If You Change the Way you Look at Things,
The Things you Look at Change

This is a true saying and in this article we will expose this literally and show you another way of looking at the ways of life. According to the response on our previous article I noticed that many awaken to the reality or the truth that REALLY sets Man free. This is partly the reason this article is a continuation of our previous one.

There are too many questions that come up and deserve an answer. I´m sure every one of you ever wondered about the happenings we read about in the Old Testament, of which we ask ourselves, "is this true, is this how this happened, it does not go with my feelings and definitely not with the teachings of Jesus". The reason is that many of us have been taught certain doctrines by the church system, but where all those doctrines really true? Or are they the reason that we are blind to certain truth´s, for example I was taught that you should not FEEL, but only have faith. Now I ask you, how can I believe without feeling? Everything works with feeling and just by putting our feeling out of action we are in trouble, because we were created with the distinct tendency of feeling.



You´ll see why it is necessary to constantly examine things and doctrines. Why do you think we have so many churches? Could it be because we all have difference doctrines? Of course we do and that is why we have to do research and also to feel whether they are true or not, and thus to identify deception. What I am going to reveal here, you ought to test for yourself with the "feeling" of your Inner man. Your sensitivity prevails in your Inner man, which I call the "spirit man", the way Father created us in the beginning. You may also call this the Holy Spirit or some call it the "anointing" and is the only thing that Man received of God with which you can distinguish or discern the truth (see Luke 12:12).


We don´t need anyone to teach us (1Joh.2: 27) but what we have received from Him is our FEELING that reigns in our Inner Man in order for us to test things. We are indeed divine and cannot be anything else than to be the "I Am" that I Am created. The problem is that many people find themselves in a hypnotic sleep and on the other hand many of us are awakening. Even Jesus said to his people, "Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee light." This "sleep" (Gr. = Hypnos) is a hypnotic sleep, which for centuries have dominated mankind. So we see here that to awaken means to arise from the dead.

How did we land in this hypnotic sleep, through which we see the illusion we have created as the truth and how do we arise from this illusion? It requires us to first explore our inner man. With Inner Man I mean your spirit man the way God had created you in Genesis 1. ALL answers are hidden there, for after all, His kingdom is in you! All the answers you need in this life lie hidden within us, where it lies dormant and needs to be awakened. Therefore because the Divine is hidden and is dormant, we have created an illusion with our own mind, an illusion of what we THINK is true, but it is not.

As my wife once prophesied, so 15 years ago: "The things you think it is, that is it not, but the things you think it is not, that is it". Why would God say something like that? I have been thinking about that statement for a long time and realize today that God wants to awaken us. Me and my wife are going through that awakening for the last 15 years, and still are, but I can say this, it is not easy to get rid of these old fake dogmas, because we are so indoctrinated by them. But I have good news for you, WE ARE AWAKENING, for the things that we thought it was not.


I´ll just briefly reiterate what I said in my previous articles on the unveiling of Genesis. In Genesis 1 God created Man, this was the Spirit Man, who was created by God our Father as a perfect being. We read further that everything God created was good, it even was VERY GOOD and then God rested. God our Father is still resting of His creation, because He made it all perfect and He does not have to add to it. He has perfectly created Man in His image, and God was pleased. The Man was exactly like God, and could now create further the way God did, for they had the same Mind, they were Divine. God is now enjoying Himself through His creation.

Man was created as one being, man (spirit) and soul (woman). They had the same thoughts as Father God. The essence is that part of God that we call Spirit or Energy and the soul of God is that part that feels. Father feels because without emotion you cannot love and Father loves His creation. We can say much more about that subject, but for now we want to talk about the change of our mind. We do not know, or at least not proven by history, how many thousands of years or maybe billions of years, God enjoyed His creation on the earth until one day there was a change of mind in Man.

One of the most trustworthy history books we have is the Bible, and although many interpretations of it differ, the history is still reliable. What God created in Genesis 1 was in the Spiritual realm, the "Lord God" started creating in the physical realm in Genesis 2. Here we read in the second chapter of Genesis about a change of mind, a change in our thinking. We read that the "Lord God" (Elohim, that is us) added something to the creation of Father God that was NOT very good. What was this? He added three things to Gods creation:

1. In Genesis 2:9 we see a change of mind. God planted the Garden of Eden and put the Man (man and woman) in it. They were allowed to eat of all the trees, because "to you it shall be for meat". ALL trees that bear fruit would be for meat, why then adding another tree? Here the Lord added something to it, a tree that was NOT SO GOOD, a tree of KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, so a tree that was NOT for meat after all.

2. Although God created Man as one and said it was good, the Lord God decided that this is NOT good in verse 18 and said, "It is NOT GOOD that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. But in actual fact, he was not alone, but the Lord God decided to separate those two, to separate the soul and the spirit. This was a change of thinking from the mind of God to the subordinate mind

3. Then there was third thought. God created us and named us, MAN, but in Gen. 2:19 the Lord God called him Adam. We have learned that "name" means "nature". So when God created us out of Himself, our name (nature) was the same as His name (nature). Here came the change, when the Lord God changed the name to Adam, he changed the "nature" of man. Man has invented that name. Even the word "God" was invented by man. God has no name, he is simply our Creator, a Father, and He is simply a nature.

