This morning my first e-mail I received was about another family member that has died of cancer. Now I understand that somebody sits with his hands in the hair and cries, “My God, why me, why her, why did you not heal her?” I am sure you have seen this and/or heard this. A person is dying of cancer and nobody seems to be able to do anything about it and that person is just dying in front of your eyes, how terrible.  Hundreds, maybe thousands are praying for this person and still there is no result, she died.  Why is this? Why does it seem that God does not answer in our needs?

But dear friends, He does, but not always in the way we are expecting. I realize that although our all loving Father is aware of these things, He cannot do anything about it; for the simple reason that He already has done everything that needs to be done to heal this person. Why? Because He has given this power to MEN, and cannot and will not take it back. It is not our heavenly Father, but the Gods on earth (that is us) that has to bring order and bring things back into perspective. There are people today, who can lay hands on a person and be healed instantly, but very few are there and still it does not always happen.

All power over the enemy belongs to Man. His love for His creation was so complete and wholesome that He gave ALL that he had to Men right at the very beginning of His creation. There is no more that God can give. As I explained a seed of a tree in my last writing, all information was put into the seed from pristine origin and I does not need God or Man to do anything about it, once in the soil, it WILL GROW and do all that needs to be done to become a healthy tree, no interference of Man is necessary. It is the same with Man. As all information has been put into Man from pristine origin; the BODY of Man is able to become a 100% perfect Man and can stay healed all his earthly life and never fall ill. God had given us everything to sustain our health on earth. Why then does Man fall ill?

God might be a “person”, but not in the way we are, for He has no BODY and can therefore not come and embrace you and heal you. What He did is He left us His thoughts. His thoughts are all around us and we can see them and make use of them.  Before I continue let me mention a fact here.

Doctors say, they “can do no more”, only to help soften the pain a bit, their knowledge is exhausted. Doctors are persons that have studied medicine on a Medical School, which are mostly sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Industry, who make billions out of medicines. You can guess what kind of medicines they have to study? Because of their sponsorship, Big Pharma is manipulating the market in this way. One branch they do not study on Medical School is physics, the study of nature and the natural way of healing people by God-given herbs. I am just stating a fact here that this Industry has killed more people than all the wars together. Chemo therapy has been here for more than 100 years, without any results, then why are we still using it? Chemo therapy kills you, don’t use it, it is NOT natural. There are other ways, natural ways, created by Father God.

We have people all around us that die of sicknesses such as cancer and aids and while thousands of people are praying for these people, it seems as if God does not hear them, for most of them are still dying. What really is happening, is God blind for our sorrows, does He have no feeling? No, He has feeling and He does feel sorry for the things we are going through, but He is unable to do something until we come to terms with ourselves. What I mean with that is, as I said, God has given us ALL, therefore He will not take anything back that He has given us. He has given us the earth, and the whole universe belongs to us. In actual fact, He made us the Masters of the Universe, REALLY this IS TRUTH. You need to build up an immune system to counter attack the negative cancer cells in your body. We need food that not only feeds our dead cells, but food that creates new cells. How do we do this? Let’s have a look where it all started.

Look at Adam, how this majestic Man lived on the earth, full of glory, full of power and love, he was given everything. He was in Eden the garden of God; Every precious stone was his covering: the Sardis, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold; the workmanship of his taborets and of his pipes was prepared in him in the day that he was created. ALL these things were originally created in him. How magnificent! He was like a splendid Tree above all other trees, even “The cedars in the garden of God could not hide him; nor was any tree in the garden of God like unto him in his beauty. God had made him fair by the multitude of his branches, so that all the trees of Eden that were in the garden of God envied him”.

