a beautiful paradise. Man has deviated from this by rather engulfing himself in sexual lust for the other soulmate, one of the many misinterpretations of Gods desire.

God is a Creative Energy of Love, Who can create out of himself by a simple thought or desire and does not even have to speak it into being. God has given Man the same power to perform one of the most miraculous things on earth, man and woman can together co-create another Man by their own desire or thought. For Man to be able to do that in the appropriate way, he has to become conscious aware that he is Gods image. “So God created Man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; MALE and FEMALE created he them”. God said it was good, in actual fact He said, IT WAS VERY GOOD!

It was so good that God rested on the seventh day and He is still resting from His perfect creation. ALL possible information has been fully implanted in His perfect creation and they received the freedom to make his own choices from now on. All truths and all future achievements have been fully inculcated by the Creator in His beloved child, Man.

From now on the Lord God, that is US, the created Man, took over and started creating himself in Genesis 2. As I see it, in Genesis 1 God had created the SPIRIT MAN and he was PERFECT, but because there was no MAN to till the ground (Gen. 2:5), the LORD GOD in Gen 2 formed the FLESH Man out of dust of the ground. All that God created was in the SPIRITUAL REALM and what the Lord God created was in the PHYSICAL REALM or you could say the realm of the Earth.

I explained this in another article, but will just mention here that we need to understand that the Lord God is made of the same substance as God; but He is learning to create like God. A dear friend of us, Linda Keith explains it like this:

There IS a difference in God and the Lord God. They are both the same person, because MAN or “the Lord God” is made out of the very SUBSTANCE that God is. The difference is the “Lord God” is not mentioned until chapter 2 of Genesis. In chapter 1 we see GOD creating; in chapter 2 we see “the Lord God creating”, right? Look it up so you will know for yourself. Also remember, for MAN or “the Lord God to be ONE in God means that God or the man known as “the Lord God” are both CREATORS!! It says “MAN was made in the image of God”. ALL THAT GOD WAS, SO WAS THE MAN WHO CAME OUT OF GOD. MAN was ONE IN GOD, because he was made out of what GOD WAS. This is hard to put into words, but, the MAN and God WERE NOT SEPARATE Beings. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN SEPARATED FROM GOD!! You will see this as we look at man. YOU MUST KEEP in MIND WHERE Man came from; and YOU MUST REMEMBER what MAN was made of.

The Lord God added some things to the perfect creation of God and it is the Lord God that created the Garden of Eden and this Garden represent the BEGINNING OF DIFFERENT THINKING. So, it was the Lord God that DIVIDED THE TWO. This was a change of thinking from the God Mind to the lower mind.

Now the Male represents the SPIRIT and the Female represents the SOUL. This means they were NOT alone, but were united as ONE. But in Gen 2:18 the Lord God decided it was NOT good that Man should be alone and He separated Male and Female. So Man came forth out of God, which means our spirit and souls were united in the image of God. But now the Lord God decided to separate the soul from the spirit. So God saw them as Spiritual beings, but the Lord God saw them as flesh and blood. I will not go in on why God allowed this to happen, perhaps because we needed to learn something from one another.


The point I want to make is that a COMPLETE MAN exists out of SPIRIT and SOUL and there is an urge in every spirit of Man to be united again with his soul; that is to find a soulmate in order to find happiness. I do not agree with what Paul says in 1Cor.7:1, “it is good for a Man not to touch a woman”, but that is my opinion. I think he means to be united with a woman. I say it is GOOD for a Man to be united with a woman, for that is the way it was designed to be FROM THE BEGINNING and it will produce happiness. Is not happiness what God desired for us? Why should He want to take that away from Man? I believe that a real MARRIAGE is the FRUIT OF A SPIRITUAL UNITY that already had taken place.

There are other things in these Scriptures I do not agree with. Has these dogma’s not brought a lot of strife and discourse between men and women? Who is the boss, type of thing? A woman should do that and a man should do this. Maybe it was because of the hardness of their hearts that Paul wrote this, or was it the dark forces that infused the Scriptures with their own dogmas? For did not Jesus himself say, “FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO”.