With this discovery more questions emerged. Why did God change His creation? Was God confused, or something he had forgotten to create? Can God forget something? We also read in the Bible that the Lord God created evil (Isaiah 45:7). But who then was this God who created EVIL? This, dear ones, was our changed thinking that brought this evil on earth and this definitely was not God our Father. But we believe that God created everything perfect, was then Man really perfect or was there a flaw in Gods creation so that they could change their thinking? There is however one thing God also put in Man and that is a FREE WILL. So Man could choose to keep on using Gods Mind or use the nature of the earthen realm, the subordinate mind.

Many cannot see this truth, because it looks foolish to them, because most are using their natural mind to understand this. God´s truth can only be discerned by the Mind of God. But fear not, dear people, we wake up, it was not God our Father, but it was his creation, Man, who went on to create, for there came a day that he decided to change his mind and wanted the world under his own control. With this revelation today we can renew our Mind, or rather restore the Mind of God, the way we originally were created. We will eventually restore all the incorrect creations as we once again remember WHO we really are, Divine. The problem is that we are so indoctrinated with the teachings of this world system that we no longer believe our Inner feeling and suppress this again and again. But Father also knew the outcome and knew than Man would turn back to the real I AM.




If you read what Jesus taught in the New Testament you read that He taught about forgiveness, about godly love, even to love your enemies, etc. But all this went right against the teachings of the scribes of Israel; Jesus said, "your Scriptures say this….. But I tell you ……". "You have the Law of Moses, but I say unto you….." John 1:17 "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." Have you noticed that Jesus always spoke about the Law of Moses, and never about the law of God? Could it be that there never was a law of God?

Why would Jesus see these things differently than what God of the Old Testament instructed the nation of Israel? Why did Jesus have a different message than the priests of that time, for it was after all so confirmed by God? Or was it? Why had God entrusted ONE nation over another, while Jesus taught that all people were equal? If God is no respecter of persons, how can it be that God choose a nation Israel over other nations?

Can you imagine, if God is a God of love, then why did he give instructions to liquidate whole villages, to kill men, women, children, babies, pregnant women and all the animals also and not one had to be spared. Subsequently to give them a country He had chosen for them? Why did the Pharaoh not let the Jewish people go? Was there more going on than we we´re told or did we not interpret the Bible correctly? Why where there first so many plagues and why where all the firstborns killed in Egypt before the Pharaoh let the Jews go? There was a whole lot of killing going on.

Perhaps this was not instigated by Father God at all, but an evil power that has caused all this? I do not doubt the accuracy of the history of the Old Testament at all, but have my doubts about the interpretation of it. We learned who the "Lord God" was in Genesis 2, adding all these things to God´s perfect creation. This same " Lord God" is always mentioned as the cause of many punishments, wars, murders and judgments. But Jesus, who was God, said that God the Father loves ALL in order that God may be all in all.

In the past I sometimes used to say that God is a God of love, but also a God of war! Can this be? Not when you are talking about Father God. God is a God of love and that means that there is no anger in Him. God can only love, be gracious and merciful, and because we ARE in His image, we to have the same ingredients. Our Father loves His creation, Man, all Flora and Fauna, the Sun, moon, the stars, the whole cosmos. All this, the whole universe was created by Him, so that the universe can serve Man, who is created in His image. We are supposed to enjoy life here on earth, subdue it and make it subject to our divine will, in order for the whole earth to become a paradise and not only in Eden. You heard correct, the earth a PARADISE and not some future "Heaven". We are supposed to bring heaven to earth.


This is one of the biggest problems with the doctrines of Christians and other religions as well, that after death of the flesh somewhere in space a paradise awaits us. That´s the biggest lie that people face, especially after Rome accepted the Christian faith and added all kinds of doctrines. That is why many Christians are passive and do nothing more than wait for the return of Christ or wait for heaven to come. Please beloved, don´t wait, but you can create your own future. There is a place where we can go yes, and that certainly is no hell with fire, like they want you to believe, but it is NOT paradise either, like you can receive here on earth. We are designed to live forever on this earth and that, dear people has not changed. If God our Father said that we must possess the earth and subdue it, He will never take it back, because we did something wrong with it.

Ps 115:16 " The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD´s: but the earth has he given to the children of men".

Pre 1:4 "One generation passes away, and another generation comes: but the earth stays forever."

There goes our doctrines out of the door that tell us that we must expect a new earth and new heavens. Wherever you read in the Bible "heaven (mind) and earth (body) enter your own name, it is you. (In another article I will explain more about the new heaven and earth). The earth (world) is given to man and will forever continue to exist and we are to subdue the earth and rule it in conjunction with our Heavenly Father. So we are co-creators with Him. It has never been the intention of Father that the earth should perish. The earth was and is meant to continue forever. Let us therefore take care of it.

One generation passes away and another comes, but the earth STAYS FOREVER. This word earth is used to denote the earth as a whole, our planet and will stay FOREVER. But our flesh man is also made of this earth and will stay forever, because when the flesh man gets old and dies, the flesh will become earth again, but his spirit shall return unto God. Ec 12:7 "then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it".

