Who is this: GOD OF THIS WORLD? Part 1+2


One of the boldest moves I ever made was writing a book about “the god of this world”. Proclaiming the “god” of the Old Testament is a bloodthirsty god, a murderer from the beginning. Realizing that it would cost me a lot of favor from the Christian world. But who needs favor if Father God is always on your side? Now I am doing it again with this article. But seriously, if we never get to know why this evil thing (Plándèmîc) is happening today in the world and by whom, we will never be able to conquer it. Being popular was never my goal, but exposing the truth is. Like Jesus, I just lay out a simple truth and those who have an ear to hear let them hear.

“I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep” – Leonardo Da Vinci

In a conversation with the religious leaders of His day, we can see who Jesus thought their “god” was; “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

This did not make Him very popular with the religious leaders and they called Him demon-possessed. But He stood His ground (read the whole text in John 8) and told them exactly who they are. That was the whole reason for Jesus coming, to destroy the works and lies of the enemy, for He knew how dangerous it would be for the whole world to fall in the clutches of this enemy. He even warned them about “him’ whom we should fear; “But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him!” Luke 12:5. He was not talking about His Father, but about our enemy, the god of this world. You can read it all in my book, “How we are being framed by the god of this world”.

I never had the notion to be known as a writer, not at all. I just wanted to tell people the truth. I might not have any high education or experience in the literature field and also refuse to submit my books to editors to change into something more “acceptable” writing. Because I rather not speak to the intellectual mind anyway but like to touch the human heart with truth. I like to communicate from heart to heart, that’s the most honest thing you can do and is what I have always done. People are eager to hear the truth, even if it is not professionally written but sincere and simple to understand. That’s what I did and to come to this truth will change your life forever as it did mine.

But who then is this ‘god of the world’ who blinds the minds of people? Some might call him devil, or Satan or lawless one. Even Jesus called him the “ruler of this world” but that he had no claim on Him.  He was simply exposed to me as an ordinary man like you and me that calls himself the High Priest that has about 5 other priests working with him and he has been secretly ruling the whole world for thousands of years. Through the process of reincarnating themselves over the centuries, they are still living to this very day. The only difference is that he has many powers that we have forgotten to use, especially the “science of imagery”. Through his silent mind control, he could do what he liked, even starting wars and toppling governments.

It all started about 6000 years ago when he directed his energy in gaining control of the whole world. At the same time, he decided to resurrect his own world, separate from the one Father God had created. Starting in Genesis 2 where he changed many things to the original creation of Father God. He had studied the “science of Imagery” to perfection in secret, while he made sure that people are remembering less and less about the Law of Nature.

Today he is channeling the energy of the interaction between people and the living Deity. He is feeding on this, giving nothing in return. The people became confused as if they were under a hypnotic spell and did not even think but just followed the commands as if they were half asleep. And they began to destroy the world of the Divine Nature while building an artificial world for the priests’ benefit.

Today, this high priest considers himself to be the chief monarch of human society. Today all the people on the earth are being governed by this fake god and his priests. His plan has been worked out to the finest of details. He planned to use the Hebrew faith, to get to the whole world. Because of being the secret ruler of the earth, nobody else could ever become so powerful. Although some have tried, like Alexander the Great or the Roman Empire. But as soon as they got close to grasping universal authority something would happen that would destroy the claimant and his army would fall in disarray. For example, Alexander looked to be successful, but he died at a young age and his empire fell.

I know my Father, therefore, I will not say anything else as what I hear Him say, I will not do anything that I don’t see Him doing. Is that not what Jesus said? He is a kind Father, full of love for His creations, a God of Love, who does not want to harm anybody or any of his creation. He does not judge nor punish His people for anything. He loves Man, His Son, and every animal that He created. He has given us everything He had until there was nothing more to give. I can’t describe the Love our Father has for us, I can only feel it. And He is nothing of what the Old Testament portrays Him to be. He has no ego, does not need to be worshipped, and does not need a name, He simply is, Nature.

I will give you just one example of the reason I say this “god is bloodthirsty”. Have a look at what he did through Moses, his magician priest. When Pharaoh stubbornly (he had hardened his heart remember) refused to let the Hebrews go, he killed the firstborn of both people and animals in Egypt. The Hebrews that fled were about one million. That means about 250,000 families, shared with a neighbor that leaves about 125,000 lambs were slaughtered. What a bloody mess and you think that Father God would do that to His creation? The Egyptians were most probably more than the Hebrews, which would mean that about 250,000 first-born children and animals were murdered (what about his law, thou shalt not commit murder?). Do you still think that my loving Father would do such a thing?

