Some people find that I have a strange assertion of looking into spiritual things in my articles. But as I said before, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Maybe I should explain a bit more where this comes from, before I will continue. It is impossible for me to tell you in plain words how exited I am the last couple of years about these “new” revelations. We call them new, but as you read on you will see that they are as old as Methuselah, but I have become conscious aware of these things.

Two years ago, somebody gave me a copy of a book called Anastasia to read. Once I picked up the book, I could not lay it down, for the excitement created in me was so overwhelming that I could not sleep and was reading until far in the night and had to force myself to go to sleep. But why? Something in it was getting to me; or rather my Inner Man was being awakened by reading truth tha wasbeing awakened within me. At other times I had to put the book down, for I could not take in more info and had to think about it for a while, before I could carry on.

You see, I had so many questions about the purpose of life on earth, about religions and why Man was seeking other ways than Gods ways. I had an idea about this, but was never sure. I was seeking answers that would settle the restlessness in my spirit. And all of a sudden many of these questions were being confirmed to me on these pages.

At a young age I already felt there got to be more in life, but did not know where and how to seek it. I then decided to go into the world determent to find wealth and truth. I, with my newlywed wife immigrated to another country to find just that, while I did not realize this at the time; truth was much closer than I ever could have imagined, residing in my Inner being. Still it costs me many years of searching for truth and exploring matters of life. Read many books, read the whole Bible, accepted Christianity as my faith, and although this changed my life considerably, I still did not find any answers for the things that were troubling me. Sometimes I thought I had found it and was every excited about certain newly found doctrines, until after a while I found that there was no truth in it either.

Christians told me to stay away from New Age, Buddha or all the other religions, but why? What was bothering them about these faiths, what were the reasons for their fears? Or was it the local church that put this pressure on their followers, afraid they find out more than they did and loosing them? It was not long before I started to see some things in church in a different light then they did and in the process even started my own church to do it better, only ending up in doing the same things they did, just in another way. Until the day came that I realized just that and closed the church and started exploring other things.

As a young man I was rebelling very much against oppression and people telling me what to do. I think many people feel this oppression on earth, but do not know how to react and being indoctrinated with all kinds of laws and rules, they just give in and become indifferent and apathetic. I refuse to be apathetic. Whenever somebody tried to control me, there was something on the inside that said, NO! But where did that come from, why did I feel that way?

Today I recognize that God has given Man a freedom to choose, even the freedom to believe in Him or not, He never tells people what to do, except if you ask Him, but He still will never force it unto you. I believe it is wrong for religious people in trying to force other people to believe in their ways of seeing things. I embrace and cherish that God-given freedom and learned to love my Creator from my heart, without any laws and rules. That is TRUTH, you might be willing to accept.


That is the reason I had very much trouble believing when I read in the O.T that God send people to kill other people. I just could not picture an embracing loving Creator who created Man in His own image and likeness and then telling them to kill other human beings in order for them to get a certain piece of land where they would be blessed. Still that is what the Christian faith wants me to believe.

This same nation (through Moses) came up with the Ten Commandment in order for them to lead a perfect life that they never lived. There is nothing wrong in following these laws, for they mean well and you have this freedom to choose. Like Jesus said, I have not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill them. But my question is, why would the Mighty Creator – who created Man in His own image and likeness- find it necessary to create them? Why would He decide to add to Man – His highest Creation in the Universe, perfect created, full of potential and wisdom – these laws and rules to obey? Were these not laws that were written in our hearts from pristine origin and we had the freedom to choose ifwe wanted to follow them?

Jesus even added to the law, that if you were angry at your brother, you are guilty of murder, or if someone lust after a woman in the flesh, has committed adultery with her already in his heart. Are we then all murderers or adulterers? Jesus did not come to destroy the law and prophets but to fulfil them.

By loving God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself you are fulfilling the law and the prophets. So we can all fulfil the law, as Men did naturally for many millennia before they invented these laws. This we do by walking in the Light with one another, by walking in love you fulfil all the laws.

I think that the reason for this carnal following of the law had to do with the strategy of the Forces of Darkness, to distract Man from the most important thing; from SPIRITUAL BEING, to distract Man from the truth that he is ONE with God and His Creation and with the whole Universe.

