The question is, who are we, and why are we here on this earth? For most people trying to get to know themselves, it seems to be a battle, let alone knowing why we are here. But why does this seem to be so difficult? What stands in the way to get to the deep core of a human being? Is it our upbringing, is it our education that stands in the way of reality? Or is it maybe our religious education? Does not God see my problems? For some, it might take a lifetime to understand who they are. I had that problem and it took me many decades to understand the principles of being and the true me. My journey started when I got suspicious of all that I learned and understood much of what I had learned was erroneous and our society is based on faulty philosophies that are not light aligned. Let me explain how I changed and how my changing energies might allow others to change as well when they see the light emanating from me. I don’t want to show my opinion or argue about what I know. Just to show how I got set free from the dark side and able to walk in the light.

I sometimes listen to prophetic ministers to see what they have to say in these pivotal times. I often hear them speaking about the problems happening in the world, but they seem to miss the point of reality. Imagining that God is going to do it all. Often, they want to strengthen their viewpoint by saying, “the Lord says ….”. I always question this, was it really the Lord speaking? We have to test all spirits, and you have to test mine as well. They are often expressing their fears and the only answer they give is that God will interfere. But how will He interfere? They still talk about the King that is coming who will change everything. I asked myself, but why would He come back while we don’t do anything that He says anyway? I decided to search for light and while searching, I often remember the prophetic words my wife spoke once in a church, “the things you think that it is, it is not, and the things you think that it is not, that is it”. That kept me busy with what that could be, and I started to change the way I look at things, and the things I looked at changed. It really did.

Who is Jesus and why do they call Him Lord? Is it not true, when I look up to someone, I lower the Deity that resides within me? The Creator created all man equally and He is no respecter of persons. I was told that God chose a people for Himself. I questioned this, why would He do that if He is no Respecter of persons? It did not add up and made no sense to me. I went far back in history and found that I had been lied to for many, many years. I discovered that all people on earth are equally His Son. Yes, Jesus is the Son of Man, but so am I and so are you, my dear family. People call Him Lord, but if call someone your Lord. are you not supposed to do what He says? It seems that many are rather waiting for His return, it is much easier. I decided not to call Him Lord anymore, for it gives me a wrong image of who He is. I stopped seeing Him as Lord, for I experienced Him as my loving brother and friend, who share the same Father, we are One. He never forces me to do anything, He simply advises, and I am trying to BE what He says. Once my conscious awareness is at His level, I will do the same things as He did.

Do I compare myself with Jesus? There is no comparison, as I said we are all One with the Creator, only living on different levels of understanding. My true self is One with Him and so are you, we are all connected. You might agree that Jesus knows all things and can do all things. I discovered that my soul also knows everything and knows all there is to know, it just does not always remember. This is a problem, and to fill that void, I wanted to remember scriptures, but why? Was that not to please God in some way? No, I was not consciously aware yet that I don’t need scriptures at all, as all truth is already known in my soul. Sometimes we remember and sometimes we don’t remember. Therefore, we need experiences in life for us to remember what is hidden in our souls. This is often a process of happenings and trials. I will give you an illustration of some experiences in my awakening process.


I will give you a few short examples that changed my awareness about being. There was a time all went very well for me and I had accumulated many precious things that I thought were important. A good construction business, a few houses, and 3 Mercedes’s in my garage. I was happy, and richness stroked my ego. Then there came a time that I lost everything, even the house I lived in. This was a hard knock for my family. At one stage I was even put on the street by a Landlord as I could not pay the rent anymore. My brother who lived in another city 1000km further was very generous and offered me a job. I put all my furniture and belongings in a small truck and drove to where he lived. This took me nearly 24 hours as we had to make a dangerous route through the mountains with the heavily loaded truck. We survived this, and we were very glad to arrive safely at my brother’s place.

