This is, without question, the most important article I´ve ever written; because not only the future of our families depends on this, but even the future of our human civilisation depends on this truth. Never before, have I realized so strongly that we, Man are the highest creation in the Universe, overflowing with potential, wisdom and all embracing love. There is nothing we cannot achieve. Anything is possible, everything is accessible, and everything is sufficient. Our creativity is overwhelming. Every individual decides and chooses himself to restore his connection with his Life core and recover his freedom in the power of God and takes his responsibility.

But why…. why then do we experience fear and a lack of self-confidence and never seem to come to the full potential of what the Creator has intended us to be?

Ask yourself this question: “What would I do if I am completely FREE and no FEAR hinders me”. You experience no fear at all, what would you do with your life here on earth? For FEAR is the only obstacle to creating your dream on earth. Fear and ignorance keeps Man bound to the surrounding substance. Things like anger, jealousy, guilt complexes keep us blind and paralyzed. However the big question is not that we experience fear, but where does this fear originate? I know that our Creator did not install that in our being from origin, why then do we experience this?

Is it coming from the time where Man makes his first appearance into the world?


In our life, my wife and I have many times spoken about how we can experience harmony in marriage life. But has anything changed? I did not notice any change except that divorces are even more rampant than before. No, nothing has changed and people experience the same problems all over again and again. Maybe someone visits a psychiatrist and he will root some things from our childhood where something might have originated, but often find no solution to the problem of relationships except a “come back next week”. It does not matter how sincere they are, they still need your money, remember.

But let me add here that what I found out recently about marriage, conception and birth goes much deeper than what we talked about in the past. I realize that many books are written about the subject of unity in marriage, but little of nothing is said about the thoughts of the Creator concerning birth and conception. It is often seen as a physiological thing alone and I have not heard anybody ever teach about the importance of the psychological side as well.

Had I known earlier what I am about to write here, I would have done things in a much different way. Be it as it may, I did not know then, but what I know now, I will reveal to all those who are earnest and desire living in harmony in marriage and family, in unity with one another and with all the people in the Universe.

First of all I have to apologize to my children and grandchildren that we have left our culture of our forbears and followed our own path, a path of destruction rather than life. It happened because we interfered with the original thought of our Creator and left Him completely out of it. I believe that this generation has the honour and grace of restoring the culture of our forebears in order to bind up the broken threads that remains and bring healing and restoration to our family life.

Before we can discuss family life, we have to start with the genesis of conception and birth. Years ago we experienced some of the things concerning birth in our personal life, but did not realize the importance of what we experienced. Today I realize that this is the most important; it is the place where life begins.


In our previous articles we have spoken about co-creation with God in nature, but the highest form of co-creation is between a Man and a Woman; the process of conception and carrying a child and thereafter its appearance in the world as a Man.  In the past I have thought more about this as physiological, but learned that the psychological is even more important. It is the climax of achievement of the parent’s thoughts, feeling and intellect.

Even Jesus explained (Mt 5:28) that your heart and feelings has something to do by just looking at a woman, without doing anything physical and still commit adultery by thinking about it.

We have been taught by Man that a woman has to bring forth children in sorrow and pain. Is that really true? Let us not think dogma for a moment, but allow your feelings to take over here.  Can you imagine a father and mother conjure up the thought of pain or sorrow for their children? I can’t, can you? We will do anything to avoid them getting hurt and want to protect them as much as we can. Most parents want their children to be more or better than themselves, there is nothing wrong with that, it comes natural.

When my wife received our last child back in 1978, she believed that she will not deliver her child in pain and it happened just like that; she experienced no pain at all and brought a healthy baby into the world, without any struggle. It seems that my wife proofed the Bible to be erroneous in this? Do you think she was anti-God by birthing a child without pain? Think again, could that be a commandment of a loving Father? Anastasia explained this very well in Book 8.2 Rites of Love (pg 160) when Vladimir asked her a question about this and I quote:

“The physiology involved in the formation of human flesh was pre-programmed by the Creator and is quite capable of developing all by itself, without bothering the mother or father with a need to control this progress.