But you will be sent back in another body if …….you indeed loved Gods creation. What have we done with our life on the earth, or where have we lived for? To make more money so we can buy more things, or obtain more power to dominate, or to have more control over others, what was our goal in life?

The greatest Gift of God is LOVE, but what do we love? We can love Him, by loving His creation. Even when the dust returns to earth, LOVE will REMAIN forever. This love can be observed by your own family in what you have done with it. We love God by loving His creation and taking care of it and because you have loved His Creation, you will return, albeit in a different form now and then, but your family can stay here forever.

When this was revealed to me, I became a different person. I tell you now that I do not want another place, I want to stay on this lovely planet that is so perfectly created, and co-create with Father my own "place of love" for my "Universe Girl" (my wife), where my family can live in peace and be happy forever. How can we stay here forever? That knowledge, dear people, we have temporarily lost again, but when we awake out of our hypnotic sleep, we will be renewed with His Mind and knowledge in order to be able to live forever on this earth, that was after all God´s will for you. When more knowledge of this phenomenon is revealed to me, I will certainly reveal this to you, but on the moment I will not go further into this, for all good things come slowly.

What we have created so far in this world is an illusion, it is not reality, and it is not divine. I see this very clear today and everything in me cries out to Man to wake up, to go back to our roots of our existence. Every day we can create new things, if our communication with Father is restored. I´ll tell you later how we can restore communication.



Many of these things have bothered me in the past, but because I did not listen carefully to my inner feelings. The reason is that I was fast asleep and been indoctrinated with answers from the "church system" which were not out of Father, but from Man, and was the reason for me not to listen to my feelings. I concealed them with a, "the Word says it and that settles it for me". Although this may be true and did help me tremendous in the past, it also put a brake on my revelation through His Spirit. Remember, the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

Still those things that did not add up with my inner feeling, I wiped them away with a, "God knows what He is doing; He must have another plan with all those people He told to be killed". Even my daughter mentioned this to me one time and said, "Dad, you don´t have to protect God". Do you understand this? The things I FELT were not good, I was making them good, because I did not want people to think bad about my Heavenly Father, as if God needed my protection. Today I am much more "sensitive" and listen to my inner feelings and learned to trust that, but still am far from having arrived, I still make too many mistakes, but I am learning. Our feeling, dear people should not be underestimated. Feeling contains an enormous amount of concentrated information that we ever received in our life. We cannot throw them away with a, "we must have faith and not feel." like I was taught in Bible classes. All our knowledge is in fact compressed into feelings.

However, dear beloved, the Father needs US to restore everything the way He originally created everything. Remember that we, His Son, are indeed co-creators with Him on this earth. He has given us this power and never taken it back. God cannot take care of the environment alone, He needs our help. That is why He said, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and SUBDUE it: and have DOMINION over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth". That is the only command He gave us and NOTHING more. I don´t even know if you can call this a command, maybe more a rule, for it was an enjoyment for Man to do this and be co-creators with Father and it pleased Him as much as it pleased us.

It pleased the Father to see us giving names (nature) to all the animals, which were given to us to serve us and how we dealt with them. He never interferes in how we do it; He has given us that freedom and never took that away. Why then did we break away from His thoughts?

I´m sure God is grieved when He sees what we have done with His creation so far.Look around you and see what we have created and we call this, progress. Are you glad with that progress? Are you happy that we have to buy water in the store that we have polluted our air and rivers are impure and our food has been manipulated in such a way that it has almost no nutrition? That more people every day die prematurely from disease and weakness. Who invented this agony? Why have we strayed from the divine path? I will reveal something about an issue that engages people for centuries, but which I never talked about, but has had an impact on the earth for thousands of years. 


One of those issues that keep people engaged is the question of a nation that was supposed to be positioned above other nations. I have never understood why people always esteemed the Jewish people so high, while they are the same people like us, made in the same of God. My inner "feeling" said to me that there is something not kosher and again did research why I felt that way. According to the teachings of Jesus, the Father has no distinction between the people. He is no respecter of persons; they are all equal before Him. So the Jewish people are no more and no less. This doctrine of a chosen people also contradicts the teachings of Jesus, who Himself was of Jewish descent.

What did happen in the past is that the Jewish people were betrayed, deceived and abused in such a way that they became the foot soldiers of the powers of darkness. They were deceived and is the reason why Jesus had to come and set His people free from this evil oppression. Remember, He was merely sent to "the lost sheep of Israel" He wanted to set His people free from the oppression that originated from the kingdom of darkness. Did not Jesus say that the Father of the Pharisees was the devil himself? Did He not call them, "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers! How can ye escape the damnation of hell?" (Mt 23:33) and "…how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" (Mt12:34).

Think about it, why would Jesus say these accusations, while the priests and Pharisees only performed what God had commanded them in the Old Testament? Can there be anything in O.T. that we might have wrong interpreted? You may say that this is because the priests took these laws too far and Jesus did not like that. But that is not true; they kept the law exactly as they were given to Moses and were trying to catch Jesus out with these same laws.