Mark 10:6-9 “Because of the hardness of your heart he (Moses) wrote you this precept. But from the beginning of the creation, ‘God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife, and the two shall be one flesh.’ So then they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

I do not anymore take for granted what I read, even the Scriptures, until I can FEEL the truth with the Divine feeling imparted to me by God. This feeling was given to every Man on earth by the Creator. In actual fact, you do not even need books to reveal truth to you, or do you think Adam and Eve also had books in order to KNOW what God desired? No, they had the divine knowledge residing within them and God never changed that for Man.


I do not know more than you know, but might be awakened to certain truths that reside within me. I write this down and it may or may not, have the same effect on you and are made conscious aware of these truths yourself. Fact is, what the Bible calls “mysteries” of the kingdom are being revealed, for it was there all the time. Therefore the Creator made all Man equal and He gave to everyone their consciousness from the beginning. No Man or woman can be above the other.

Male and female are in spirit exactly the same created, although with different functions in the flesh. So the male is not more important than the female, for all man and woman are ONE in Him. The flesh of a male and the flesh of a female have merged into one, they are united in Man; similarly the spirit of two has merged into one spirit in Man. In their creativity they feel, they are inseparable.

How did Adam know: “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh…” while he has never seen her? He recognised her spiritually, because she was with him from the beginning (Gen1:27). He recognised her in the flesh when he was beholding another creature like him, a wave of warmth came upon him, his whole heart delighted in the vision he saw before him, a creature shining with light and love.


Therefore it is very important to know that a male/female relationship already existed before the physical fulfilling of it. The church has a different opinion about this, they reckon that marriage produces unity, but in actual fact it is Unity that produces Marriage. There is a calling both from the soul and the spirit to be united again as they were before. That is WHY we search for a soulmate. The physical marriage is a result of a spiritual unity.

We can find a beautiful example of this in Song of Songs:

1:2 She starts with a kiss. “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for your love is better than wine”. But it has no depth yet, and in verse,

1:3 We see a LONGING for his name: “Because of the smell of your good ointments your name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love you”. In verse,

2:16 She is still self-centred and says, “My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feeds among the lilies”. There is still an identity problem, but in verse,

6:3 we see already a change, “I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine: he feeds among the lilies”. Here she puts him on the first place, and finally in

7:10 her self-life has been dealt with, “I AM MY BELOVED’s, and his desire is toward me”.

Although his desire has always gone out to her, she only starts here to understand his desire for her. The reason is that her identity with him has now become a reality for her.

Maybe, marriage is given for a man to better understand his wife, his soulmate, who can tell? He can now identify with a woman because she is actually part of his own personality.

A woman should in turn identify with the masculinity of a man. How else can they make good decisions, to be authoritarian or logical thinking like a man without too many emotional decisions?  She should understand her husband that they can be more God-like. This is as difficult for her as it is for him. Remember a man (spirit) thinks and a woman (soul) feels. Now because they are one, but once separated, the male now will learn more about sensitiveness and the female will learn more about logical thinking.

Now we understand why we seek a soulmate, let u see HOW to find one.


I think every person on earth likes to be loved and appreciated, but there is one person you like to share your life with in eternity. Do we look for him/her ourselves or are we waiting for fate to happen or are we creating our own fate? Lots of people think that their fate is up to God. But God has already made available to Man a very powerful energy in the Universe. This energy is called HUMAN THOUGHT.

It is not good to only know about it, but we need to become conscious aware of this fact or should I say this phenomenon and FEEL it. Man is the only specie in the Universe that has to ability to THINK, he is a thinking being. There is no equal in the Universe for this power of energy. Everything you see in this world is created by the energy of thought.

Everything God created was a THOUGHT first. The natural world what we see, including Man himself and all life were first formed by Gods thought. Man has the same ability, and whatever we see today is created by the energy of thought. All the material things we have created, a chair, a tool or an airplane was first build with our imagination. So it already exists in space, we draw plans and build it. It was first invisible for us, but it existed in a dimension of space and later materializes and takes form that we can see.

Now it is very important to realize that ALL life situations, even life itself are first formed by a thought. Listen carefully now. If your life thought is insufficient developed or you are prevented from free using the energy of thought, your life situations will be influenced by someone else’s thoughts. This might be through thoughts of friends or your family or from society. So this will not only influence your choice of destiny, but also your choice of a soulmate.