On the other hand, the psychology and philosophy of birth – a process on an immeasurable higher level – is wholly dependent on the mother and father. It is a joint creation by Man and God. The appearance of pain at the moment of birth is a sign of erroneous psychological approach to the birth process on the part of the parents. Many, many animals give birth to their offspring in natural surroundings and none of them perish or experience suffering. Nor did the Creator come up with any thought of pain for His most beloved creation, Man. Just as loving parents would never conjure up the thought of pain for their children.

As she fulfils her highest purpose – that of co-creating God’s Man – the woman who has carried the Divine child within herself RECEIVES A REWARD ORDAINED BYTHE CREATOR. This reward is the feeling of bliss and the chain of joyful ecstasies during labour, but certainly not pain. Quite to the contrary, the process of giving birth to a Man should be a joyful and pleasant one.

It is Man himself, deceived by the occult sciences and suggestions from the dark side, who by his own intrusion has made childbirth painful for the mother and a fatal shock for the baby.” End quote.

Wow, that is a different view on what Man told us. Not only can a woman receive a child without pain, but the Creator even meant for her to receive a reward, a pleasing joy and delight of joyful ecstasies. This is also most pleasant for the child, for it feels what the mother feels. But on the other hand, when the woman experiences fear over her labour, this fear is also felt by the child in the womb.

So what about this fatal shock she was talking about? Anastasia was explaining further that although a baby gets born, it does not understand why it is being so rudely torn out of its pleasant and perfect Space and why its mother suffers and experiences pain. The mother’s pain occasions untold mourning on the part of the child.

Let me make attend to young mothers, who like their child to be born with the help of anaesthetics, which can maybe lessen the pain for the mother, but what happens to the child? They increase the mental pain for the infant, in Anastasia’s own words: “Anaesthetics cut him off from contact with his mother. Such a state instils in him FEAR and a lack of self-confidence, which continue even into childhood, even into his most advanced years. They prevent him from being born again”.


When a Man is living in his mother’s womb, he feels cosiness there – he feels comforted, cared for, peaceful. On the physical plane his needs are completely met. He is free of the problems plaguing Man in everyday life; he is allowed to experience the whole order of the Universe.

Over the nine months all the information about the marvellous order of the Universe, about Man’s purpose right from the beginning of creation, is imparted to him. The world he knows inside his mother’s womb is vast and marvellous.

And then all of a sudden, something rudely tries to thrust him out of this world of supreme grace. Every woman knows: this means the labour has begun – inevitability or so it seems – and hence people do not think about the effect it might have on the infant. Few woman in today’s world realise that they do not have to frighten their baby – on the contrary, they can caress their child during labour, talk with it, express their thoughts to it, invite it to be born into the world. And this need not be accompanied by any sensation of stress or pain.

After hearing the call of his mother and father, the child will perceive the labour contractions as a caress – an invitation to make his appearance of his own free will, to explore a world that is brand new to him.” End quote.

Is this not extra-ordinary; if a baby is born into this world in this way, it really can be BORN OF HIS OWN FREE WILL. That to me makes sense: a baby born out of his own free will. All the information he has gathered; imparted by God, during the nine months in the womb will be preserved in him. Who does not want a baby to be born like that; a new Son, perfect, fearless and within him all the knowledge he needs in this world imparted by God.

On the other hand when a woman experiences pain and sorrow from her labour, all she has eye for is to get out of this as soon as possible. During her painful labour she can only concentrate on herself and in the process the child feels even more pain, it feels abandoned, helpless and defenceless. These feelings are very harmful for the child and will stay with him bor the rest of his life. They seem to wipe out all the information of Gods creation, which he gathered while he was in the womb. The reason for this is that it is contradictory to what he received from the Grand Creation of the Universe.


Anastasia says: “In this kind of birth, the child feels for the first time in his life that he is not the master of the Universe, but a worthless nonentity subject to some kind of external forces. His body is born, but the spirit of mastery and of a kind creator is not born in him. Such a Man will not become the likeness of the Divine. A mere slave of some other entity he will remain, and he will try his whole lifetime to free himself from slavery but in vain.”

Can you see now where it all starts? We already knew that rejection and insecurity are the biggest issues in today’s world and originated in our childhood. Now we see that it goes even further back, it is indeed a psychological issue.

