If you ask someone climbing on an airplane where he / she goes, they´ll probably tell you exactly where they go and even what time they are supposed to arrive. But ask the same person where humanity is heading, they will not know. It will not be easy to get Man back on track the way our Creator has meant it for Man from pristine origin. It will take time. When the first humans lived on earth, they lived of pollen, in other words, as they breathed, so they ate. Amazingly, how Man has changed on the earth through the ages. But one thing is for sure, all the knowledge that was there from the beginning of time is still there and resides within Man as a seed and can only be found there and not in a book, article, or a university. We will not find it on the Internet but in our Inner Man.

The biggest difficulty Man has, is in believing that they have the same creative power as God, with other words, they are like God. If you tell man that, they look at you as if you are from Mars. They even doubt the fact if they were really created by God. God our Father, the Brilliant Mind created His creation in an impulse of inspiration. He created Man in His own image as a culmination of His creation, an unprecedented creation of the Universe.

Is it really true what God said about Man that he is not like other creatures, but equal to God? God said, “My image and likeness he is ….. I told him everything; I have been given and will continue to give him everything he can think of for the future???. God wanted to see His creation, Man in the likeness of Himself.

Many people talk about God, but do not really know him. They talk about their love for God, but with that they lie to themselves. For how is it possible to love someone you cannot see or feel or even understand? I can tell you this, whatever the church system has taught me, I´ve done it all and tried all kinds of rituals, but the result was that it did not bring me any closer to Father God. So, I did more and more research, this time WITHOUT the teachings of our denominations. And after some time I discovered that not everything they proclaimed as truth, was really truth at all. You cannot find God in MORE worship, or MORE education or for any other reason or ritual hat your religious system tried to teach you.

There are those who say, “I believe in God”, but what o they really believe in? That He exists? To believe He exists is a very low sense of consciousness. What about those who believe that God is omnipotent; a loving Father, but do they really believe this? What do they do for God except uttering words? They destroy His creation, and isolate themselves behind stone walls, cut off from God´s creation. The same people then think of new ways to “worship??? God or in what ways to “serve??? Him. All these things are artificial and had nothing to do with reality. They are taught to “worship???, but they worship, they know not what (John 4:22). To worship in spirit and in truth has nothing to do with “words??? but is an action.

Although I was on the way to new discoveries about whom and what Man really is, about who is the God of Genesis 1 and the God of Genesis 2, but my eyes really opened when I was reading the “Ringing Cedars Series???. Whatever I was reading, I discovered that it was witnessing with my heart as TRUTH. Where else can truth be found except in your own heart? I certainly recommend this Series for anyone who wants to know more about life and the purpose of man on earth and his future.

As I wrote in my previous article on how we can commune with the thoughts of God and where to find Him, in His creation, in Nature and when we do that, our speed of thinking will again come to level with that of our Father.

How is it possible that Man, created in the likeness of God, is yet so far removed from the truth and does not (anymore) behave as a Divine Being? How and when did this happen? The only way this could be done is by a creature with the same strength of mind as Man. That is – Man himself. This path of degradation is a long story that happened in time of millennia. But remember, God gave all knowledge to Man and He believed that man could come out of this mess he created without Him interfering with Man. It is important for Man to know that he can restore things without interference from God otherwise he would lose faith in himself. In other words, we can determine our own destiny!

So God waited and waited until Man woke up from this hypnotic sleep. That, dear people is busy happening right now. Man is awakening!  The power of the divine thought is emerging in mankind. Partly because of the supernatural revelations that I encountered in the “Ringing Cedar Series´ where I read about a young woman receiving divine revelations about the past and the future of Mankind, I realized I was approaching important truth for Man on the earth. This person is visualizing a great future that already lives in the spiritual form in the universe and gets more and more momentum, because many people are already responding. These people start to understand their own essence and purpose for their lives on this earth. Materialization of this will surely follow.

It is therefore important that I put things on paper so others may receive this revelation and thus discover their goal in life and walk therein. We must create our own lifestyle to follow the perception that our Creator has put IN US. When we do, and the people see that we are successful, peaceful and living in harmony with God and Nature, many will follow, because deep in our being each Man is seeking peace and harmony with God and His creation. We have sought this, but in the wrong place and created a technocratic world that gives no happiness or harmony with the Father or His creations.