We found a house to rent and the day that we wanted to bring the truck to our new place to offload, I started the truck, put the handbrake on, and went into the house to fetch my wife. While I was talking to my wife we heard a big bang outside. In the meantime, the truck decided to go there by itself. The handbrake did not work properly, and it moved down the road, bumped into a wall on the other side, jolted back on the street, and there it fell over, the backdoors flung open and all my furniture scattered in the street. Wow, I could hardly believe what happened. What more could go wrong? This was a devastating experience.

After cleaning up the mess, I finally arrived at our new house in the afternoon, I stayed in the car. My wife saw me sitting in the car and came up to me. She saw I was crying and that I had a very hard time believing all this shit that was happening in my life lately. She put her hands on my shoulder and said, “Hans we can’t go any lower, together we can only go up”. Thank God for a faithful wife, after all the shit I put her through she kept her faith in me.

What did I learn through this experience? Embrace your trials, for through these you will receive Remembrance! The trials in my life have helped me understand myself in knowing who I am. I can tell you, my ego went right out of the door and I realized that these experiences made me a humbler person. Today I have understanding and can love people who go through hard times and can help them. The feeling of Love got another meaning to me. Love that the Creator has put in our hearts from the beginning of time. Now, through these experiences, I learned valuable lessons about love. However, to understand and to do nothing is still basically valueless. I learned that our higher mind must work together with our lower mind, and what we create in the physical is the result of this union. This was so important in my life.

I remembered to understand the power of my emotions. Why did this in the first place happen to me? I can’t blame others for this, I have to look at myself. I realized that pride comes before the fall because it makes you blind to reality. It happened that I often override my initial reaction to situations with my intellect. The first reaction comes mostly from your higher mind and the second reaction comes from your lower mind (your intellect). I listened too often to my intellect (my ego said, I was clever) instead of trusting my higher mind. My problem was that I had learned ideas of “being nice” and “fair-minded” and because of these false beliefs, I often allowed what I first reacted to as negatively to enter into my life and to be sorry later. I could have saved myself from a lot of pain and misery had I learned to listen to my emotions earlier about certain characters. We can’t just judge the exterior, it takes a moment or two to judge whereas my initial reaction is my intuition. It is arrogance that made my intuition weaker and hence I picked the fruit of my decisions. Maybe that is why today I bring truth without being “nice” about it, for is it not pure truth that will set you free?

We discussed and prayed about this situation. My wife and I remembered that we should not ask God for anything, but believe He already gave Man everything that pertains to life and godliness. We stood tall and we believed that we own all things and exercised our faith to remove mountains. Led by our higher self, we were surely soon restored to a new business again. We received funds to go back to our city within 3 months. We established a new business and within 2 years I had a wonderful home again in an upmarket area. We remembered that richness is not in material things, they don’t matter. As long as we remember that we have all things available in our soul, what else do we need? Rather, richness is in what we have learned or experienced in our life by listening to our higher self. By allowing our higher mind to work together with our lower mind, and we created in the physical the result of this union.


Another experience we had was when our youngest child was taken by a car and he left us when he was only 9 years young. What do you do in a case like that? We were overcome by pain and confusion, this can’t be happening to us, but it did. It happened when he was at a friends’ birthday party. He run over the street and did not see the car coming. We were devastated and felt the pain of losing a loved one. We prayed about it and were contemplating what to do. We refused to allow guilt to bring us down, all things happen for a reason, we had to find out what it was.

This might sound strange, but we felt as if we were experiencing this whole thing on a different higher level as if we were carried by angels to see things rationally. We agreed to contact the driver of the car to set him free of any guilt. We said that we forgave him for he did not do this on purpose. We did not want to know how fast he was driving, it did not matter. We told him our son was safe where he was. He was so glad that he even came to the funeral. You see, we remembered, this is how we can set people free, otherwise, the enemy is going to play with their minds. We also visited the owners of the house where it happened and set those people free of guilt and condemnation. They might have thought it was their fault and the enemy would have played with their mind as well. We showed them our love and consideration and they appreciated this very much.