I have become conscious aware lately that we are all slaves, slaves of a system that we, Man have created ourselves. In actual fact we get born into it. It is no wonder that we have created this system, because we have lost the information that we are supposed to be the masters of the Universe. We are creating an artificial world, which gives us an impression that we are in control, but not really, it is an artificial created power and is doomed to fail, because nothing of the Divine is in it.

If we have lost the information that we really are Gods Sons, how then can we change our circumstances, AND EVEN OUR DESTINATION? The thoughts of hopelessness suggested at the birth by pain and sorrow interferes with human society’s ability to make the right decisions. They keep on making the wrong decisions for millennia and hence the result we experience in this technocratic world.


Even when a child is born with a Caesarean, who then gives birth to the child, the mother or the surgeon who has torn the foetus out of the mother’s body? In this case the child suddenly loses contact with his mother and consequently loses contact with the grand creation. He is forcibly torn from the womb and he is not in charge of anything himself, how rude. The whole world crashes before him.

I have often thought about my second son, who was born premature. We did not know anything about these things back in 1972, but often wondered what he must have felt. He was born at six and a half months and weigh only 1.2kg. The doctor said that it would not live, but my wife thought differently and by Gods grace spoke live into the baby and it survived. Now can you imagine a child being forcibly torn from the womb and losing contact with the mother so early and put into an incubator, a steel machine that kept him artificially warm? We were not allowed to touch him and only could look through the glass cover. How cruel for an infant.

However my child was not to blame, but we, as his parents are to blame. It is us, his father and mother that forgot the culture of our forebears and interfered with the original thoughts of our Creator. At that moment we thought our child was born and alive and that was enough. He was maybe born, but that was only the physical part, he himself felt abandoned and forlorn, all alone in a hospital without the love and compassion of his mother or father. What remained in fact was only his flesh and his spirit man had no time to be formed in its full capacity. However, he will try to reclaim his spiritual substance in search for his Divine self throughout his life.

I have to say that by the grace of God he succeeded and we all found our Creator though Christ and restoration took place in us and in our children. Although there are still battles to overcome, I may say that today this son, by the grace of God has become a very sensitive and spiritual person, thank God for grace.

But all this could have been much different, we could have avoided much pain and sorrow had we known about conception and birth the way our Creator had purposed it for Man. I am determent to tell my children and whoever likes to know these truths. Not only the future of our families depends on this, but even the future of our human civilisation depends on this truth. But there is still another side.


We have until now not spoken much about the father’s role in this, but according to Anastasia, the way women carry and birth their children depends in equal measure as much on men, on the fathers.  She explains HOW A MAN CAN BRING A CHILD INTO THE WORLD.

Most people think that giving birth to a child is a physiological procedure, if we do that we exclude our Creator, the Great Spirit, from the birth process and the mother’s labour. She said that: “It was GODS ABSENCE that first got reflected in the woman in the form of labour pains, and subsequently of general human sufferings.” We are not talking about that the father has to attend to the labour, which he can do of course, but is not the father’s main purpose.

As I have explained before – spiritual speaking – the Man represents the spirit and the woman represents the soul, we need the unity of both to express Man in its completeness. Together they are One, but with different functions. Therefore the function of the woman is to nourish the flesh of the foetus in her womb that she received from her beloved husband. But this is not the most important factor. It is the father who gives birth to the Man’s spiritual component.


Anastasia says: “The foetus reacts to the condition and feelings not only of the mother, but in equal measure to those of the father. When a husband talks with his pregnant wife, the foetus conceived does not understand de parents’ words, it does not really comprehend the meaning of the words uttered to their full extent, but acutely perceives the feelings of the parents.”

Sometimes a man is led by an impulse of tender feelings to caress his pregnant wife’s tummy or to put his ear to it and hear the baby’s movements. Caresses like that are pleasing to the woman, but the foetus inside her it would seem, does not perceive them physically, but it feels them on an immeasurably greater level. He receives them with great joy, with supreme bliss.

On the level of feelings, the foetus takes account of thoughts as well.  When parents wait for their child in love and harmony and keep thinking about him, then from the very moment of conception he constantly dwells in the father’s and mother’s energy field, and this is very pleasing to him. It is through the father’s and mother’s feelings that the child feels the surrounding world outside his mother’s womb.” End quote.