As God had a dream of creation and materialized this idea by creating the Universe and made Man as the culmination to reign over the earth. In the same way, we as Man can DREAM, THINK and ACT. But remember when one of these three is missing, nothing will happen. Therefore it is important to Act on what we dream and think. I read in Revelation: “and hast made us unto our God kings and priests; and we shall reign on the earth.”

How can we now all be kings on earth? A king has a kingdom, a realm of the king. What are we talking about here, are we talking about a country like Holland or Germany? The word “King-dom”, “dom??? is derived from “domain”, so if each of us wants to be a king than we all should have his own “DOMAIN”, a land, a territory, an area that belongs to us, that will submit to our authority and where we can reign as kings and thus fulfill the desire of God, and co-create with Him to establish our own paradise on earth.

Man took the wrong road. The purpose of our Creator was not to be UNDER a king, but to reign AS Kings over your own territory or domain. That was the original purpose and plan of God in Genesis 1:28: to subdue and to have dominion.

A FAMILY DOMAIN, where everything is in harmony with your closeness to God embodies much more than a lot of complex rituals. I read in Book 6 of the “Ringing Cedar Series”, the following and I quote: “Many religions through the ages have talked about God, but not one of them has ever stated the obvious: in consciously communing with Nature, Man communes with the Divine thought. To understand Space is to understand God. ” 

This is a fact. Who ever heard a sermon about these things? Why do wise men never talk about these things? Maybe the truth is withheld from us for a purpose? “Oh, foolish people, who hath bewitched you, that you should not obey the TRUTH?” Ah, bewitched, is that what happened? There must be a reason that these things (truth) are withheld from us. Who benefits from this? To be able to rule over other people, you have to be able to control or manipulate them. With other words, keep them more dim-witted than you. In order to do that, you make them dependent upon you. This is a long story, but is exactly what happened over the centuries and millennia.

So there were occult driven priests, who established just that and from generation to generation they manipulated and bewitched Man with their dirty tricks. Until even today through the “system” they created, they keep Man in prison. I know you might say, I do not believe that, but it is the truth. Every government (your country as well) uses occult powers to rule over Man. We all are prisoners in their “system??? and they have power over us and in this way they rule as the “god of this world “.The world system has become a “monster???, a beast of which we can read in the Book of Revelation. If we don ot come out of it, it will eventually destroy you.

This occult powers drifted Man away from his most original and essential purpose, which was very important for their “kingdom” reigning. Because this occult bewitchment has reigned for centuries over Man, they have forgotten their earthly essence and Man did not understand their capabilities. Once Man is freed from this “monstrous??? system and again understands his purpose, the power of the occult will also disappear. Once Man has created his own domain, his own “Space of Love” nothing and no-one will have power over him anymore.

For thousands of years this truth has been hidden from Man and has driven him to the beggarly state he is in today. But be not afraid, this also comes to an end, and therefore I am starting to believe that today the same religions and denominations, which never talked about this insight, may be enlightened with this truth. Maybe they cannot all pick this up, but I do believe that even in the religious systems many will be enlightened with the Truth and spread this “Good News” and prevent Man from making any more mistakes that was made in the past. I believe there is still hope for the denominations to tackle this and announce new tidings.

ALL people can achieve this, because the seed of God is sown into every Man on this earth, in our Inner Being. The seed that holds all knowledge of pristine origin carried through all ages and has never changed. This truth will set us free indeed. Truly free!

The occult priests (read about this in Book 4 – “Co-Creation???) understood the importance of proper nutrition and the healing powers of herbs. The importance of e.g. honey, fresh food and “airborne pollen. Airborne pollen is alive and able to fertilize. With each breath that a Man takes, it would dissolve in him and supply nutrition throughout the body, including his brains. Do you see how important these things are, this was part of life as it was originally designed by the Creator.

The idea in this series that I read, is that every family could have a piece of land of about 1ha. where they can create their own gardens. This domain is sufficient for your family to start as co-creator with God.