This majestic creature was told by his Father God to subdue the earth,  to give names (nature) to the animals and rule them (not people) of which he did a marvelous job in his time and spent quite a lot of time doing this, maybe even hundreds of years, who can say? He played with the animals and found out what their strength and weaknesses were and he knew exactly where to put them to use. Animals were/are created to help Men, so were/are all the plants and trees. Animals and plants long for the love of Men, for they have the light of grace. When we love them, the thoughts of God, in return they will give us their healing power and nutrition’s we need to keep us healthy and fit. An animal will do anything just for a pad on the back, because Man is the Superior being on the earth and their instinct knows and understands this. Adam was playing with the lion and rolling over the ground in the same way that we do that with our cat or dog. Nature was not “wild??? in those days; it was in harmony with Man and the Universe.

All was so pure and divine that Adam did not even have to eat. The air was so pure that he could live by breathing the air and the pollen that was in it, sustained him. He never looked for food, for it was all around him and when he felt like a fruit, he just took it and tasted it and while he was doing that, he gave it a name. He was so superior to all the other living creatures on the earth; he was/is the Master of the Universe.

Then Eve came along and he shared everything with her and the y had a marvelous time doing that. Then they together started co-creating on the earth, we often say the sky is the limit, but even for them the Universe was not the limit. Their duty was to replenish the earth and subdue it, and today people say there are too many people on the earth. I can tell you where that comes from: from the doctrine of demons. When you give each family on the whole earth, each half a hectare of land they would not even fill a country as Australia. But even when the day may come that the earth is full, then we create life on another planet or in another Galaxy. All this was given by our loving Father for us to enjoy and to co-create with the same creative power and love that He has.

What went wrong, why did we leave this Garden, where all things were to please Man? Father God has never send Man away from His lovely garden, it is still here, but we seemed to have left it behind us and followed another route. A route that was NOT SO GOOD for Men. We started creating things that was not so good for anybody, not even for the other living creatures on earth. The harmony was broken up.  Where did we go wrong?

There was only ONE THING God told Adam not to do; use his own mind. With other words, don’t try to think how this all this creation came into being, don’t try to figure out how this was done, where it all came from. If God created us, where did He come from, with other words, don’t ANALYZE it. It went well for a long time, hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of years, but there came a day that Man decided to do what God told him not to do, to analyze things. Why did they do this? Because they wanted to be as God, while they already were God. The one thing Adam should not do, he did. Although he was the anointed cherub that covered, he was with God and walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire, his heart was lifted up because of his beauty; he had corrupted his wisdom by reason of his brightness.

Because of this one thing, destruction was inevitable; we can see all around us what destruction this brought to us today. I will not put the blame on Adam, for ironically, WE too are still busy today “analyzing” things; we are still splitting up things to see HOW it works. This is what we call “science”; which they call an “art”, but I rather call it “foolishness”. If Men were allowed to continue on this route, he will eventually destroy himself. But will God allow that? I believe that our Father has enough faith in His creation to know that Men will not fail Him, even after all those millennia that they took the wrong path. I am aware of it now and will take action, will you?

He has sent His Sons to the earths that are going to restore all things, but then we must remember that all things have been given to Men. There is no more to give of the Father; he has given all: His Son, MAN.  Although Adam deviated from this perfect road, it is NOT LOST FOREVER. It is still here, the Garden is still here. We need to restore first of all the faith in our Inner Man where Father has stored everything we need in this life and for the future. We need to realize that we again can CREATE OUR FUTURE, but then the Godly way as programmed from pristine origin. If enough of us start believing that then together we can get out of this mess that Men has created thus far and start creating what we are designed to do, co-create!.

First of all, we stop analyzing things, we stop thinking where Father God comes from. That is a particle of Him, He has not given us and we will never know this thing, so don’t you even try! We just believe that HE IS the great I AM. I also AM His Son and being made in His image we are able to do just the same that Father did, for He left it all for us to finish, but do not bother to think HOW it is done, just do it. As the slogan of Nike says, JUST DO IT! God’s thoughts are all around us, but He will not create anything more without us, He left that for us to do.  He has given us all things that pertain until life and godliness.

Now if we really believe that, we can now lay hands on those people who are dying around us and speak life into them. At the same time we give them the right food end nutrients, because that too is HIM! We give the people things that will build their stamina; we give them herbs, created by God that will heal people and that will build their immune system against the diseases in their bodies.