You see, this is the way that a child receives everything of the world outside and feels what the mother and the father feels. If the father gets a fright of something, for example by a serpent, then the child will be frightened of the same serpent, although the child has never seen the serpent, he receives the information and it is stored in his subconscious mind.

On the other hand when the mother or father sings a nice song and delight in it, the foetus will hear and feel the song and the joy it gave them. After the child is born he will continue to like that specific song, although he might not know why. We see often that a father who loves singing, or may be a professional singer, that his children also sing as well as their father and enjoy it the same way. So it is important what we say or feel during the pregnancy period, because the foetus is like a sponge and perceives all that his parents are feeling. Although a foetus can maybe not understand or comprehend the meaning of his parents’ words, still they are stored in his subconscious mind and will live accordingly once he is born.


It is clear that child raising effectively begins in the mother’s womb. But have you ever wondered where the spirit of Man comes from? The physiology of forming new human flesh is developed by itself as pre-programmed by the Creator. But when and where is the spirit, the invisible self coming from? That is a huge question.

Before conception the spirit being is already there waiting, waiting his turn to be conceived in a flesh body.  Anastasia: “Someone who is not yet conceived, but just waiting his turn in the conception queue, can ‘read’ information about the father”.

Conception queue, who has ever heard about something like that, could this be true? I have been thinking a long time about this. But what other explanation do you like to give when and how the real you, your invisible you (spirit man) comes on the scene? Maybe you do not want to believe this phenomenon, but I am likely to believe this, for it makes sense.

She further explains: “Just as soon as intimacy occurs between a man and woman, a spirit is born in space, ready for a material embodiment”. “What, even if they’re just having sex for fun, without any thought of childbearing?” “The spirit appears whenever the man experiences satisfaction.”

Think about this, for some it might make sense, while others may need more time to understand this phenomenon. Anastasia was trying to explain this to Vladimir that he even could proof this by modern science, in physics. In physics there is a law of Conservation of Energy.

“During intimacy with a woman an unusually powerful energy builds up inside the man, and the moment comes when he releases it. According to the law of Conservation of Energy, it cannot simply disappear without a trace, but is capable of mutating from one state into another. In the situation we are talking about, it is precisely the man’s colossal energy and the lightning speed at which it is released that forms a spirit”.

The next question might be hard to slick for some as it was for me. How many spirits have Man formed that haven’t ever obtained a material embodiment, through the use of anti-conception conducts” “They probably number many times more than the population of the earth?” “Yes, many times more? Do they suffer, or do they just stay as senseless energy? “They have feelings. Their suffering is monumental.” This is something else you might think about.

What is important to know is when a spirit is conceived, he immediately feels its parents, his father and mother in equal measure. It is therefore very important for both parents to teach their child many things while it he is still in the womb of the mother. The interesting point is that those lessons never need repetition. The child will instantly memorize all information imparted by their parents. Therefore is it so important to KNOW the Divine truth.

Donald Welsh says and I agree: “ …that the truth lies within you—as does all the power you will ever need to change the direction of your life and the course of human history”. Let us use that power in its full extend and teach this truth to our children.


In my Article about the Mind of Christ, I discuss the conscious and subconscious mind. I will repeat here the most important and that is that in contrast with the conscious mind, which doubts everything, the subconscious mind (even in the foetus) NEVER sleeps and believes EVERYTHING it is told. I further proof the similarities of God with the subconscious mind – both never sleep, both have perfect faith. Can you see why “religion” is such a dangerous fixation, because it teaches “doctrines” instead of “divine life”?

Here we see clearly why it is so important that we teach the child the ways of God and His creation even before he is born. A father who has this knowledge can therefore shape the child’s spiritual and intellectual self. It is the father who is responsible for the higher level components of Man, and in this role is indeed Godlike in nature. It is the father who gives birth to the Man’s spiritual components. The father does not raise the child, but rather gives birth to the “spirit” Man, the non-material self of his child.

This is somewhat different then I was used to. As a young man, I was there for my wife and helping her as much as I could around the house and doing all kinds of tasks she could not do, but that was about it. But giving birth to the spiritual components of a child, I had never heard of before. The big question is again, who then forms Man’s spiritual components if the father does not understand his duty in this? Anastasia answered: “Either circumstances, or someone who knows about it and uses it to forward his own agenda”. That is why education can be dangerous if the child has not been prepared with a base of solid Divine teachings, because it will only form the carnal Mind.