You know what changed my mind about many of these questions? MY FEELINGS!!! If Man has feelings, God musy have feelings, being created in His image. He feels whatever you and I feel. You cannot throw away feelings, because they were created by God in the first place. But that was exactly the first things they taught me in Bible school, “You must have faith, brother, you do not go by feelings, but by faith”. I trained myself to do just that and yes, there is much truth is that, but without feelings it is not totally honest and did not always seem to work. But listen very carefully, I soon found that FEELINGS NEED TO BE ACTIVATED, for many of these feelings were dormant in Man.

So after 25 years of exploring and studying the Bible and trying to be obedient to all those Man-made rules and regulations, I realized that this would not bring me any closer to Truth. I am glad for the time in the organized church for it brought me where I am today. But I left this system because I do not need these intermediaries anymore. I then started to do what Christians told me not to do; I started following my feelings and began reading also other materials than Bible and/or books about the Bible. That is how I found out that the Lord God was the one that added a couple of things (in Genesis2) to the perfect created world by Father God. One of them was the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. You read about that in my other articles. (You can also go for these matters to the website of a dear friend of mine, , she explains this very adequately).

I started to see that life on earth can be very complicated, but life in the Universe is perfect. What I read seemed at times very illogical, but still it gives the impression that Anastasia can draw forgotten laws out of the depths of the Universe, and possibly creating new ones. I sensed that these laws of the Universe would assist us in overcoming evil and bring a conscious awareness about Truth that has been lying dormant in Man for many millennia. I sincerely believe that this Truth, once revealed, will be a blow in the face of the evil forces and will cause the devices of the forces of darkness to be broken.

I have now read the Ringing Cedar Series (9 books) for the third time and they still intrigue me and am learning many new spiritual things about the Universe created by the Supreme Mind and how to interact with Nature and Man. I was explaining in Part 1 about the importance of not only the physiological but also of the psychological input in the child even before it sees the light. I will carry on from here.


Sin means in Greek, to err, be mistaken or missing the mark! Do you know why I like children? They are pure and so innocent. They just tell you how it is; they cannot lie, for they have not perceived what that is. A child is superior to us in many ways, because of the purity of his thoughts. In many ways, he is an angel! They only begin to change once you send them away to a school or kindergarten, or give them in the care of other people.

I said once to a Christian person that children are pure and innocent and she answered, “But children are born in sin”. My question is then, “who told you that?” Just think about this, “Who told you that your child is a born sinner?” I can tell you that it was not the world that told you this, but you most probably heard that in church or religious gathering, but I could never witness with that. The only way you can sin is with your carnal mind, which is not developed in a child when he is born.

It is only when a Man starts DISOBEYING THE LAWS OF SPIRITUAL BEING and BREAKS THE CONNECTION WITH NATURE that bad things are happening to him and his decisions are often erroneous or “missing the mark”. We have been deceived by the forces of darkness and drawn away from the truth and started thinking with our carnal mind in creating this technocratic world; that my dear friends is an earthly sin, which we call the sin of Pride.

The forces of darkness make sure that you will forget about the simple truth our Creator gave us in the book of beginning to, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth”.

God wants us to control our own life and co-create with Him. He did not say to control Man. But one day Man did and they started creating their own little kingdoms.

The forces of darkness, which are diametric opposed to the forces of light, are every moment working to make sure Man does not let go of this sin of Pride, and MONEY is one of the basic tools in this fight. They are the ones that thought up this concept of money and using it to DISTRACT PEOPLE FORM THEIR TRUE PURPOSE. Once you are enslaved to it in serving Mammon, it is difficult to get freed from it.

Therefore I agree with John (1Joh 3:9) Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remains in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” To be born of God, you become a spiritual minded Man, His seed remains in you and you are unable to commit sin. Now reckon yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God. To be spiritual minded means, not sinning anymore by indulging in fleshy lusts, but we now adhere to the Laws of Spiritual Being and reconnect to the laws of Nature. Man has the freedom to make his own choice.