The food that we buy in the supermarket has no value, for it has been treated with so many chemicals that the nutrients are hardly to find in it. Yes, we pray for our food, but that is to thank Him, not for the rubbish that is in it. Some of the foods have been treated by scientists and have been manipulated in such a way that nothing divine can be found in it. I think we call that GM (genetically manipulated) food.

But, you say, “I eat the food and do live”. Sure, you live, but do you really live? All this food does is feeding your dead cells, but what it does not do is; produce new cells. Therefore we are getting older and older, more lines. Come on, ladies, I know that you are looking in that mirror and see those lines and you hate it. Now you are using all kinds of remedies to sort out this problem, without getting to the origin of it. More and more people are dying before their time, left right and center for the simple reason that we have “analyzed” our food in such a way, through the scientists, that they created alienated type of foods that might keep you alive for a while, but that is all, it will harm you in the end, it does not really give you the nutrition you need. The scientists are very proud of the fact that they can manipulate food this way and even get good prices for it. God help us.

Did you know that even the oranges we eat today are not the real food God created from origin? It is most probably a cross between pomelo and mandarin. Do research, you will find it. I wonder how many more fruits have been manipulated by the “gods of Science”. Father has given us that power, but we are using it for the wrong stuff and for the wrong reasons. We need food in order to live longer and happier and in that way please our heavenly Father.

We seem to have forgotten lots of things which our forefathers knew about. I will give you here an example of one. I know of a very powerful creation that is full of positive energy reflecting the infinite powers of Nature; the Cedar Tree. The Bible is full of examples about the usefulness of the Cedar. David builds himself a house of Cedar and so did Solomon. We all know that Solomon was a wise man; he was wiser than all men. His fame was in all nations round about. And he spoke three thousand proverbs, and his songs were a thousand and five. And he spoke of trees, from the cedar tree that is in Lebanon… (1Kings4:31-33).

This wise man spoke of the Cedar trees, for he knew the power and positive energy stored in them by the Creator. Not only did Solomon build a house for himself but also a temple for his Lord. He got the wood from Lebanon and was very costly. But he was prepared to pay anything to get the wood. The tree has a strong balsamic odor and hence the whole grove is so pleasant and fragrant, that it is delightful and healthy to walk in it, The wood is peculiarly adapted to building, because it is not subject to decay, nor to be eaten of worms; hence it was used for the temple at Jerusalem and Solomon’s palace, which was called “the house of the forest of Lebanon,”, perhaps so called from the quantity of this wood used in its construction.

Why am I telling you this? This tree has such a powerful energy, that you will FEEL His presence, look at 1Kings 8: 10,11; “ And it came to pass, when the priests had come out of the holy place, that the CLOUD FILLED THE HOUSE of the LORD,..”. What cloud was that? Religion says that this is the glory of God and in a way that is true, but in fat it is the ENERGY STORED in the wood, created by God. See also in 2Ch. 5:14, “so that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God”. The glory of God is then the ENERGY in His creations.

Besides that it is one of the most beautiful and majestic trees on the Earth, it has from the earliest of times been considered a life-giving, healing tree. Cedar wood excretes phytoncides, which destroy disease-inducing micro-organisms and serve to purify the air with healing and healthful properties. In Leviticus 14: 4 we are told how how to heal people and even disinfect dwellings with the help of… the Cedar. The same healing power is there still today!

The further we go back to the beginnings the closer we come to TRUTH. We are reaping the fruits of our analyzing things and are reaping the results of all these “false gods??? the scientists. This has to end, but to be able to change the world; Man has to start with himself. Father has given us the knowhow. As I explained last time about the fact that every seed created by God holds all knowledge of pristine origin to recreate itself, even for millions of years, so have we imbedded in our soul, Gods seed, which holds ALL knowledge to able to overcome all these things and become victorious and take again our Promised land, this beautiful majestic and magnificent earth. When we do this, we will become what we have been from the beginning of time, the Masters of the Universe.

I pray that Father will inspire you to take hold of the fact;



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