As I read these series and my spirit bore witness to many of these truths, I decided that I would do just that, create my own domain. I have good reason to do this and I am well aware that the world we have created is a technocratic world, an artificial world that does not produce life, for it has nothing to do with the creation that our Father has created. I realize that Man is now waking up to these truths and that these two worlds can be presented simultaneously. Man will be able to use both the results of the technocratic, artificial world, as well as his own of Divine origin. In Book 7 “The Energy of Life” it speaks more about the meaning and essence of divine power and how to achieve this. Who can better tell than the grandfather of Anastasia in his own words, when he spoke with Vladimir, the author of the book? (pg74 -78) freely translated from English:

Picture to yourself, Vladimir, a morning-time. A Man awakens at dawn and goes out of his house into the garden of his family domain, in which are growing more than three hundred varieties of plants he needs. He has taken up the habit of walking around his property every morning. As he walks along the path his eyes are delighted by the lively variety of herbs, trees and flowers. These cannot help but delight and furnish him with positive emotions.

Nothing can give him a greater emotional charge or abundant energy than one´s own family life-giving Space.

Many ages passed. In each of them attempts were made to attract mankind to all sorts of different values. Man became enthralled with a huge house, the latest clothing, a new car or some other gadget. Man became enthralled with money and his position in society. But all such joys are conditional and fleeting. They only bring a temporary sense of happiness and pleasure, and within a short space of time they become commonplace, bothersome and sometimes downright annoying.

An old and decaying house will begin to demand constant repair. A car, too, can start having frequent breakdowns. Clothes wear out.

Man has always intuitively felt the true beauty and perfection of the eternal, and that is why even a king surrounded by luxury and personal palaces has always needed a garden. This is a truth that has remained unshakeable for millions of years of Man´s life on the Earth. True delight and peace is attainable only in one´s own family domain.

When a Man takes his morning walk through his family domain, every blade of grass is delighted and reacts to him. And, far from decaying, his garden grows with every passing moment of blessed living.

The Man understands that the programme he has set out – trees, bushes and fruit-bearers planted by his own hand – will not decay but live on through the ages. They will live forever, provided the Man does not change his mind.

When the Man takes his morning walk through his family domain, he breathes its air, and with each breath takes in thousands of invisible particles – plant pollen. The air is saturated with them. Quite alive, they enter the Man, dissolving within him without a trace, nourishing his body with everything he needs. And the air of one´s family domain nourishes not only the human body, but feeds the spirit with ethers and accelerates thought.

When the Man takes his morning walk through his family domain, he may stop all of a sudden and pick three berries off a currant bush and eat them. Why does he stop in front of a currant bush in particular? Why does he pick precisely three berries? In what book of wisdom has the Man read that on this particular day he will need these three berries? And he really does need them, as it turns out. He needs them on this very day, this very minute, and in this very quantity.

Then after taking another few steps, the Man bends over to smell a flower. Why does he do this? Who told him of the need to take in the aromatic ether of this flower in particular? And several steps farther on he picks something more to eat…

When the Man takes his morning walk through his family domain, he smiles, thinking about something personal, while at the same time enjoying a surfeit of fruits – not thinking about them, but feeling them. This Man has been eating just as he breathes.

Who then has been calculating the Man´s dietetic needs with such incredible accuracy? Where has all this information been recorded for every Man born on the Earth? This information – you realize, Vladimir – all this information is present in every Man born on the Earth. Note this:

Every Man contains a ´mechanism´ (I can´t seem to find an alternative word) capable of arousing the sense of hunger – a signal that his body and spirit require some kind of substance in the Universe. We need not specify just what exactly, the proportion or quantity – nobody can answer this question intellectually Only your body knows about this and it is what selects just three currant berries out of the whole variety available.

But in order to afford the opportunity for the right choice, your body must have all the information available about them. And it is only in one´s family domain that such information is accessible.

Let´s say you go into a store where there are a whole lot of fruits spread out on the counters. You want an apple. You see a whole huge variety of apples. Which kind to choose? An exact choice is impossible, since your body – which is capable of making an exact choice – does not have any information about the apples on the counters. It hasn´t tried them. It doesn´t know the taste and correlation of substances. Neither does it know when the apples were picked, which is very important as well.

As a result, the apples you purchase at the store may turn out to be beneficial, but their benefit will be not nearly so great as when your body is apprised of all the information about the product you are making it digest.