To choose a soulmate is only YOUR decision and it is only YOU who is to blame if you have imprisoned yourself with your own thinking. If you subject yourself to another person’s thoughts, this means that you are already dependent on this other person or persons.

So it is important for you to know that your Creator gave you freedom to choose by your own thoughts. You create your own fate and don’t allow others to influence your thoughts, but start developing your own thought life by freely using the energy and speed of thought.

Did you know that people only see what they are thinking about? They invariably see only the images they believe in. Christians for example will be able to see angels and maybe even Christ, but New-Agers will have their own visions, Hinduism will see their own saints and non-Christians will be able to see different beings. That is because they are observing the projections of their own or the collective general thought.


You can even influence someone else through your own thoughts. I will tell you about my own experience in choosing my future soulmate. I was only 17 years old and did not know anything about these truths with my conscious mind. I did what all my friends did and was the habit in the sixties by visiting different dancing’s with life bands; take someone for a dance and in that way trying a find a nice girl.

One day I saw this amazing pretty girl with a dark blond neat hairdo, her outward looks were to me so beautiful like an angel and I never had seen an angel, but used my imagination. I could sense her extraordinary inner beauty.

I asked her to dance with me and she accepted a few times, but then after a while she did not want to dance with me anymore and avoided me. I only found out later that she wanted a man that was taller than her and at that time I was the same height as her. I did not give up and did not change my thoughts about her either and kept on dreaming that this girl would change her mind about me. I did not listen to the voices around me saying like, “leave it, she does not like you” or “there are plenty other girls”. I just kept my eye on her every time I saw her.

When I just turned 18, I spotted her again at a dancing hall and while as I was sitting at the bar having a drink, her sister came to me and invited me to come to a party at her home. I wanted to spring in the air, but rather cool replied that I would think about it if she herself would ask me. What a macho! She did and came to where I was standing and invited me, after which we danced together the whole night. Apparently she had changed her mind about me and I had become a little taller as well.

Can you see why Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe? We married 2 years later, but today she is a goddess to me and our love has only grown after 42 years being together. How marvellous it is for me to live with a goddess, how marvellous it is for her to live with a god!

Some may think that God will send the right partner to them and they wait, wait and wait and nothing happens. You carry the power of the energy of love within you, and it is only YOU who has to step out and do something with it. It is just a pity that in these days the places to find a good woman are getting scarce. It is a pity that many of the Ancient traditions of rites and feasts are destroyed by which young people were able to find a soulmate.

In today’s establishments, like bars and discotheques, where drugs and drinks are freely available to the youngsters, this has become a dangerous area for them. In places like that you find many illusive people and very few real people. This has to change and will change if we put our minds to this.


When looking for a soulmate, one needs to be careful for illusory people. There are two kinds of people on earth, unreal (illusory) people and real people. What I mean with that is what you sometimes see is an image and not the real person. An image is created by the dogmas of the technocratic world. An image is created by the thoughts of contemporary ideas fashioned by modern fashion designers. What are we creating these days in our modern theocratic world? I quote what the grandfather of Anastasia was showing Vladimir about an unreal girl and I quote:

The girl had on very uncomfortable high heeled shoes, besides they are a little too tight for her. She wears them precisely because someone else is dictating what shoes women should be wearing these days. She is wearing a short skirt that look like leather, but is not leather. It’s harmful for the body, but she’s wearing it according to the dictates of society’s current fad. Look at all her gaudy make-up and how arrogantly she’s behaving. Outwardly she’s independent. But only outwardly!

Her whole appearance is at odds with herself, her real self. She’s been smitten by an image of someone else’s thought forms, a soulless, illusory image has eclipsed her living soul and taken her captive.”

He then went to the girl and helped her to be set free from this illusory image. Very touchy in the way he did this through loving kindness. The point I want to make is that many people allow themselves to be formed by an image, an image that is not real. This happens because they were never told and therefore do not know WHO they really are. If they knew who they are, they would not listen to the dictates of the current whims of the technocratic world. There is often a struggle between the alien image and the inner being.