Most people know that the first couple of years are the most important for a child’s development, but many of us were/are ignorant about the fact that it starts with the conception of a child. Of course we meant well and love our children, but did not know the TRUTH about Gods thoughts concerning conception and raising of children.

In his infancy, despite his status as the most perfect being in the Universe, he is already treated as an imperfect creature, and even in those institutions you consider educational, he is constantly reminded of the values of this artificial world. That is one of the reasons many are not able to understand the ways of the Divine and the Universe. For more info see our Article: “Why toys retard child development”, and explains more about child raising once a child is born.



Is it not absurd that at an early age we abandon our children so easy and give them to strangers, who we often not even have met and thrust them in their lap to do the education for us? Given them to a “system”, a system that is designed to educate only those things ´THEY´ want you to know and not what is significant, like for example the subsistence of nature. And most people are never afforded the opportunity to become aware of the truth, even to the end of their days. And so the seemingly simple question, ´What is the meaning of life”, goes unanswered.  

All my life I have been subconsciously aware of this fact, but could not put my finger on it, until recently this was awakened. Deep inside me, I have never trusted education, and therefore never encouraged my children to go to a university. I am not implying that we do not need education, on the contrary, I talk here myself about what and where real education begins, but the system’s education is one sided and many times it is designed to make you even more unintelligent, because it moves away from the Creators thoughts and is replaced with carnal thoughts. 

Look what they have taught our scientists; how to split molecules and make destructive weapons, how to perform genetic manipulation of God-given seeds, which produce death and not life. They maybe teach about sexuality and how to prevent getting pregnant in order for you to have fun, even before marriage, but this does not produce new life. They CERTAINLY DO NOT educate young people the importance of pregnancy and conception the way our Creator had designed it.  

Of course I failed myself in many ways in educating my children in the right way, but tried to instill in them the importance of life in another way as much as I could with the knowledge I had at that time and am still busy doing just that, ever increasing in Divine wisdom and knowledge, it is never too late. It is good to get the family together and talk about these things openly and where we missed it. I realize, this takes guts to do, but it will bring healing and restoration and the Divine knowledge, about this truth, can bring change to your family and the future of your family depends on this, and even the future of our human civilisation depends on this truth.

Lots of research has been done on why serial killers rape and murder women. Recently a discovery has been made about some serial killers what might give light on this. The mothers of some of these serial killers have tried to abort their foetus and were not successful. The child’s behaviour at a later stage showed a hate against women. Most probably a spirit of murder had entered the foetus, because a woman tried to kill him. Maybe this could also be a reason why some children unconsciously hate their father or mother, because the parents have walked around with similar ideas? I once asked a girl why she hated her mother and she replied that she did not know. She said that she can’t help herself not doing it, it just happens.


Maybe after you have read this article you might feel sad like I did when it dawned on me what the real truth about childbirth and life is. Maybe you have sad feelings or maybe you might even feel hopelessness. I realized myself how little I participated in the birth of my children, maybe like you, at that time; I did not know all this information and the importance of it about childbirth. Only after we learned the ways of Christ, we got a little closer, but still were not conscious aware of many of these facts.  

But the good news is that we are awakening and can regain what we have lost, for with God all things are possible. He knows that Man himself – deceived by the occult sciences and suggestions from the dark side – by his own intrusion has made childbirth painful for the mother and subsequently harmful for the baby.

It starts with the restoring of the Divine knowledge of the original thoughts of the Creator concerning the conception of a child. It is possible with Divine information to bring restoration to all. Through the Divine knowledge, love and respect can be restored to families. However, in the receiving of this knowledge, we should “become as little children”. A little child believes anything it is told, because his conscious mind is not fully developed yet (or pumped full of our educational rubbish). We have to lay aside everything the conscious mind has learned about doctrines and laws and start searching within our own spirit. This is the place where are truth is hidden.

I trust that Father may reveal the truth to you with His embracing love.

If you like more info about this subject, I would recommend you read all the Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre. The quotes I made in this article is from Book 8.2 “The Rites of Love”.

In Part 2, we shall reveal the question, where and how a birthing process should take place and in what environment, it is astonishing revelation.

Stay blessed


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