Maybe it was not God after all that gave these instructions to Israel? I know that if the devil really was the father of these priests, then we must see the Old Testament in a different perspective. These evil forces that have dominated the priests used the Jewish people for their own purposes; their ultimate goal was to have control over the whole earth. The people of Israel were misled and wandered for forty years in the wilderness, to learn the occult practices of the priests and under this "occult power" they were hypnotized. Jesus knew that this nation was programmed in the wilderness by the evil priesthood and were now lost in a hypnotic dream and He wanted to deprogram His people of this occult power.

I realize that what I write here could be offensive for many people, but I also realize that if I do not tell you what was revealed to me, I withhold truth and that means that I do not care. But I do care and love all Man and like to tell the truth in order for people to be REALLY FREE. Therefore I will allow my Inner feeling, my Godly Mind to overrule my own mind and tell you what was revealed to me. I can just say here that you should not just believe what I say, but you should not be lazy either, but think and search within yourself, where all the answers are hidden and you will find it.


I know now how this "mind" or "power" of darkness is able to reproduce itself in each generation and still is doing that until this day and only has one goal in mind, to have total control over Man and thereby gain control over the world .To be able to do that it needs a nation and that was Israel. He could have used any nation for that, but it still would have produced the same result. These evil priests have not only abused and oppressed this nation for millennia´s, but also killed those whenever it suited them for their purposes, of which we can do research in history ourselves. Most recently millions were killed in camps all over Europe and you might think that Hitler has achieved this? No, he was just a soldier in the army of the enemy. This evil enemy still tries to bring you and me under his dominion. He was/is successful in many respects because the man is still asleep and does not see what real is and only sees the illusion they have created for themselves.

There is another world out there, beloved, a world created by God the Father. It consists of all living cells in this universe and they are all connected, WE are all connected. All of creation was one and PERFECT until someone thought to bring it all under his control. Although this god of the world is very successful, eventually the Sons of God will be awakened, rise up and straighten it out again. This will take time, but those who wake up, will rise up and subdue the earth again the way God intended it to be done, and there will be harmony in this world and the universe.

Remember that this god of the world is MAN, not just a god from another dimension that wars with Father God or His creation. It is the human mind that creates these evil things. The spiritual warfare is against these demonic priests who wish to take over Man´s mind and take the place of God. He wants to take over our mind and force Man to turn against God and that is the real battle. They have been doing this for many millennia and look how Man has turned against God and His creation.

We say, but we are much smarter than previous generations. Is that so? Well, if that is so, show me the evidence. This generation that supposedly is so smart and wise made it possible for us to buy water in the stores. Did you ever expect that 30 or 40 years ago? This "smart" generation has successfully managed to pollute our river waters that we do not even want to eat the fish. Air, the most important thing we need to stay alive has been polluted in our modern technocratic world. Is it a wonder that our hospitals have become 10 times larger, while the town itself has only grown twice the size?


Did you know that modern medicine is just over two hundred years old? Previously there were no medicines like we know them today and not even hospitals. Who then treated the sick before that time? There were doctors, but most illnesses were treated at home by someone who was acquainted with herbs. Now we know that many of these herbs mixers in the Middle Ages were burnt at the stake. Someone was making it his business to eradicate the knowledge of herbs. Do you wonder why? To get us to rely on "them" what the evil forces planted in our minds, instead of relying on Gods creation, who created everything perfect. Now many of us have forgotten what kind of herbs we used for certain diseases. When I told the other day someone in the family about a natural product for their cancer, they wiped it away with a that is "new age". Now the person is dying because the religious mindset does not want help from another religion. Do you see my point?

Today most of us leave it to the doctor and the pharmaceutical industry, who only benefits when people are sick. It is big business. I call them Big Pharma, the great Antichrist. They have killed more people with their medicines then all the wars together and I do not say easy things like that, but I can proof it to you. Yes, they use herbs, but you cannot put a patent on herbs, for there is no profit in. So what they do is they take herbs, take out a few molecules and replace it with a few chemical molecules. Now the substance is changed and they can patent it and put a 1000% profit on it. This is truth. The doctor wants to heal you, but remember, he was trained at a medical school which was sponsored by Big Pharma, and I leave you to guess what medicines they studied. Medical Schools mainly study subject like, anatomy, biochemistry, immunology, neurology anesthesiology, internal medicines, psychiatry, genetics etc, etc. But there is one subject missing; the subject about nature and herbs, physics has been scrapped from most of the medical schools. Imagine that, the most important subject a doctor should know, has been dropped from Medical Schools.

Must I carry on what modern science has done to our food, how they have manipulated it until there is nothing divine in anymore? For one reason only, so that the food cab last longer in order to make more money. When you know everything, you will get such a fright that you don´t want to buy food in your store anymore. Please do yourself a favor and do research and you will be inclined to go back to nature and grow your own vegetables and fruit. Why do we call these things "progress"? That is not progress but regression. We have created cars that stink and pollute the air we are supposed to breath. We use more and more chemicals and artificial manure to make our land "supposedly" more fruitful, but this makes our food very poisonous and we still find it strange why we get sick. Some of you see and know this and supplement their diet with vitamin pills. I do that too, but still it remains UNNATURAL. This is not how our heavenly Father has created the earth.