Many will say now that it is Christ who set us free of sin. No, it is not Christ, but rather His teachings made you able to think for yourself that you are and can stay free when you become aware of these spiritual truths. You have to work out your own salvation! I believe that the law of the SPIRIT OF LIFE has made me free from the law of sin and death. Jesus came to set the captives free. Free of what? He represents the forces of light that would counteract the forces of darkness. Light will drive away darkness. Man needed to be set free, freed from this darkness that cloud their minds, of all those Man-made laws, rules and doctrines and become spiritual minded.

Jesus was constantly arguing with the religious teachers of those days about these laws of them. He said, “YOUR law says”, but never proclaimed that these were Gods laws. John 1:17 says, “For the law was given by Moses, but GRACE and TRUTH came by Jesus Christ”. Christ brought TRUTH. Some of those ancient laws held some truth, but without grace. One truth says, “YOUR law says, ye are Gods”, which is true, we ARE GODS and all have an element of God in them, including grace, and therefore God-like.


Now you understand that I am so excited about the things I discovered recently, especially about the birth of a new born baby and how it all starts with the interaction of the Natural World and with the Universe that is perfect in all its ways. Now I understand how we could have lost the precept that we are Gods.

Listen what Anastasia says about this: “Nature and Mind of the Universe have seen to it that every Man is born a sovereign, a king! He is like an angel – pure and undefiled. Through the still soft upper part of his head he takes in a huge flood of information from the Universe. The abilities inherent in each newborn child are such as to allow him to become the wisest being in the Universe, God-like. It takes him very little time to bestow grace and happiness upon his parents. During this period – amounting to no more than nine earth years – he becomes aware of what constitutes creation and the meaning of human existence. And everything that he needs to accomplish this already exists. Only the parents should not distort the genuine, natural order of creation by cutting the child off from the most perfect works in the Universe”. End quote.

Can you see where we missed the plot? A child is NOT born in sin as we were told by our Christian teachers. He is born sovereign, a king. He is like an angel, pure and undefiled. Why else would Jesus say, “Unless you be converted and BECOME as little children” and somewhere else, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” He knew that children are pure in thought and undefiled, to them belong the Kingdom. The queen or king of a country has been made “sovereign” by Man’s rules, but Man himself is born sovereign and is a king. You are born to be King, you are born to be Rich, and that is your birthright.

Why do you think our Creator would leave a soft spot on the upper part of the child’s head? I have never thought much about that, but I can see now why this was necessary; to be able to take in all the information of the Universe. The Universe is perfect in all its ways and is designed to give all its information to Man, who is the highest of Creation in the Universe. The child will receive this flood of information in his subconscious mind and it will penetrate his consciousness later all by itself.

I was told that we only use 10% of our brain. Now you tell me why only 10% while God gave us 100%? Why are we not using the other 90%? What a waste not to use it. Is it maybe we do not take in enough information through the soft spot on our upper head?  So this means there is something we can do ourselves to change this! I have read that God has given ALL THINGS that pertain unto LIFE and GODLINESS. If that is true, He is unable to give more than He already has given.


Of one thing I am sure, in our technocratic world, we take our children away from just that what was most important to them and instead show them our attributes and values of the artificial world created by our technocratic society. We, as parents distorted the genuine, natural order of creation by cutting the child off from the most perfect works in the Universe.

Our artificial world is the world most of our children find when they open their eyes for the first time and they think that this must be the way it should be. His parents bring him all kinds of artificial toys that rattle and squeak and he is trying to make sense out of that. Then they wrap him up in uncomfortable fabrics and he is trying to free himself out of this, but in vain. All he can do is give a cry, a cry of protest or rebellion. The result is that this sovereign being, this god-like being becomes a needy slave, begging for handouts. Will they ever learn the true meaning of life this way? (Read more in article: “Why toys retard child development” on our website).

The meaning of life is to be found in TRUTH, JOY and LOVE, says Anastasia. A nine year old child brought up in the natural world has a far more accurate perception of creation than all the scientific institutions of your world or, indeed, many of your prominent scholars. The child’s subconscious KNOWS the TRUTH, and it will penetrate his consciousness all by itself.

Man in the world of technocracy has NEVER YET INVENTED ANYTHING THAT IS NOT ALREADY PRESENT IN NATURE. Even the most perfect manufactured devices are but a poor imitation of what exists in nature.