If you happen to fall in love with the image, you are in trouble. It won’t be long until you see the real person and you may be surprised or disappointed. Therefore it is very important to be able to get beyond the image and get hold of the real inner being.


I love all people, but my heart goes out to the young people, because older people are often so formed in their mindset, it is difficult to change their vision of things and religious matters. The youngsters are in dire need these days of TRUTH. Everybody wants to be recognized and accepted, but many parents have robbed young people from their Divine inheritance. Man has forgotten that God meant for them to be like Him, to be Creators, to be the Masters of the Universe. Instead they listened to their teachers and not to their inner voice.

Like all children do, they believed in their parents and in the process began more and more to repress their own desires. They started to believe that they were nothing but an ignorant, insignificant youngster. When it was time to go to school they were told that Man is nothing but an ape. How he was a primitive creature and a fool to believe in the Natural world and Gods creation. We were told to believe in science and study that, but were never told who we really are.

We are told to believe in our leaders, who were chosen by the people and that these leaders were more intelligent than anyone else. They told us they would give us more freedom and they would create a social system that would take care of everybody. We look up to them and the SYSTEM demanded that everyone have the same aspirations.

Maybe some, after a while discovered that they were not apes after all and that these leaders were not that clever and that life was to live in a different way. They found other systems, maybe a religion to follow and thought they also had found life. But it was not long that here too the religious system failed to bring Truth. Systems are systems created by Man and will NEVER bring Truth. The Universe is created by God and has ALL the answers for life. There is nothing new that was not already there. A well-known preacher said once: “…there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is NEW? it has been already of old time, which was before us”. ALL truths we can find in Gods Creation, THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!

Centuries went past and various systems have come and gone, but they all had the same goal, to destroy you, a god, a Master of the Universe, a wise creator and transform you in into a soulless slave. These systems are kept alive through the parents and through the so-called wise teachers of important educational systems. It is here that Man learns about new teachings and thereby engendering a whole new system.

When we evaluate this, we see that they are motivated by the age-old ambition to separate Man from God. To come between Man and God and make both try to live and work only for THEM. This is the core of any system; it is their attempt for you to forget WHO you are.

Youngsters need recognition, they have a need to know who they are, and they are searching here and there, unable to find answers for their questions. Because their parents failed to give them Truth about Divinity and His creation, that God has already given to Man everything he needs in life. He does not need training to find this, but only a conscious awareness of this Truth, already planted in Man from the beginning of time and will be awakened by communicating with the Natural world and the Universe.

Many young people have given in and obey the system, because they think this is the better way, for they have been indoctrinated with the dogmas of society. But there are other young people today that recognize that there is more, and in trying to escape this prison of subjection to something that their heart is not in agreement with, they adhere to drugs or other things. But unfortunately, this only brings them further on the path of destruction.

Others, in their process of finding acceptance feel the need for more tattoo’s or more rings in their ears or nose, or whatever place they can find. I do respect these youngsters and refuse to judge them because of these weird ideas, for I realize that within them is a being that is screaming for TRUTH and wants to be accepted by their fellow Man. But although they may think they will find recognition or acceptance through these things, they will not find it and it only will bring the opposite result, people will reject them even more. But there is a way out.


My purpose of writing these things is because of my love for youngsters, who are the future of our world and these same youngsters, who are called ‘rebels’ by some people, will be able to transform our technocratic world into a new world as God intended it to be. I want to advice these youngsters to start separating themselves from the systems. I will not give them a NEW system to follow, for that would means failure from the start go.

My only advice is to find the REAL YOU and this can be done by leaving your image behind and find a quite place where there are no sounds of the technocratic world. This might not be easy in our world, but maybe you can find a place in the country or walk in the forest, where you only hear the sounds of the Nature World, Gods thoughts. Spend a week or more there with no interference of the technocratic world and please leave your cell phone at home. In these places you find the thoughts of God all around you and He will speak to your Inner Man. He will be able to speak to you concerning your desire to find a soulmate or maybe other requests. I can tell you now; you will come out of there a changed Man.