When God created Man they never fell ill and lived for long periods. Man was originally created for eternity on this earth and is the reason that we can create the paradise that God has already given us. Who says that Man is thrown out of paradise? Is that really so? I don´t think so, at least not by my heavenly Father. In my previous article I mentioned that the location of the Garden of Eden is not a geographical place but a spiritual atmosphere in God. This Garden is still there in our soul and never left. So our soul is like a court (see Jer 31:12 b), ".. so their souls will be as a wetland garden…."

God gave his Garden to Man, it was given to us and He never took it back, His garden is still very much alive in our soul, but lies dormant, but when we awake, we can create His Garden or paradise wherever we like, here on earth. All the knowledge about how to cultivate this garden lies within our soul and is waiting to be resurrected in order for us to create this paradise in the natural. We can together make it a haven of rest. We can make this beautiful paradise alive and live forever with and for our family; then again there will be peace and harmony among all people and all of creation. After I discovered these things, I have decided to take good care of this planet earth and create my own domain, and walk in the garden in the cool of the day, where I can communicate with God.

How then have we lost our communication with God, how did we land here, so far from the original creation of God? Was it really our heavenly Father that gave Moses instructions to create a special people, to elevate them above other nations and inherit a special country, flowing of milk and honey by murdering all the other nations? Think for yourself, could this really be our Loving Father, who never changes? Or did the evil priests propose that it was God, but it was all the time themselves who created these things? Was it maybe the "father" of the Pharisees, the devil, of which Jesus spoke? Where these heathen people really heathen or what do we know about them? Maybe these people were more in harmony with God and His creation than they led us to believe? After my revelation of Genesis One and Two, I began to questions these things and came to the conclusion that not all of the Old Testament was interpreted correctly.


Recently I read a few books OF Vladimir Merge, who wrote something about a person named Anastasia, who lived in the Taiga forest in Siberia and very much leading a life in harmony with God and His creation. I did not know that this was possible, but she seemed to live in such a way that God has meant from origin, in harmony with God and nature and the whole universe. This person seems to has the ability (as we have all received from the Creator, but have forgotten about it) to read things from the past and can look in the future. In Book 6 (Book of Kin) I read something very interesting, which confirmed many things of what my heart had already revealed, truths regarding the Old Testament history.

Remember that Jesus said that you do not need teachers, but that the Spirit of God in you all will confirm everything. So forget momentarily what you´ve learned in your church or Bible School and allow Him to convince you what is true or what is false and when you find it, this truth will really set you free and will help you to awaken from this deep sleep in which we all find themselves, You will find this truth within your Inner Man.

According to the story of Anastasia, this may have happened:

"It happened back in the early stages of the Age of the Image in the life of Man, that there were six people – just six – who found themselves unable to hold within their bodies, hearts and minds the balance of those energies of the Universe which God gave to Man upon creating him. (So this man began to think with his own Mind.) Perhaps, they needed to make their appearance to test all mankind?

At first it was in just one of the six that the energy of grandeur and self importance predominated – then in another, and then in a third, and finally in all six. They did not meet together at first. Each one lived independently. But like attracts like and they ended up concentrating their thought on how to become masters of all the people of the Earth. There were six of them and in public they referred to themselves as priests and through the process of reincarnation over the centuries, they still live until today.

Today all the people of the earth are governed by just six people – these are the priests. Their dynasties are ten thousand years old. From generation to generation they have been transmitting their knowledge of the occult to their heirs, along with the science of imagery, which was also partially known to them. They have taken great pains to hide the Vedic knowledge from other people. Among the six there is one who is considered chief, and he called the High Priest. Today he considers himself to be the chief ruler of human society". If you want more info read the book: (The Book of Kin, page 152, by Vladimir Merge).

Anastasia went on (page 158, shortened), "Six thousand years ago, one of the six, the High Priest decided to take control of the whole world. He reasoned like this: there is no way I can seize power through military force with the pharaoh´s armies – In this case it is not an army we need, but scientific thought. The science of "IMAGINATION" that will be my invisible army. The deeper I become acquainted with it, the more faithfully this army ought to serve me. The less that is known by the crowd, immersed as it is in occultism and unreality, the more it will be in subjection to me."

"The high priest devised his plan. Even today we find it reflected in the historical events of the past six thousand years. You and everyone else are aware of recent events. The only difference is in their interpretation. But you should try and give your own, and then the truth will be made known to you´, said Anastasia.

When I first read this I had a hard time to believe that this could be true, but when I compared this with my own inner feelings and research, it gave me the confirmation I was looking for. It is usually our laziness which is keeping us from doing investigating to see if something is the truth. After all it is much easier to listen to what other teachers tell us. We trust them, don´t we, for they are Christians who love God and don´t lie? But dear people, even Jesus said that the blind lead the blind. If someone is deceived and he teaches others, what will he teach?