The product you ingest may even turn out to be harmful to your body – in which case disease makes an appearance. Such a thing could not happen in your family domain, since you know for absolute certain which tree produces the sweeter or more sour apples, and when they are ready for you. Your body receives all the information about all the fruits in your family domain.

It received all the information about them back when you were still in your mother´s womb. And afterward, when you drank milk from your mum´s breast. Your mum, after all, delighted in the very same fruits. And they contributed to the consistency of her milk. And now as a grown Man …

When a Man is in the Space of his kin´s domain, he tastes the fruits and berries – everything that went into the consistency of his mother´s milk.

There is another concept in your civilisation – it´s healthful for a Man to consume fresh produce. But what, exactly, is “fresh produce???? Not frozen, dried, tinned or sealed in barrels, like you thought, but produce that comes to you in its natural state. And you have cultivated a huge assortment of hybrid varieties that can be preserved many days with the appearance of fresh produce. Believe me, the appearance of freshness is deceptive and harmful.  END QUOTE.

My hope is that this will appeal to you and keep your heart. Your heart will bring new birth to the seed already in you. God´s program is perfect and precise. I will conclude with the last words of Grandfather in this chapter:
“Man did not make a problem out of what to ingest and when. He simply ate. He ate because he felt like eating, because it pleased him to do so. And at the same time his thought was elated with joint co-creation.

His thought danced ahead, no longer concerning itself with had been planned in advance by the Father’s hand. It desired to create even more so that everyone could rejoice in the contemplation at the sight of a new creation.
And the Father exclaimed in delight: “My son is a creator???, as He fed His child with His creations.

In my heart I am convinced that Man was deceived and lured away from his greatness, his divinity and started following his carnal thinking. But at the same time realize that there are many today who are awakening to the real truth, to the “Seed??? that is hidden in the Inner Man and “remembering??? how it has been, truth that has never aged through the ages.

You may be awaking? Perhaps you also feel in your mind to own a piece of land for yourself and create a space of love for your family?

I myself went looking for a place, since I´m back in South Africa. Now here is enough land, but also well aware that Man also took control of “land”. You have to pay! But why do we have to pay? I can tell you this for sure  that Father never gave a Title Deed to anybody, we have the earth as it were “leased” from him, thus all the land in the earth belongs to Man and we are free to use it wherever we are. This is truth.

Do you understand that NO ONE can stand above his Creator? The Creator created Man, Man created Government, Government created rules and laws. As we are not able to stand above our Creator, then is it then possible for the Governments to be above Man? Yet, this happens every day. Think about this and search your heart for this truth. We have been ruled by an Order that we ourselves have created, how evil. But deep in your heart you´ll find that you are rebelling against this because it does not have its origin with God. Father has never intended it to be like that. We do therefore not fall under Man and his rules and laws, but we are supposed to stand above it. Stand above the law, you say? YES!! However, this will take time to restore, but there will come one day when all this control on earth will be removed and restored with Gods grace, love and happiness. We will again be in harmony with Nature and each other, without strife or war. Yes, you heard correctly, HERE ON EARTH!

Recently I found a place so beautiful that I thought I was already in paradise. This site is more than 600 hectare and the original owner wanted to create a golf course, but this was later cancelled. I believe we have enough golf courses in SA and that was not my idea, but we can certainly accommodate 30-50 families, each with one hectare piece of land. The rest of this site can be preserved as a nature reserve and/or for various other purposes. The idea was to set up an Eco Village, and it could even be used for Eco Tourism. An old historic train is running through the field and can be retrieved for tourism purposes, through which finances could be won in order to maintain the place and/or help others build their homes. The site lies between Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay and has beautiful views of the coastlines of Jeffreys Bay and across mountains overlooking the Baviaanskloof mountains. There is also lots of natural wildlife.

We are not so far as to claim such land for the “Kingdom???, but together we can do many things. I´m going to put this site on my website and anyone who might want to invest in this or perhaps wanting to create his own Space of Love here, may contact me at We need between 30 -50 people to be able to get this wonderful site and make a plan of action.

Father, may our heart warm us for Your truth. That we all may return to Your original purpose, in order TO CREATE OUR OWN FUTURE and, a PARADISE ON EARTH!

Stay in love,


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