He declared the Jewish people to be God’s chosen ones, but I don’t understand that as we also heard (and I believe this) that God is no respecter of persons, how then can he choose a people above other people? Maybe you will understand now why the High Priest needed 40 years in the desert to make sure he got them completely brainwashed? The helpers of the priests were pretending they were carrying out the deeds of God. They were constantly proclaiming that they are a special people, sermon after sermon. They were told to make war in God’s name and plunder cities and murder innocent people. Of course, some awoke and realized this is not God, but they were quickly declared to be sinners. If they did not repent, they were also killed.

Please dear friends, this is the truth, the Hebrews were programmed by the “god of this world”. The history proclaimed in the Old Testament did indeed happen and is indeed a true portrayal of the historical events. The Jews had become a tool in the hands of this god. They had become foot soldiers for this fake god and were forced to seize power over all the earth’s people to satisfy his own vainglory.

Therefore, Jesus tried to deprogram his people and used his manifest gifts to get to know this “science of imagery”. After He had learned a great deal about this he decided to set His people free from this evil occultic religion and tyranny. He did this by creating his own religion to counteract the occult religion of the Jewish people. Remember this, in the Occult world, everybody lives by deceit. His religion was meant for His people, but Christians have taken it upon themselves to make Him their king. I don’t think Jesus mind this, but we should see the truth as it is. He is not our King and is nobody’s king. He just is, the Son of God. Christians call Him the “only” begotten Son of God. But He never claimed that He was the ‘only’ one. He is a Son of God, but so are you, dear reader. We are spirit beings. A particle of the Father lives in every human being on earth. We are all equally created and connected to the Father.

Why is this important to know who this “god” is? I think this is very important, for it will tell you who YOU ARE. If you say your Father God loves you and lives within you, then you know who you are, like Jesus, a son of God. If you think this “god” of the Old Testament is your father, well see what Jesus said to those who believed that: you are of the father, the devil, who is a murderer from the beginning. Is anybody awake yet?

Now once we know who we are, and we know who our enemy is, we can change things on this earth. I hope you can say with me, “the ruler of this world may come but has nothing in me”. I am clean, I am Divine Light, I am Divine Love. Once we are there we realize we are Light Beings we can start changing things on this earth and make it again a beautiful Garden. The way it was from the pristine origin and make it even nicer.

Maybe you will understand now a bit more about what is happening in the world today. This all has a lot to do with the “god of this world” who designed this “Plándèmîc” from the beginning. He has been busy for hundreds of years already. It is not the illumin@ti, it is not the Cab@l. It is not those big names you hear about who we think is the problem. They too have been given instructions through silent mind control by the high priest. He does not need to give instructions to the lower ranks. He can silently give commands to a few and the rest follows.

The whole “system” we are living under today has been designed by him and controls our lives. We are numbered and are his slaves. His soldiers, who are his bio-robots on earth will do the bidding. He instigates, gives ideas and they are being executed by his bio-robots. Although they think it is their own ideas for even they don’t know they are just following orders through silent commands. For the last 6000 years, he dumbed us down through educational programs and religious doctrines. He brainwashed the Jews for thousands of years until this very day and uses them to control the whole earth.

But he has forgotten one very important thing. You can NEVER EVER erase the Divine knowledge that is within each person on this earth. Once a person is awakened and becomes consciously aware of who he is he will be enlightened by this Divine knowledge. They will walk in the light as He is in the light. Through this Divine knowledge, they will realize they are the Forces of Light that will conquer the forces of darkness by just being the light. Together, we will become a strong force that will bring back peace and harmony on this earth.

In Part 2 we will discuss in what way the “god of this world” has used the Jews and other religions (all religions are created by him) to conquer the world through the business and financial sectors. How this whole plan of the “lockd*wns” was implemented and how it will all fail in the end. Remember we are not against the Jews, we are against him that has deceived the Jews and abuses them and all of mankind on the earth today. We are all equal and loved by Father God.



You will most probably not see many “likes” for this article when I place it on Facebook. That is easy to explain. When I post some nice pictures of me or my family or our beautiful garden, there is no danger to “like” It, but once I put down some controversial truth that is not the norm or easily accepted in the Christian faith it’s different. Maybe the people are afraid to “like” that as others can see that too and means they are identifying with that controversial truth. They will read it but are afraid to identify themselves with it. I do understand that and I am not looking for “likes” anyway. My goal is to set the people free from the occult so they can become the light in this dark world.

Therefore, I had promised to speak in this second part of the “god of this world” and how he uses the Jews to manipulate the financial markets for the last two thousand years. I love history, and you can call me a “historian” although I never studied for that. But once I receive a revelation from within I do my utmost to prove that this has happened or at least get close to its truth. I have done a lot of research concerning religions as I explained in my previous part 1 concerning the Old Testament and the control the god of this world had on the Jews.