Also about the exodus of Israel from Egypt did Anastasia say this:

"There in the council of those six priests the plan was laid out, and was later revealed to many – it is mentioned in the Bible, in the Old Testament. By order of the High Priest, the priest Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt. The people were offered a most marvelous life in the Promised Land prepared by God especially for them. The Jewish people were declared to be God´s chosen ones. The tempting news set minds afire, and a part of the people followed Moses, who for forty years led his people about from region to region in the wilderness. The priest´s assistants constantly preached sermons about their being a chosen people and inspired the people to make war and plunder cities, all in His (God´s) name.

If anyone should happen to awake from his psychosis and demand a return to his formal life, he was declared a sinner to be reformed, given a deadline by which he had to be reformed. If he failed to do this he would be killed. The priests acted not in their own names, BUT BY PRETENDING THEY WERE CARRYING OUT THE DEEDS OF GOD". End quote.

This is exactly what I have been feeling for a long time and what my research about these things has revealed. When we awaken from our hypnotic sleep we will interpret the things in the Bible the way it REALLY was and not what people SAY it was. The Jewish people were programmed in the desert for forty years and thus changed their thinking in order to become the troops of the High Priest. That is why Jesus had to come to deprogram His people first to save them. Jesus used His manifest gifts and wisdom to prevent the priests from carrying out their plans. He created His own religion to become a counterbalance to the error, the occult teachings of the priests. E.g. In contrast to the words "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" Jesus said, "if someone strikes you on one your right cheek, offer him the other also". Unlike the words "God Himself has a specially chosen people ´, "Jesus called them "servants of God" How can servants than be a chosen people?

The High Priest used the Jewish people all these centuries to do his own bidding. He used the Jews to disrupt the harmony in the world, and history shows us how the Jews were blamed for many things, while they were not guilty of such things at all. You ask, but why, what did they do that they always blamed and persecuted for certain things? For the simple reason, that this was instigated by the High Priest to achieve certain goals, and especially the goal of controlling the whole world.

Jesus knew about these priests and that his people had become a tool in the hands of the High Priest. Their weapons were not primitive swords or guns, but cunning and the creation of way of life subjecting all the world´s problems to occultism, in other words to the selfishness of the priests. They will do whatever it takes to have control. Jesus came to set His people free from the forty years of occult programming in the Sinai desert.


Anastasia further revealed that the High Priest knew the intention of Christ, but first did not know exactly how to go about it and it took him many years before he figured out a smart solution to this problem and I quote:

"There is no point in fighting Jesus´ teachings; through the minds of the soldiers I have selected from among the Jews, I must select them through all the people of the Earth; while maintaining the old religion for Israel".

Judge for yourself; according to Christian dogma, the Christian is a servant or a slave of God. Wealth is not welcome. According to Judaism, the Jew the chosen one, and to him belongs all the wealth and land and usury is welcome.

Hence it happened exactly as this High Priest had accomplished in his Mind. Two essentially different philosophies began to arise. According to the one, a Jewish nation was a chosen people, as Moses had taught them that, and all others were subservient to them. The other, as Jesus taught, all are equal before God and no one is supposed to have superiority over the other, in actual fact we should love one another and even loving our enemies.

The priest realized that if the religion of the Christians, with his love and humility, would be successful in the world and at the same time Judaism, which raised one above the other, the world will be subject to his will. The world would actually bow before the high priest. The preachers of the priests were going around the world as serious teachers of the new dogma. Was this the dogma of Jesus? That is the question, and I am very cautious to check even the New Testament with my Inner Man, His Spirit.

You certainly understand by now that by this time the priest already had a lot of time to add some of his own teachings with the doctrines of Jesus. Maybe you remember my first book (Jezebel Spirit 1996) where I challenged the authority of the pastors, after which my book was subsequently banned in some denominations? "Obey them that have the rule over you", that never went in with me, never, not even when I was a young born again Christian. It just did not go with my inner feeling. Compare this with the teachings of Jesus; you will see that he NEVER taught that one must have control over another person. I challenge you to find scriptures and send it to me, if you can find them.

No, Man has added many things and dogmas to the teachings of Christ. The four Gospels are still the most reliable. You cannot believe everything you read as truth, paper is always willing. The real truth is within you; it is there that you must seek it. You need His guidance dear people, because many of these preachers have been misled by these dogmas. They are the ones that came with the dogma that the true divine life was not here on earth, but somewhere in the future in another dimension. They are the true inventors of apartheid, they created the image of a paradise APART from the Earth, which God himself had created to be for eternity. It is precisely through this dogma why many religious fanatics do not look to life here on earth and don´t care about it at all. |Instead it does not take much to transform their religious minds to kill others and themselves for their faith in their God.

You might think that this goes too far, but since I broke away from the "religious system" 15 years ago, I have gone much further with research and discoveries. New revelations came due to the fact that I moved away from all those "systems" that kept me trapped in their mindsets, but now allowed the Creator to open my mind to His Mind. This high priest has no power over you and cannot influence you once you return in your own peace and find the method again to communicate with God. ALL men born on this planet earth are able to commune with God, period.


There are no spiritual teachers who can save you from these false doctrines until YOU GO AND THINK FOR YOURSELF and learn to recognize these false doctrines.For example, who told you that God wants you to bow before Him? Did He ever speak to you personally and asked you to bow before Him? The "Lord God" might perhaps incline this, because he wants to enslave you, but certainly not our Heavenly Father. Do you bow before your earthly father? No, that would be absurd. We are one with Father, made of the same substance as God, therefore we are His Son and Sons do not bow, they love.