This time we learned and remembered things about life and death. We remembered we are eternal beings and realized that our son is not dead, but alive. Maybe living in another dimension but he is still part of us. My family could not understand what we did, but we remembered that we have been given full authority for what we can do in this life on earth. We can bring blessings, or we can curse, it is up to us. By blessing the other people, we felt good and this made us very happy. To be there for others has surely helped us overcome the pain of losing a child at such a young age.


There are many more things my wife and I experienced and remembered who we are. This writing would be too long to mention all of them, but all these trials made us the persons we were created to be from the beginning of time. We are still on this road of remembrance. The difference between Jesus and me is that He remembered everything, 100% and I only remembered maybe 1%, but don’t worry, my remembrance is increasing all the time. Some may ask, how can all that knowledge possibly be in our soul, knowledge that might be millions of years old?

To illustrate this, I planted a seed of an apple tree in my garden. It is a tiny seed, and it knows who it is. It has all the knowledge already in it to become a nice productive tree. It knows what nutrition to take from the soil to become an apple tree and not something else. Once above the ground, it gets connected with the Universe and knows what to take in from the celestial entities, like the sun, the moon, and the stars. It knows the seasons and when spring comes it starts to blossom and when summer comes beautiful apples appear. It knows not to grow all the apples at the same time, but they ripen spread out. And then it produces new seeds for the next apple trees. This seed has been there for thousands, maybe millions of years, and still does the same thing, becoming an apple tree in the way the Creator had designed it from pristine origin.

Therefore, I asked myself, will the Creator of all His beautiful creations not give Man, the pinnacle of His Creation also the knowledge of who He is and what to become in life? I convinced myself that He surely did, it must be hidden somewhere in my inner being, some may call it your higher self, Divine mind or your soul, nevertheless it’s the REAL YOU. Then I thought, why did this tree not decide to become a plum tree? Because it can’t change his destiny. However, I thought, but I can change my destiny, and that makes me different than any other seed. I have received a mind of my own, and a free choice to use whatever I want. This is very important as I believe that Man was given the freedom of choice and God has never taken that away from him. That is what makes us different from animals and plant seeds.

Someone asked me, “how then did we seem to have lost this knowledge?” Well, I should not say, lost it, but rather “left” it. In the same way, as the apple seed did not lose anything, that knowledge should still be residing in our soul but once our carnal thinking takes over we seem to lose it. For decades I allowed my soul to be snowed under by all kinds of man-made rules, regulations, doctrines, and protocols. Since my awakening process started I have decided to get rid of all those alien invaders, and I became free again to “remember” who I was. Once I understood these principles, I realized how simple this is.

I am not telling people to do what I do, I only show my love for them and testify about my experiences. I threw away all those man-made protocols, I threw away all church doctrines, they were no use for me anymore, for they kept me in bondage. It only pleases the “god of this world” who is blinding the minds of precious well-meaning people with his religious hogwash. I made my choice to follow my inner witness again and slowly but surely, I became aware of how I am a true master creator and still growing in this freedom.

Today I know I don’t have to wait on God to change anything. The change has already been done and all we have to do is manifesting this in our life. As I started walking in the light, my discernment became better and I could see clearly what is false and what is true. Jesus revealed to me that the Kingdom of God is within me and around me. It has always been here. The next thing I discovered, Man was never banned from the Garden, but why did we leave this Garden? Trust me, we might have “left”, but the Garden did not leave us. His lovely garden, you will still find it in your heart. But we seemed to have kind of forgotten about it. We followed another route. A route that was NOT SO GOOD for Men. We started creating things with our lower mind that was not so good for anybody, not even for the other living creatures on earth. The harmony was broken up.


Reality is so simple. Can you tell me how you can love a person you have never met? That is simply impossible or if you say you can, you are a hypocrite. Is that not what Jesus called the Scribes? I also thought I could love God, but after realizing that I was only loving an “Image” of God, as I had never met Him in person. One day I asked God, “I like to see You”, and He agreed, He will reveal Himself to me. First of all, He told me that He has no name, even “god” was invented by another entity. He said He does not need a name, for He has no ego, He simply is, Nature. He further said that He is Spirit and has no physical body as I have. Therefore, the only way I could see Him is through His Creation, through Nature, since He has put a particle of Himself in all those creations. He showed me many of His wonderful creations and today I can tell you that I have seen God, and I may call Him, Father.