I have learned to be very careful what I read, even in the New Testament which is full of contradictions. We read that even the disciples were fighting with one another about certain doctrines, so who should I believe now? I have to test the “spirit”. The New Testament letters were assembled only 400 years after the ascension of Jesus. A lot can happen in 400 years, don’t you think? These letters were selected by certain people after much debate over what should be included and excluded. Be aware that there is a considerable volume of religious literature, including some gospels, that were excluded from the Bible after an often bitter, debate by so-called church fathers. I will tell here in short what happened when Jesus arrived.

At that time, the Jews were already programmed and only believed in occult deeds. Their consciousness was oppressed by the world of the illusory. Jesus decided to act in an occult manner Himself and founded an occult religion. In this way, Jesus became a serious problem for the priest (fake god) and it took him a long time to find a solution for this. He considered the following; Instead of fighting Him, he decided to join Him. Many have not understood the teachings of Jesus and therefore it was easy for this fake god to change that a little to serve his purposes. He had altered some Christian teachings to serve his requirements. He injected a twist to the Christian teachings and created a need for salvation that no one recognized they already possessed. He then sent his ‘agents’ into the world with false doctrines while maintaining the old religion for Israel. One of his greatest tricks was to deceive the Christian into believing that there is a ‘future’ heaven. Once they believed that, they would not listen anymore to their instinct or the Divine Mind. They would only listen to what the “Word” says, and in that way he got them hooked. The Christian world became divided into a multitude of denominations that are often in conflict with one another.

What happened now is that two fundamentally different philosophies began to co-exist; the Jewish religion and the Christian religion. According to the Jewish religion, they are a chosen people and all other people ought to be subject to them. On the other side, you have the Christian faith, which proclaims that all people are equal, and they should love one another, even their enemies.

These preachers went into the world as earnest teachers of the new doctrine. The first flow of preachers was not so successful, as they were very fanatical in their approach. They did not initially succeed by taking their message to the great and the powerful, the mighty Roman elite.

By changing his tactics, the next wave was more successful, as they were not that fanatical but focused their dogmas more on the leaders. They spoke more expressively and had more knowledge of psychology. They were capable of influencing a person by using his ambitions to achieve his desires. They could persuade them into believing that their authority would be improved and preserved by the Christian faith. (Rom 13: For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God). This worked on their ego, the ruler believed he was ordained to the throne by God. Once they believed this, their states would now be more controllable and flourishing.

Hence in the 4th Century, Rome fell, not by external wars, but it was destroyed from the inside after adopting Christianity. They celebrated their victory by destroying the famous Library of Alexandria. Bonfires of books and ancient scrolls burned in many cities. This is all history, you can do all this research yourself.

To be able to do all this, money played a great role in this. Many leaders were paid huge sums of money and/or promises for future wealth. Too complicated to explain to you here. But as the priest owns all the money in the world, as he created it, this was not a problem.

Maybe you can understand now why his perfect plan was to create this Jewish religion with these devices so they can control all the monies in the world. I will explain to you why he used the Jews through their religious commandments. You can read this for yourself in the O.T.

Within the Jewish society, there was the tribe of Levites that were offered a special position among them. They were exempt from participating in military action and were not to pay taxes or tribute to anyone. This tribe was positioned in the middle of their camps and in this way protected by the other eleven Hebrew tribes. On top of that, they would receive a tenth of the income of the other tribes.

For this, they were appointed to conduct services and to enforce Jewish laws, where to go, what to eat and what to do. They showed what lands to occupy and when to fight. In short, they were the real operative rulers of the Jewish people. They also knew the secret science of Imagery that I told you about in part 1. The Science of Images is to manipulate people’s minds in doing that what he would like them to do, while they are thinking it is their own thinking. Because the Levites were exempted from most other duties that everybody else was accustomed to, they had more time to constantly perfect their knowledge of the secret science from generation to generation until this present day.

Yes, the Levites are still operating today. They are very intelligent and are governing everybody in the world. The reason for this is that just like the Egyptian priests they too are operating in secret. They remain in the shadows and if anything goes wrong the responsibility goes to the Jews, the ones who carry out their will. The Jews have been persecuted for centuries all over the world. They were persecuted for using any means of making as much money as possible. In this, they were successful as they were trained to do that. In this, the Jews were helped by the Levites who gave them sound advice and clever involvement to be successful in business.

No matter what part of the world they were in, the Jews were obliged to pay part of their profits to the Levites, tithing this was called, and are still doing this everywhere in the world. There are still rabbis and other clerics among the Jews today. The majority of the Jews are still obeying the rules and observing their religious canons.

That means an immense amount of capital is held by the Levites. This wealth is held in the banks that are mostly owned by Jews. It takes only a hint from the Levites as to where to invest the money. And of course, they can also give hints to which organization or alliance of opposing governments should be either supported or otherwise annihilated by financial conspiracies.