Where do the 10 commandments come from? Jesus said if you do wrong in your mind, you already missing the mark. Why would God give us something that we would never be able to keep? Maybe the "Lord God" gave them to you to keep you enslaved to him. It is impossible to keep those commandments. My heavenly Father would never impose anything on me that I cannot do. How can I impose my own child do not things he is not able to do? That would be cruel. If I do not want to do that to my own child, how much more does my loving Father not want to impose that on me? But there is something we can do to restore our communication with Father.

What do you mean now Hans, you do not believe in the 10 commandments? No, I definitely do not, and not just the 10 commandments, but all the laws described in the Old Testament, they are evil and they were not instigated by our Father, but given to Moses, who THOUGHT they came from God, but had their origin in the evil High Priest. All commandments in the bible have their origin in Man. Read it for yourself; you do not want to read it because they are so disgusting and mindless that you really want nothing to do with it. I am sure that when Christians read the Bible, they skip these chapters in which the laws are described? What a bloody mess all these burnt offerings. God loves His creation, why would He kill them?

E.g. some laws say what kind of meat you may or may not eat, but we are originally not created to eat meat. The animals were created to serve us and not to eat them. Now I am not a vegetarian, but I completely understand those who feel they no longer want to eat meat. When I´m back in good communication with God in my own domain, then my body will tell me what it may or may not desire. I do not like to impose laws on myself, but when it comes natural, then it is God and I know this will come when we once again are in his harmony with God and nature.

Why are we so sunk or rather moved away from God´s thoughts? We followed our own Mind instead of the Mind of God by moving away from His creation, which are His thoughts. How do we find the Mind of God back? By going back to God and His thoughts! But where is God? You can find God everywhere. You begin with yourself, you find Him within you and about you (The Kingdom is near you). You can find him in Man, but also in nature, you will find him even in the soil, because wherever there is life, there is God. God is omnipresent. Our nature, mountains, trees, plants, flowers, grass, sun, moon and stars, the whole universe was created by Him. THESE MANIFESTATIONS OF NATURE ARE THE THOUGHTS OF GOD. If you cultivate the flowers, plants and tree, if you take care of the animals, you are communicating with the THOUGHTS of God. Remember that the thoughts of Man is matter, they are substance and means you can have a mental concept of what you think. "Faith (thoughts) is the substance…" (Hebr.11:1). WE have moved away from God´s thoughts, which mean we find no rest. Yet we can learn much from history and what happened in the past. We see not long ago that kings (and even today) have beautiful gardens at their palaces. You cannot imagine a palace without a beautiful cultivated garden, where one could meditate and find peace.

In nature energy radiates from the thoughts of God and it is there you will find rest. So it´s not hard to find God after all, He is closer than you might think. Similarly, people radiate energy. If I e.g. give a lecture and I get a good hearing, then there is energy radiating from me to the people and when it falls on good soil, it comes back to me as energy, and you feel more energized. Many speakers who experience this know what I am talking about. Some call this the "anointing" of God, but it actually is the energy of Father God, who is all in all.

Have a look at our leaders, or ministers today, they are from early in the morning until late at night working on things, things and things. But where do they really get their rest or peace of mind to think about the new laws they are busy proposing? I have never seen one that withdraws from their duties to spend a week in nature to meditate about those things, there just is not the time. They are so very busy, but it is all a theatre show, for they never come to the real truth about issues, for truth comes from the thoughts of God. All they bring forth is more illusions. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, and they have no time to find Gods mind, His wisdom on these issues, they will not solve the problem, but only make it more difficult. They need the inspirations of His Mind to consequently arrive to a peaceful solution for those problems that might arise. When we return to God´s thoughts, then we will see a change in this world.

Man is destroying the earth, God´s creation by their own mind. We drill 10 km into the ground, even make roads and lanes below, just to bring out that sought after gold. We destroy the earth to bring up the black gold and just look how much we already have destroyed by doing that (just think of the Gulf of Mexico). All those energy sources do not bring forth the harmony that we need. If we allow God´s thoughts to go over the energy requirements, it will produce inventions that are in harmony with the earth. We can e.g. invent cars that run on water, if this still should be necessary. I tell you that all these things are possible and much more, but who do you think is opposing this to happen? The evil powers of darkness. Where do these forces prevail? In our own minds! That is why Jesus taught that all sin (missing the mark) will be forgiven, but not blasphemy against the Spirit. This Spirit is your Inner Man where ALL the truths of the Universe are hidden and we better listen to it. It will do us much harm if we fail to search in our Inner Man for the right answers. Everything is indeed given to us, life and godliness and it is hidden in our Inner Man.

