FAMILY LIFE – Part 4 – Why Toys Retard Child Development


CHILD DEVELOPMENT IS VERY IMPORTANT. – Children are your future.

Taken from an edited extract from the books of “Ringing Cedars Series” of Vledimir Merge..

Profound intelligence on “smart parenting” – excerpts from the words of Anastasia.

“ Artificially created objects have no such connection [to the Universe] and do not arrange priorities and values in the child’s brain in the right way??? – Anastasia.

It all starts at birth…

Anastasia states that the natural learning process is being halted at birth by well-meaning parents who unwittingly perpetrate the ways of our technocratic world. She reveals how a child can develop all its latent mental and psychic powers and how even adults can regain what they have lost!

A manufactured “reality”…

The world of technocracy, however, does not allow parents to do the right thing. What does an infant see with his first conscious glance around? He sees the ceiling, the edge of his crib, some patches of fabric, the walls – all attributes and values of the artificial world created by a technocratic society. And in this world he finds his mother and her breasts.

Senseless rattling and squeaking…

“This must be the way things are!´ he concludes. His smiling parents offer him toys and other objects that rattle and squeak, as though they were priceless treasures. Why? He will spend a long time trying to make sense of this rattling and squeaking. He will try to comprehend them both through his conscious mind and his sub-conscious.

Protected…or cut-off?

And then these same smiling parents will try wrapping him up in some kind of fabric, which he finds most uncomfortable. He will make attempts to free himself, but in vain! And the only means of protest he has at his disposal is a cry! A cry of protest, an appeal for help, a cry of rebellion. And, from that moment on, this angel and sovereign becomes an indigent slave, begging for handouts.

One after another, the child is presented with the accoutrements of an artificial world. Some new toy or item of clothing is offered to him as the latest summum bonum1. And the thought is thereby drummed into him that these are the most important objects in the world where he has arrived.

Born perfect…

In his infancy, despite his status as the most perfect being in the Universe, he is already pandered to and treated as an imperfect creature, and even in those institutions you consider educational, he is constantly reminded of the values of this artificial world.

Not until the age of nine does he hear a passing mention of the existence of the world of nature, and then only as an adjunct to that other, more important world of manufactured objects. And most people are never afforded the opportunity to become aware of the truth, even to the end of their days. And so the seemingly simple question ´What is the meaning of life? ´ goes unanswered…

Natural Law underpins it all…

“A nine-year-old child brought up in the natural world has a far more accurate perception of creation than all the scientific institutions of your world or, indeed, many of your prominent scholars…”

“… For someone who has learnt at the right time what constitutes creation (mathematics, physics, chemistry) …are mere trifles. If he wants, or considers it necessary to prove himself in some scientific field, he will easily surpass all others.”

“Man in the world of technocracy has never yet invented anything that is not already present in nature. Even the most perfect manufactured devices are but a poor imitation of what exists in nature.”

Let them play with bugs – NOT blocks!

According to Anastasia a bug is a more perfect mechanism than any manufactured product. A child provided with the opportunity to communicate with these perfect beings, will himself become more perfect than through communication with primitive lifeless objects…

Every blade of grass, every bug is interrelated with the whole of creation and subsequently aids the child in becoming aware of the essence of the Universe and of himself as part of it to become aware of his innate purpose. Artificially created objects have no such connection and do not arrange priorities and values in the child´s brain in the right way.

Our natural inherent abilities…

“Nature and the Mind of the Universe have seen to it that every new Man2 is born a sovereign, a king! He is like an angel – pure and undefiled. Through the still soft upper part of his head he takes in a huge flood of information from the Universe. The abilities inherent in each newborn child are such as to allow him to become the wisest being in the Universe, God-like. It takes him very little time to bestow grace and happiness upon his parents.

During this period – amounting to no more than nine earth-years – he becomes aware of what constitutes creation and the meaning of human existence. And everything that he needs to accomplish this already exists. Only the parents should not distort the genuine, natural order of creation by cutting the child off from the most perfect works in the Universe.

A practical learning example…

“So, these parents arrive with this three-year-old child at their dacha3 plot and bring along his favourite toys. Artificial toys which displace the true priorities of the Universe. Oh, if only they would not do that! Just think, the child could be occupied and inspired with something far more interesting than senseless and even harmful interaction with manufactured objects.

Ask the child for help…

“First of all, you should ask him to help you, only ask him in all seriousness, without any pandering, especially since he will actually be able to offer you assistance. If you do any planting, for example, ask him to hold the seeds in preparation for sowing, or rake out the seedbeds, or have him put a seed into the hole you have prepared. And in the process talk to him about what you are doing, something like this:

“´We will be putting the little seed into the ground and covering it with earth. When the Sun in the sky shines and warms the earth, the little seed will get warm and start to grow. It will want to see the Sun, and a little shoot will poke its head out of the earth, just like this one.´ At this point you can show him some little blade of grass. ´If the shoot likes the sunshine, it will grow bigger and bigger and maybe turn into a tree, or something smaller, like a flower. And I want it to bring us tasty fruit, and you will eat it if you like it. The little shoot will prepare its fruit for you.´

Lessons in living and dying…

“Whenever you arrive with your child at the garden-plot, or when he awakes in the morning, have him look first and see whether any new shoots have come up. If you should notice one, show your delight. When you are putting young plants rather than seeds into the ground, it is just as important to explain to your child what you are doing. If you are planting tomato seedlings, for example, let him hand you the stalks one by one. If he should inadvertently break a stalk, take the broken stalk into your hands and say: ´I do not think this one will live or bear fruit, since it is broken, but let us try planting it anyway.´ And plant at least one of the broken ones right along with the others.