Once a Man is free from aggression, selfishness, fear and other dark feelings he might have picked up, he will become pure in his thoughts and he will emanate the Light of Love. This Light of Love might be invisible to the eye, but it is stronger than the light of the Sun. Its energy is life giving. The way our Creator arranged things, only Man is endowed with such a tremendous ability. Only Man! He alone is capable of bringing warmth to all living creatures. That is why all living creatures are drawn to Man.

That is what will draw your soulmate to you. When a Man who carries the Light of Love fixes his gaze upon a woman, she will feel it. When he concentrates his attention on her, she will feel his warmth and will feel a sense of grace and will respond to the warmness.

This is how the Creator has purposed this for Man. All newborn babies have this ability, that is to say, if they are still in their Space of Love and nothing has yet erased this magnificent element within him. This space of Love begins with the mother womb as I explained in my previous article.


A man will be attracted to a woman because he sees his identity complete in her. A thing that I have discovered in life is that a woman seeks surety and the man seeks to be important. I believe that God has given us these powers and both need to be satisfied. So in order for the woman to receive surety and stability, she has to let the man feel important. When he feels important he will be able to give her love and surety.


Many believe that sex is love, (they even call it “making love”) and that it will bring happiness. But sex does not necessarily bring happiness and is certainly not synonymous with love. Sex is not love, but could rather be a result between two people who really love one another and desire to co-create another Man.

In the animal kingdom sex generally takes place only at certain times of the year and for the purpose of reproduction, as animals have no self-conscious intellect to interfere with their natural instincts. But this is not so with Man, who did interfere with his natural intuition. Sexual pleasure has become one of the false gods worshipped by modern society, alongside the pursuit of wealth, power, and status.

The forces of darkness have done their utmost to make sure that Man sees the sexual act only as an act of pleasure instead of a phenomenon of co-creation designed by God. Therefore giving in to every sexual impulse that takes hold of us is not a sign of freedom but of slavery. I will quote a few fragments what Anastasia says about this:

“The dark forces try all sorts of tricks to persuade people that satisfaction is something you can easily obtain, thinking only of carnal desire. And at the same time they separate Man from truth. The poor deceived women, who are ignorant of this, spend their lives accepting nothing but suffering and searching for the grace they have lost. But they are searching for it in the wrong places. No woman can restrain a man from fornication if she allows herself to submit to him merely to satisfy his carnal deeds. If that has happened, their life together will not be a happy one.

Their conjugal life is only an illusion of togetherness, a lie, a deception accepted by convention; for the woman immediately becomes a fornicator, regardless of whether she is married to the man or not. Oh, how many laws and conventions mankind has invented in an attempt to artificially strengthen this false union”.

She went on to explain that all this only creates an impression that such a union exists. But it is a false union, and a false union is a frightening thing. For children see this and sense the artificiality, the falsity of such a union. And this makes them skeptical about everything their parents tell them. Children subconsciously sense the lie even in the act of their conception. And that has a bad effect on them.


Anastasia said once: “It all happened a long time ago when everybody’s consciousness was being altered and being directed on the path leading to today, when human thought faltered, aspiring not to creation but to the accumulation of KNOWLEDGE – all at once people began analyzing the process by which men and women were able to experience tremendous satisfaction by merging their bodies together. Then for the first time men began possessing the women, and women submitted to the men not for the sake of co-creation, but so that both of them could experience a satisfying sensation.

But in fact the satisfaction from the merging of mere fleshly bodies is fleeting and incomplete. In the intercourse of carnal desire there is no participation by the higher planes of the human self. Man aspired to feel a sense of fullness by changing bodies and methods of coming together, but even today he has not achieved anything fully. The sad consequence of these carnal pleasures has been their children. The children were deprived of conscious aspirations toward the goal of realization of the Divine Dream. And the women began experiencing pain in childbirth”. End quote

Then she mentioned something that produced a great awakening in me:

“Who wants to come into the world as a result of carnal pleasure alone? We would all like to be created under a great impulsion of love, the aspiration to co-creation itself, and not simply come into the world as a result of someone’s carnal pleasure”.

“People who have come into a false union will then look for true satisfaction in secret, apart from each other. They will strive to possess body after body, or make paltry and fateful use of their own bodies, realizing only intuitively that they are drifting farther and farther away from the true happiness of a true union”.