At present the earth is poisoned, tired and sick, and sometimes it tries to shake it off and/or throws up as we recently saw happening in Japan. I don´t even have to talk to you about the nuclear disaster that happened afterwards. Judgment of God you say? This, dear beloved is NOT the wrath of God, but is something we have achieved with our own minds. God had nothing to do with it, for if He had this would not have happened. If we go back to origin and treat the earth as God intended it, the earth will feel loved again, it will be in harmony with Man and it will settle down and give us what we need without any hassle. If we cease to poison the ground for no reason other than getting more money for our crops, our crops will become healthy with delicious flavors as God intended it to be. If everyone will be busy with this, then the earth will change again into a beautiful Paradise. Then, the rivers will be full of life again and we can drink living water from the rivers and springs. The animal life will be restored and are going to serve us again. Do you believe that? "And You made us kings and priests to our God, and we will reign over the earth". When will Man become a king and priest?


It all began in a Garden, a Garden that you carry within you. We still have the opportunity to create this Garden from the spirit realm into the physical realm and make it a Paradise. If all men again have a piece of land, a family domain, where the love of God is manifested, then everything will come back into harmony with yourself and restoration will not be far away. A king needs a king dom(ain), a place where he can be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish his earth, subdue it: and have dominion over every living thing that moves on his domain. Then we can really become priests for our household. Until we are aware of this, nothing will change. You can wait for a "return" of Jesus or wait for heaven, but all these things are deceptions. He has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. With that we can and will restore the planet earth. That is why I keep writing about these revelations, for together we can change this world. Even the established churches out there today, if they wake up from the hypnotic sleep, they can have a tremendous influence on their people to present them with this good news.

Land, we have so much land and what are we doing with it? Who owns the land? Does the state own it? But what are they doing with it? God has not given anybody a title deed, the land belongs to His creation, Man. Unfortunately; the "system" has claimed it, the system that we have created ourselves. The system now wants to transfer it for money, and then again they like to see some tax money on top of it.

When we have land that we can cultivate the way God designed it from the beginning and turn back to His thoughts, restoration will come. This is the mystery that these demonic priests tried to keep secret for millennia, so Man would FORGET about all this. They have done a fairly good job so far and the thinking of Man has been slowed down tremendously and is immersed in an occult thought world that thinks that this it is, but it is not! But what God has given us in our Inner Man can and will NEVER be lost, it was only lying dormant for a while, the awakening has begun.

We want to reclaim family domains, and I tell you that "land" is the most important factor in the restoration of this earth to reclaim our Paradise. Through the centuries, many religions talked about God, but not ONE has ever touched the obvious, by consciously communicating with nature, Man communicates with the thoughts of God. When we understand the universe, we understand God.

Once we are going to find the answers in ourselves, the restoration will be here very soon. I discovered that every person on earth has an immense ability in itself to even look into the lives of people thousands of years ago, to look into the future lives and even to create your own future. The prophetic that we see today in the prophetic movements is only a fraction of what we truly are capable of. It all just needs to be properly understood. That is what we are going to learn, for the best Teacher still lives in you and me. Once this is understood, no one can deceive you anymore, because you will KNOW the truth, in actual fact YOU ARE THE TRUTH. People will again be in harmony with each other and all wars will cease.

In the thought or the dream of a family estate, where everything is in harmony with yourself, you´re much closer to God than all imaginable rituals together. Worship is not on your knees and your arms outstretched to a place somewhere where we think God is, although you may freely do that, but it still has nothing to do with worship. It is not the worship that God seeks. God is not a person, He is spirit and truth. He moves in me and you and all living things and therefore we are all ONE and we are connected, He is all in all. True worship, Jesus said is in spirit and truth. Now you know where that spirit and truth is, live in it. Forget about those hypocritical preaching about how we should die for God. That is NOT what God required. We do not have to die for God, but we ought to live for God and love Him by loving all of His creation on earth. To take care of His creation is proof that you love God.

A man who lives on his own domain and feeds his family with his own sowed products cannot get sick. If this occasionally may happen then God has provided certain herbs that will heal instantly. The type of food and the times Man was meant to eat it, was determined by God. In the same way instinct works for animals, God gave to man an inner consciousness by which we know exactly when and how much food we need to take, but that ability also lies dormant and need to be resurrected. There go our diets out of the door, this is no longer necessary, once we are again in harmony with nature and therefore in harmony with God and your physical body will react to that. Give yourself a chance to work this out for yourself.


Perhaps you are shocked by these disclosures. Thank God, I was to, and I needed a long time for this to sink in, but sometimes we need to be shaken and not stirred. I have made these disclosures at a glance and realize that many may need additional explanations, which we are willing to give. You can of course always mail me if you have questions. Maybe we put a blog on our Web site and we are also prepared to conference about these subjects. We will learn as we go, especially now that we are eager to set up our own domain. We are busy getting rid of all the debts we have made in our life in order to become financial free and I believe that this is possible for every man on earth. There may be those who also want to know more about land and domains, and like to take this further, but do not know how. Remember, we all know in part, but together we know a lot more and together we can set this up. I´m sure that those who are awakening want to continue to make the earth again a Paradise without violence and wars, where we can live in harmony with Gods thoughts and each other and be happy again with a life without sickness and death and celebrate.

Would you help me? Send this article to as many people of which you think will benefit from this partnership. I am sure I might have made some mistakes in my English Grammar, but don´t worry about that, the message will come over when one reads it with the heart.

Greetings and stay blessed

Hans & Alie Koning

(Port Elizabeth)


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