I have been running ahead of myself. The question we have not answered yet is what should be the most comfortable place for mother and child to go through the birthing process, in a hospital or in a home situation? In some countries today you do not even have a choice in the matter, where you would like your baby to be born. The idea is that in the hospital they have all the equipment available if there are complications. Sounds safe, but is it really? What about the child’s feelings? We seem to forget things like that. What happens when a child is born in an area, he is not comfortable with?


Maybe we should dig into history again to see how this was done to give light on the present situation of our world. In Ancient Egypt and in Rome the slaves were very valuable and very well cared for, even when somebody was pregnant, special created quarters were designed for them. Although slaves were able to buy or work their way to freedom, they could even hold important advisory positions in government, and there were several well-known slaves who became high officials in the Pharaoh´s court.

Also, as in many ancient legal systems, the Egyptian slaves were not only capable of negotiating transactions but also of owning personal property. In the Wilbour Papyrus dating to the New Kingdom, there were no less than eleven slaves, on the same footing as others, who were individual land holders, though their status regarding the property is not entirely clear. On a stela, we also find two slave women who each gave their master land in exchange for various commodities. They acted independently, as owners of property. But the Ancient Egyptian would call in midwives and doctors.

Depending on the slave master the most notable issues about slave mothers were the following:

  1. A slave mother was allowed to be with her child for up to 10 days before returning to work.
  2. She was allowed access to her child for nursing during night time.
  3. The child was taken care of by special trained slave nurses.
  4. When grown up he was raised by other slaves depending on the function designated to him.
  5. Some boys for example could be trained as warriors. Through special physical and psychological training and not knowing their parents, they were very loyal towards their slave masters.
  6. They were brainwashed from childhood to consider the slave master as father and mother – in short, God.
  7. There was a religion worked out especially for this purpose of brainwashing.

I just wanted to show you the similarity to the reality and closeness with the technocratic world of today. There were maternity homes – nurses – kindergarten – school – college and voila, the slave is ready. But since the slave master is invisible, the slave THINKS he is free and, consequently will not rebel. Can you see the similarities, has anything changed?


How the forces of darkness has fooled Man. Today, in our world we see exactly the same.  Man thinks he is free, but he is not, he is as much a slave of the “system” as the slaves in ancient times’. O, yes he is able to buy and sell, but it all belongs to the State, it needs to be registered, remember, they keep records. But who gave it to the State? MAN! But it belongs to all Man, given by the Father for us to enjoy. He never told man to buy it or sell it, but rather to use it, subdue it and have dominion.

Today, you have to go to work, for you MUST earn money to buy food, all those nice things. It is also impossible to get work without an ID document. Of course they will let you out of prison (workplace) on Fridays for a while, but you must come back on Monday otherwise….. . Dear friends, do you think you are really free to choose your own desires? After you get paid your salary, the State also takes something of your hard labour and there is nothing you can do about, they just take it. Have a look at your pay-slip. When you go to the shop, you again have to pay VAT on all the products you buy and there is nothing you can do about it.

To make things even worse, the father, who did not know better was FOOLED INTO THINKING that he needed to register the birth of his child and get a birth certificate for him. So, he applied for a birth certificate, not understanding what would happen when he did. But what happened exactly? According to the Local Authority:

1. You lost ownership of your baby.
2. You allowed a strawman to be created.

The registering of a baby´s birth actually passes “ownership” of the baby to the Local Authority and that alone, allows the Local Authority staff to take the child away from the parents if they ever want to do that.


What happened is when a baby is registered, a corporate entity was created. This corporate entity is referred to as your name as given by the father, but now it is written in CAPITAL LETTERS (look at your passport, ID or bank Statements). An account number is now created in that name, which is not YOU, the flesh and blood, but a CORPORATION.

Your title, full name and ID Number represent a juristic person/corporation, and the record of this account is held at the Reserve bank of your country, using a master/slave computer software system.

I further discovered that my birth certificate is evidence of a financial instrument with a very real commercial value. This commercial value predicted by the amount of money I would earn as I grew up. Thus, it provides collateral for your government to float loans at interest without my knowledge or direct consent.