The answer to the question, what else can one possibly need for true satisfaction, apart from two bodies?

“COMPLETE AWARENESS! A mutual striving to co-create! Sincerity and purity of motive!”


The devices of the dark forces are constantly obscuring spirituality by provoking base carnal desires and I can tell you this, these are very powerful devices.  They bring people a lot of grief and suffering. But is there a way to overcome these devices of the dark forces? Anastasia reckons:

“By WOMEN! Women, who have been able to grasp the truth and their own purpose, then the men will change too. True satisfaction in the flesh is impossible to attain. A man and a woman who unite on every plane of existence, impelled by radiant inspiration, earnestly aspiring to the act of co-creation will experience tremendous satisfaction. The Creator gave this experience to Man alone”.

She further explains that this satisfaction cannot be compared with fleeting, fleshy gratification. As you cherish the feelings from it over time, all planes of being will, with influence sublime, happify your life and the woman too – a woman who can give birth to a creation in the Creator’s own image and likeness, His design.


You remember that Jesus said, “WE ARE GODS”, which means we are the Light? Then, “What communion has light with darkness?” When a man does not treat his wife as a goddess, he is in darkness. When the woman does not see her husband as a god, she is in darkness. It was a normal thing for people many thousands of years ago to treat and speak of one another as Gods, but we seem to have lost that and are told it is blasphemy, like the Pharisees thought in Jesus days.

The purpose of this writing is not to give you all kinds of rules to treat a soulmate according to our intellectual ways, but rather to retrieve the original design of the Creator for Man. You know I believe very much  in the Prophetic word and was one of the first persons that organized prophetic conferences in Holland back in 1992. Someone once prophesied a word to me and was talking about what happened 10 generations ago. I believe that God has given to Man this ability to recall things from the past as well as things of the future, not only from the time of the apostles, but even since the beginning of time.

She, Anastasia, takes the prophetic even to a higher level than I knew about. She can easily bring out images of life thousands of years ago. She is able to go back in time as far as she wishes and believes that every Man can do the same, but many seem to have lost this ability.


I would like to share an image of the past, let’s call it a prophetic insight of hers about the beginning of time when the first person on earth meets for the first time his soulmate, called Adam and Eve. I will quote their first conversation with one another after Adam met her at the lakeside. Quoted from Book 4 “Co-Creation” by Vladimir Megre:

Adam first caught sight of it: there quietly sitting beside the clear pool of water in the stream was the maiden, but after tossing back her braids of golden hair she was looking not at the clear water but at him. She caresses him with a smile, as though she had been waiting for him a long eternal while.

He went over to her. As they were looking at each oth­er, Adam thought there could be no one with eyes more re­splendent than hers. Aloud he said:

“You are sitting by the water. The water is good. Would you like to bathe together?”

“I would”.

“And then would you like me to show you around … crea­tion?”

“I would”.

“I have given everything its designation. I shall command them to serve you too. And would you like me to make a new creation?”

“I would”.

They bathed in the stream and ran through the meadow: Oh, how entrancing seemed the maiden´s trills of laughter, when after mounting an elephant, Adam conceived a little dance for her and called the maiden´s name Eve.

The day was already drawing to a close as this woman and man stood with all the glory of the Earth around, delight­ing in its colours, scents and sounds. Quiet and meek, Eve watched the evening descend. The floral petals folded into their buds. The splendid creations of the day faded from sight into the night. What a delight.

“Do not feel despondent”, said Adam, by this time already confident in himself. “It is just that now the darkness of night is coming on. We need it to take our rest, but no matter how much night presses in or how black, the day always comes back.”

“Will it be the same day, or a new day?” asked Eve. “The day will return in whatever form you conceive.” “And who is it subject to – each day?”

“To me”.

“And who are you subject to?” “To no one”.

“And you, where are you from? “I come from a dream”.

“And whence comes everything around that is so pleasing to see?”

“It also appeared from the dream, as a creation for me”. “And where is he whose dream is so bright and resplend­ent?”

“He is often around, only He cannot be seen with ordinary sight. But all the same it is good to be with Him. God He calls Himself, my Father and my Friend. He never offends me, and He gives me everything. I also wish to give to Him, though what – I do not yet know”.