Financial conspiracies, that sounds very true in my ears as my research brought me to many of these organizations that receive lots of funds to do their dirty work. All under the mantle of doing “good”, but in the meantime, they have an agenda of their own.

I know that lots of Christian churches also use the tithing doctrine, but there is a lot of misconduct in this principle. The ministers often amplify this with, ‘you only receive from God if you give first’ as if God can be manipulated with such conduct.  After I wrote an article about this false dogma some time ago, the leaders of churches turned very much against me and warned their people not to read my articles. I always seem to have a lot of problems with organized churches.

To whom belongs all the wealth in the world? I can say in short, like in a pyramid form, there are only four or five large companies that own all the other companies in the whole world. This priest only has to control the top owners and the foot soldiers will do the rest. All the MSM (Main Stream Media) is in the hands of the C@bal and all the news stations get their manipulated info from the Media Bureaus. All the money in the world is his, even the money you have in your pocket. He controls the whole world by giving silent commands through mind control. When Jesus was tempted by him, he promised to give Him all the kingdoms of the world, Jesus never argued with him that he did not own these kingdoms. He knew who the god of this world was and what he was doing, he just did not give in to this idol worship.

So, now we know who our enemy is and how can we overcome this fraudster that usurps all the glory that belongs to the Father? These forces of darkness have driven Man further and further away from their pristine origins. He was very successful to keep people from thinking about the essence of earthly life. He deceived them and they believed that a happy life only exists beyond the Earth border. The priest was happy he accomplished this and now he could give Man little occult hints about how to reach heaven or how not to land in hell. My question is, should we kill those who do these bad things? Can we conquer this evil with evil? I don’t think this will work, but is something that our enemy would like us to do as he can handle such situations. However, I can tell you this, our Father did not leave us empty-handed. We already have the Divine knowledge on how to handle these situations. This is the time for the Great Awakening.

For example, an apple seed has all the knowledge hidden inside to grow in a beautiful apple tree. For millions of years, this seed is still the same. It knows how to get nutrition from the ground, it knows the seasons and grows apples, and produces new seeds for new apple trees. This has not changed in millions of years. In the same way, our Father has given us a “seed” that resides within our DNA. Our Father’s presence lives in this DNA and it will never change and I believe that all the Divine knowledge from our pristine origin is still available to us. We just have to find it again. This is the presence of our Father and we can live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, these are words spoken by the Father from your mouth.

Scientists have now proven this and I quote: “Contained within a large portion of the DNA codes and keys are the etheric memories and ancestral patterns of the bloodline of the parents of the emerging child. What they do not understand is that within the “junk” portion of the DNA codes and keys lies the memory of the soul’s past lives, parallel lives, and lives on other worlds; in essence, the entire history of the soul since its emergence from the Godhead many millions of years ago. Also contained within the DNA codes and keys is the program that triggers ascension. Development does not stop with a fully-formed human being, but continues up the ascension spiral until eventually, you all become beings of pure light”. End quote.

The only problem we have is our evil scientists that keep on messing with our very genetic structure, it’s called GMOs. It becomes mutant food and when you eat that, you become a mutant yourself, it causes cancer and a lot of other sicknesses.

I am not a scientist, but it only confirms that I was right. They now have proven that all memories of the soul’s past lives, the entire history of the soul lie within your DNA. We have all the answers we need in this life to live a pure life. This Divine knowledge in our DNA is what will defeat the forces of darkness. We will become beings of pure light. This light will eventually remove all darkness in this world. This is good news and once we are moving back to communicate with Nature, we will be victorious.

But this is bad news for the god of this world as he hates the light. Maybe you will understand now why he may try to alter our DNA by injecting foreign substances into our body, like the mRNA. It might erase the Divine knowledge that all people on earth have and change you into a bio-robot. And man will become himself a GMO. I quote a prophetic word here that exposes what this v@ccine does:

“It introduces building blocks of artificial intelligence into the human body. It is the beginning of the transformation of the human being into a machine. The human body recognizes a massive threat in these building blocks, which means it begins a defense that is so radical that even healthy cells are killed in the process. The body wages war against itself. The natural immune system of the human body cannot match the intruder and goes out of control. As a result, these people become susceptible to diseases that were previously a trifle for the immune system”. End quote.

We all received the freedom of choice from the Father, it is up to you to choose the right thing. I am not telling you what to do. For myself, as long as I live on this earth, I will never allow anything foreign, like this mRNA, to enter my body. I don’t want to lose my inner connection to the Divine. We are unique creatures of God and yet we are all connected through the power of love and the power of light. This fake god might be the “god of this world”, but I am not of this world, I am from above.

“Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God”. Are you living by the truth?

Stay blessed


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