My research indicates that to be able to do that, you have to be stripped of the natural rights that he or she was born with. After all, you cannot grant rights to someone who already has them by the mere fact that they are alive. Therefore your name is in capital letters which means YOU WERE DECLARED DEAD. This was established in a Castigation Act that was passed in 1666 (during the big fire in London, most probably a cover up, who can say?). This was further established in 1837 with the new birth, death and marriage act. This act meant you were declared dead and the State took control and put your properties and your body in a Trust.

Remember that our laws are based on the maritime law, the law of the sea. Therefore birth certificates are issued in the same way as ships that are released through a canal. Even when a baby is born, they call this a birth canal. This is very interesting reading and if you like some more info on this, please mail me and I will send you the full disclosure of these facts.


What I want to say is this, if you agree with me or not, we have allowed ourselves to become SLAVES that think they are free and can buy and do what they want, but the forces of darkness still holds the money system in their hands and we have nothing to say in the matter. They are the ones that invented money and is one of their basic tools to control Man. The forces of darkness are very proud of their invention and because of this; they think themselves stronger than the forces of light. Now they are able to USE MONEY TO DISTRACT MAN PEOPLE FROM THEIR TRUE PURPOSE. They are the forces that are behind the powers that be of our banking and financial institutes.

Have you ever thought about WHY we have inflation? I have discovered and proof that banks create money out of nothing and are inflating the market daily with millions of newly created money. In a nutshell this is the reason we have inflation. When the banks stop doing this, all the money that is in the world today will stay there and no new money will be created and our financial problems are solved overnight. Don’t be fooled by what you hear on the News bulletins, they only tell you what THEY want you to know. Even the Media is controlled by the forces of darkness. The banks are NOT in trouble at all, they just have a clever way of hiding their corruption and secrets. This confrontation is not of today, but this evil system is operating already for many millennia and Man is in the centre of it.

I am not inclining that money is evil; rather the LOVE of money is evil. We are not supposed to serve Mammon but rather God in doing what He purposed for man according to Genesis 1 as previous mentioned. I understand very well that in today’s world we cannot function without money and have to learn to use it as a tool until the day arrives that money is something of the past and we will never use it again.

Unfortunately, this is how the system works today, but is a far cry from the original design of our Grand Master Designer. What happened to the sovereign born child, what happened to our king, who is angelic – pure and undefiled? Where is the master of the Universe now? He is destroyed and robbed of his inheritance that Father God had designed for him.

But is there an answer to oppose the powers that be? There is, at least a way to start things in a new way. Let us go back about 5000 years to see how the Vedruss people applied their ways of conception and birth and maybe we will learn something out of this.  This is told by Anastasia in Chapter 17 of Book 8.2 “The Rites of Love”. I will take a few short excerpts out of this chapter.


We already stated in our previous article the role of the father in this: the way women carry and birth their children depends in equal measure as much on men, on the fathers. The mothers and fathers told their children what to expect and what to do on the eve of their labour.

They first of all gave birth to their children in their own home. They used a wooden tub, shorter than our own bathtubs and not as deep. There were little ledges on the outside of the tub which served as footrests. The edge of the tub was curved so that it was easy for the woman to support herself with her hands. This tub was designed especially for childbirth. Afterwards it served as a cradle for the newborn.

The tub was filled with pure spring water, heated to body temperature. The air temperature should be comfortable for a naked body that is relaxing. Another container with clean water was placed next to the tub.

During a Vedruss birth only the husband was to be present in the room with the birthing mother. Even the couple’s parents and close relatives, as well as experienced midwives, were excluded. Just before labour began, the child´s father would light a fire he had already prepared at the outer entrance to the domain, from which wafted sweet-smelling smoke. This was where the close relatives usually gathered, along with the midwife, and often a wise-man.

The birthing mother´s and her husband´s parents would bring in bundles and baskets of food and drink. They would sit down on benches under a tent-roof which had been set up earlier next to the fire-pit by the husband. Vedruss tradition forbade them from crossing the line into the domain. The birthing mother´s husband did not permit them to go out to them, or even to talk with them at a distance.

Such rules were not the product of some kind of supersti­tion, but the result of finely tuned psychological calculations. Nobody and nothing was supposed to distract the thought of the father, let alone the birthing mother, from the reception of their child.