“A few days later, when you visit the garden bed again with your child and the stalks have firmed up, point out the broken, withering stalk to your little one and remind him that it was broken during the planting, but do not use any preaching tone of voice in doing so. You need to talk with him as an equal. You should bear in mind the thought that he is superior to you in some respects – in the purity of his thought, for example. He is an angel! If you succeed in understanding that, you can then proceed intuitively, and your child will indeed become a person who will happify your days.

Don´t “fill in the spaces”…

“Whenever you sleep under the stars, take your child with you, lay him down beside you, let him look at the stars, but under no circumstances tell him the names of the planets or how you perceive their origin and function, since this is something you do not really know yourself, and the dogmas stored in your brain will only lead the child astray from the truth. His sub-conscious knows the truth, and it will penetrate his consciousness all by itself. All you might do is to tell him that you like looking at the shining stars, and ask your child which star he likes best of all.

Allow his brain cells to awaken…

“In general, it is very important to know how to ask your child questions. The next year you should offer your child his own seedbed, fix it up and give him the freedom to do whatever he likes with it. Do not ever compel him by force to do anything with it, and do not ever correct what he has done. The only thing you can do is ask him what he likes. You can offer help, but only after asking his permission to work along with him. When you are planting cereal grains, have him throw some grains on the seedbed for you”

“It is not just a matter of having a knowledge and feeling about what grows and how. The main thing is that the child is starting to think, analyse, and cells are awakening in his brain which will operate throughout his life. They will make him brighter and more talented compared to those whose corresponding cells are still dormant.

Genius will develop naturally…

“As far as ´civilised´ life goes – what you call progress – he may well turn out to be superior in any field of endeavour – all the more so since the purity of his thought will make him an exceptionally happy person. The contact he has established with his plants will allow him to constantly take in – and exchange – more and more information. The incoming messages will be received by his sub-conscious and transmitted to his consciousness in the form of many new thoughts and discoveries. Outwardly he will look like everyone else, but inwardly…

This is the kind of Man you call a genius…”

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Since the man departed from God´s idea and command to be fruitful on earth, to fulfill and to subdue the earth to himself, to rule over every living thing, he at some point decided to choose his own path. Man, created in the Image of God, with God´s Mind and Spirit Man decided to use his carnal Mind instead of God´s Mind and we are now thousands of years further and look around and see what we created. Is this of God? But still Man has received the freedom of God to do all this and God never interferes with it, (unless of course we ask Him) and He will not take that freedom away from us. He has given us ALL power and therefore we wil be able to restore it ALL again. Everything is indeed given us to do. Those who prefer to wait until Jesus comes back one day, will have to wait a very time long, because I am quite sure this will not happen. He gave us His Spirit and Power to bring everything back to His Order, NOW!

Today I say that this creation of Man is an illusion and is not the truth, it brings no life, no joy and has absolutely no meaning at all, where does this all go? Why are we here? Only what God has created is TRUTH. Only by communicating with His truth, will we be understanding God.

When Christ was on earth He said, “I am the Truth” and he kicked against all the laws that the priests had designed. Even today we need to kick against all the laws that the world has put on us, in order to return to reality and truth of our Father,and become REALLY FREE.

You might call me a rebel and you might be right, because even my heavenly Father called me a rebel, but then a rebel for Him, in other words;  against the secular system, which is an enemy of God, which keeps us trapped. James 4:4 says, “…. “Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”.

 We are now subject to the secular “system” and some are even proud of that, but it leads us to hell. In the Old Testament we read that God warned of a 10% tax by the kings, but did you know that today we already pay 70% of our income to the kings of today? Where does this end, beloved? Since the day that we first saw the light, we are manipulated and told what we should or should not do, is that Gods command? Today I know what it means to serve God or Mammon. It´s all a Commercial Game and you are the pawn. Therefore I have always believed that education is very dangerous, because it teaches you what the “system” wants you to know and they keep you far from the truth that God has created. Therefore, these lessons above are so important for the child.

The secular system is the enemy. Do not think because you go to a church that you´re outside the system, because that also is an illusion. Did you know that the laws of our country are based on the Maritime Law, the Law of the Sea? And NOT that of the LAND! Where is our promised land now, everything is based on the maritime laws and therefore we are treated as “vessels” and have to enter through a PORT. Look at your Passport, or Airport. You travel between the “Ports” like a vessel does, Did you know that your passport, driving license and all other governmental I.D´s has your name written in CAPITAL letters? Why would that be? Because the government made you a FICTION, or corporation, a business person! It all happened when you registered you child at the birth registration office, in order to be able to control you.

In the next series of these articles, I like to go further into this, and you will discover that we are not really free, but can become free. You´ll be shocked when you hear this truth, but ….


Stay in truth.




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