“That means I too am His creation. Like you, I also wish to show Him my appreciation. To call Him Father, God and Friend. Perhaps we can decide together what actions on our part the Father intends?”

“I have heard Him say what may bring joy to everyone´s heart”.

“To everyone´s? Including His?” “Yes, that would mean His too”.”Tell me what He desires”.

“Conjoint creation and joy from its contemplation”.  “And what may bring joy to everyone on the Earth?” “Birth”.

“Birth? But everything is so beautifully born already”.

“I often think, before I go to sleep, about an extraordi­nary and marvellous creation. But with the dawn of the day the dream goes away, and I see that nothing new has come to thought – everything is so fraught with wonder and visible by the light of day”.

“Let us then think together”.

“I too wanted, before going to sleep, to be close to you, to hear your breathing, to feel your warmth, to think together about creation”.

Before going to sleep, impelled by tender feelings for each other, the two embraced in dreams about marvellous creation, their aspirations connected and merged into one. Their two material bodies reflected the thoughts that had jointly come.

The day returned, and night once more came on. One morning, as day was dawning, just as Adam was watching the tiger cubs and reflecting on life, Eve quietly approached him, sat down beside him, took his hand and placed it on her tummy.

“Feel here, inside me lives my creation – a new creation at the same time. Can you feel it Adam? It is pushing, this restless creation of mine?”

“Yes, I can feel it. It seems to be reaching out to me.”

“To you?” “Of course! It is mine, but it is yours too! I very much want to see our co-creation”

And Eve gave birth, not in painful labour but in great wonder. Forgetting everything around him, not conscious of himself, Adam watched and trembled in anticipation. And Eve bore a new and conjugal creation”. END QUOTE


What happened to Man in the meantime? Who made the rule that I need a document to tell me that it is okay now to start a family? I do understand young people that say, I do not need a scrap of paper for a marriage union. It is something thought up by society and I decide rather to live together without that. But then again, is this the right way? Religion is quick to say it is sin to live together without that document, but where do these laws originate from? Are they not made by the same Man?

The State is quick in allowing it, as long as they receive their funds from you or your partner. Remember we discussed in our previous article that the State declared you a “corporation”, and they need to keep track of their investment. They force you to sign a document anyway, because otherwise it is financially not justified for them, or so they say. I hope you agree with me that this is all bullshit. The State is absolutely not interested in the wellbeing of a couple, if they marry or not marry as long as they receive their funds.

The System wants its money from you, one way or the other. I say this only because I want to help you to THINK about this, to THINK who really owns you.


I know that this year 2012 is an important year. Don’t worry, the world will still be here next year, but there will be a change. The change will come in the form of our conscious awareness to the systems we have created, systems that create death and not life. Systems that rob you from your god-given freedom and are making you a BIO ROBOT, a BIOLOGICAL ROBOT that does exactly everything he was programmed through their educations systems. This year is the year that people are becoming aware of many these facts and they are going to respond accordingly and changes are indefinitely going to happen.

This will happen not through force, but by LOVE, the energy of Love is in itself a force that can change the world. To be able to return to a family-centred society, where husband and wife who love each other, create a friendly family community together with their children and grandchildren, we need to go back in time and re-establish the lost rites of Love. I believe that the Ancient traditions of marriage and family life were deliberately destroyed. But why, you may ask? In order to control Man, the forces of darkness need to distance Man from God and His Divine ways and make them bio-robots that will obey anything that will fulfil their own desires.

I therefore urge youngsters to find out more about the lost rites of Love, the rites of marriage and the creating of a Space of Love for the offspring (You can read about this in Book 8.2 “Rites of Love” by Vladimir Megre). Once we find the precepts of our ancestors, which are Gods precepts and apply them, change will manifest itself through the correct family life. Control through governments will eventually subside and Man will again take up his God-given authority to subdue the earth and have dominion over the flora and the fauna and in establishing paradise on earth.

Anastasia says: “It has all to do with Gods precepts. God gave each and every one equal authority. Consequently, the only social structure that can claim perfection is one, where there is no centralized authority – where every individual is endowed with equal power”.

1Jo 4:7  “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and every one that loves is born of God and knows God”.

Stay blessed


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