The presence of the parents and midwife at the entrance to the domain, however, had a calming effect on the young parents-to-be. In case any abnormalities cropped up, they could always come in to help. But there was rarely a need for such assistance.

During the contractions the mother would constantly talk with her emerging child, giving him words of encourage­ment, helping him enter upon his new world without fear. The Vedruss people well knew how important it was to com­municate both mentally and audibly with the new Man as he emerged into the world. As a result, all three – mother, child and father – were participants in the process.

It was also very important that the mother´s first look at her newborn be without any fright at his appearance (a temporarily snubbed nose, for example, or the birth-colour of his skin), that her gaze be tender and joyous.

The father would pick up the baby out of the water he had been born in, use his own mouth right off to suck the mucus out of his little mouth and nose, and place him on his moth­er´s tummy. The mother would then offer the baby her breast. This prompted the expulsion of the placenta, which the fa­ther placed in a specially prepared container, before cutting the umbilical cord with a knife which had been disinfected over a flame, and tying it.

After washing him, he wrapped him up in a towel and placed him on the bed. Then he washed his wife´s body, using water from the other container next to the tub, dried her off with a clean towel and led her over to the bed where the baby lay.

Next the father, using either his mouth or his hands, strained off a small quantity of milk from the mother´s breast and sprayed it over a flaxen sheet, with which he covered the new mother and the infant lying on her tummy or breast.

After that, the father sat down and gazed silently at his wife. If she desired, he would talk with her, but even if she were asleep, he would not leave the room.

About fifteen minutes later, he would light the wood-fire he had earlier prepared in the hearth.

He would then pour out the birthing water, as well as the water the woman had used to wash herself, between the two trees which had been planted soon after conception. Here, too, was where the placenta would be buried.

The relatives that had gathered at the entrance to the do­main would see the smoke from the chimney and understand this, along with the father´s actions, to signal that the birth had taken place successfully. At this point they began ex­changing congratulations and partaking of the food and drink they had brought with them, after which they dispersed to their homes.

The Vedruss people understood that even in the womb the child could sense relatives´ thoughts and feelings. And after coming into the world, he would continue to find himself in his parents´ aura. If some kind of outsiders, even a relative with good thoughts about the child, happened to be in the birthing room, their feelings – even good ones – would be unfamiliar to the child, and put him on the defensive.

Besides, either deliberately or inadvertently, the relatives might distract the parents´ thought from the infant. It was in the parents´ mental field, after all, that the baby would feel the most comfortable. End quote.


It is important to understand that a child does sense everybody’s thoughts and feelings and therefore wants to be in their parent’s aura, where he feels safe and protected.

My wife and I did not know about many of these things when we had our children, but what I do remember is when my wife was feeding her child and someone came into the room, the child abruptly stopped drinking and turned his head another way, or became restless, you could sense that he did not like it.

In our technocratic world we are able to go to the moon and invent computers and micro chips. But at the same time it has lost something very important – the culture of giving birth to and raising Man. Is it a wonder that people start killing one another? We need to learn about our past to control the future.

We are able to fabricate our own artificial milk. But do we really think that this chemical prepared food for an infant is good? Add some powder that look like milk, with water and it is good for the child? Who is fooling who? It might maybe help to grow the flesh, but not the real Man. Breastfeeding does more than feeding the flesh, it feeds the soul as well and gives him very important information about the Creator and the Universe.

I have learned from Anastasia that when a mother is breastfeeding her child, she should never be distracted by random thoughts, but concentrate all her attention on her child. She has the wisdom and perfect knowledge how to inculcate in her child, through breastfeeding, the ability to communicate with the Mind of the Universe. I believe all women should be able to learn that.


I discussed our education system in the previous article and like to add that in our education system there is hardly any room made for teaching important things like this. What is more important; to get high marks in physics, mathematics etc or to acquire knowledge of the culture of conception, carrying and raising a child?

I realize that in the Vedruss time there were no education schools like we have today and the people were taught by their parents or wise men. They had education, but in a different way and we may discuss that in another article. The fact of the matter is, if there is anything to be taught in our schools is it not about how to have sex without making babies? They say prevention is better than cure, but is that true?

Has our society not thrown away a precious opportunity to birth and raise our children the way our Great Creator has ordained this? Is it not better to educate him in the ways of Nature and Mind of the Universe in order for him to become a Master of the Universe? Is it not better to educate our children that we can birth our children without pain and sorrow and in the process be rewarded with feelings of bliss and the chain of joyful ecstasies during labour? Instead of giving a cry of pain, the mother gives a cry of joy, welcoming the child.

How different will the world be if we all change our attitude towards the giving of birth to a Man? When it is done and the child lies at the breast of the mother. The father goes on his knees before his wife and says to his wife, “thank you dear, you have co-created a child, you are a goddess. You can make dreams come true”. And the response of his smiling wife will be, “we have co-created a sovereign child, dear husband”.


What is the true purpose of life? In our world a Man is born in the hospital, a doctor takes the baby out of his comfort zone under much pain for the mother and child. It gives the child a pat on his behind and starts to cry, this is good they say, for now we know the child is okay. It is then given to a nurse to be cleaned and put in a crib. Who is the owner of the child? The child is registered and now belongs to the State. The child attends kindergarten, then school and University. “Wise” educators teach the child about the technocratic world and how important it is to make money in order for them to be able to not only feed himself but also to buy a nice house, a car, clothing etc.

He decided to get married, divorced and married again. The children stayed with his first wife, but they have moved to another city. They talk with one another on the phone a couple of times a year. With the second wife he has another child that needs his attention.

Years pass by and through the ups and downs of worldly concerns; he was able to reach retirement and now has earned enough to be able to buy a two bedroom apartment and a second hand car. His second wife now also left him and he is again alone. This is the sad story of many people today. There are a few that reach fame and become rich and you would think that they are happier, but even that is an illusion. The same story all over; the cares of life take their toll here as well and results in, old age, disease and finally death. Is that the Divine programme of our Creator for mankind? I am sure that you will agree with me that it is NOT His reflection for Man.

What happened to a man that was in love with his wife but divorced her after several years? Statistics show that about 60% of our marriages end in divorce. The failure comes after years of anxious relationship of two people that were once in love. What happened to the original feelings they had for one another? Was it really love or was it what we think is love? Was it a divine love from the heart or from the mind?

Anastasia’s grandfather had this to say about love and I quote:

Love, is the greatest and most powerful energy in the Cosmos. It is never thoughtless. It has thoughts and its own feelings too. Love is a living, self-sufficient entity, a living being. By the will of God it is sent to the Earth, ready to bestow its great energy on every earth dweller and make their lives eternal in love. It comes to each one of them, endeavouring to tell them, through the language of feelings, about the Divine programme. If Man doesn’t listen, it is forced to leave, not by its own will, but by Man’s”. End quote.


Dear friends, I told you about things that were in the past and things that are happening today. If you are thinking of rebelling or fighting the system, you are still in the system. No, it is not fighting the system, for the forces of darkness will only laugh at us, but we can change it by changing ourselves, by putting our pride in our pockets. PRIDE IS WHAT CORRUPTS OUR SPIRITS. If we lay down our pride of our own carnal thinking and accept the way of our Master Creator, we will cause the devices of the forces of darkness to be broken, or fail.  By doing that, the system that has worked for thousands of years will be broken en defeated. It will take time, but it will happen.

I can also tell you that things in the future will change and is already happening. People are becoming more and more conscious aware, they begin to ponder about things that are happening in the world. Today we see different schools being established, school for spiritual midwifery, parental education etc. Courses of home births are being given and it seems that people are getting back the knowledge they have lost. This is all in its infant state, but at least it is happening. That is why it is so important to learn about the past, for “when you learn about the past, you can control the future”.

A grand concept of Anastasia:

“Human society should study the Divine programme, using the materials God has provided, and transforming the whole planet into a marvellous Paradise oasis, thereby creating a harmoniously balanced society for all living beings. Man’s attainment of this level of life will open up possibilities for the creation of life on other planets and in other galaxies”.

In our next article I hope to be able to discuss more about love and choosing the right partner.

May Gods Wisdom lead you to TRUTH.


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