When I asked my Father what His greatest desire is. The answer might surprise you, as it had nothing to do with religion. He said: “Conjoint creation and joy for all from its observation.” Hence, I learned that He loves all of His creation and it pleases Him when we together do some more creating in His Garden. When I walk in the garden that my wife and I created, I see God, I hear God, I feel God and I can touch God, and through these wonderful creations, I love God. I am finished with saying ‘I love God’ in church meetings or wherever I am. I realized that it does not mean anything to Him, they are only hollow words. Rather I can show God that I love Him with an act, by loving His creation and taking care of it, then I show real love. This can be very emotional sometimes because you feel so close to Him. You will be surprised how many revelations you receive when you walk with Him in nature.

God’s dream was to create the beauty of this earth and He created all flora and fauna, and the pinnacle of His creation was man, who is supposed to be the Master of this creation. But what happened? Does Man look like a Master of anything today? The only thing you hear most people say is, “Jesus is coming back and will change it all”. Is that the truth as I never could understand why He needed to come back if His kingdom is here already, and waiting for us to do something in His Kingdom and restore His Garden?

Once I understood who the “god of this earth” is, everything became clear to me. For those who go to religious institutions, this might be difficult to perceive as it did first to me. All I can do is pray that people may know the truth. Once they know the truth, it will set them free. I am not arguing this point, just share with you what I experienced to see as truth. I came to discern the sly deceptions of this “god”, that for the last 6000 years did a terrible thing in the dumbing down of Man. By all these controlling doctrines, their spiritual awareness became very, very low. We see that the conscious awareness of “being” was taken away from him. This was done mainly by man-made education, rituals, protocols, and religious doctrines.

For surely this “god” had blinded my mind for some time and was the reason I could not see what is false and what is true. Today, I am not following these dark-inspired doctrines from State and Church anymore. And so it happened, Man decided to do things his own way and left the Mind of God and used his lower mind instead. The “god of this world” was the creator of the many religions you find in the world today, and he knows that religious people can easily be controlled through their doctrines. Religious people are often strictly following those principles and doctrines laid out to them. The reason is that they think they are pleasing God, not realizing it is the wrong “god” they please.


We keep on seeing people battling along and especially in these last days of this so-called Plandemic moving over the earth, they call out to God for help. Many believe that this is the time that Jesus will come back. But I keep telling myself to use my common sense, why would He do that? Did He not say when He left that we would do the same things as He did and even greater things? Is there a reason for Him to come back if we all do the same works as He did? Something is not kosher here. Look around you and see what a mess we have created of God’s beautiful earth. We have to clean this up first, and I see no easy way out by a so-called “Rapture”, (I could not find that word in the Bible). Oh, I believe that a New Earth is coming, and some will be taken and some left, but I still think it is THIS earth that we have cleaned up. The shifting is already taken place, many people are awakening to the truth. The Great Awakening, these are the people that are made ready to live on the New Earth. The Kingdom of God is here and always has been. The result is that the awakened sons and daughters of God will inherit the New Earth and they don’t have to be waiting on Jesus to come back at all.

The Son of God is already here, but many don’t realize that WE ARE THE SON OF GOD. We are the ones we have been waiting for to change the things on Mother Earth. It is not waiting on Jesus, but He is waiting on us. Did Jesus not say, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you”. If Christians believe that Jesus lives within them: “they will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father”.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour                          William Blake

God’s Mind, our higher self has been manifested for the last 2000 years on earth, nevertheless, many do not recognize it. Is it not clear, that not Jesus but WE have to take on the enemy? We will do the works that need to be done and even greater works because Jesus is with the Father. Of course, it is still God doing it, but He gave Man the authority to do His bidding. He gave His power to Man on earth. People say that Jesus came to die for our sins. Why would He do that? I know people will stone me for this saying, but I don’t care, it is the truth. They somehow derive this from the Old Testament, by the shedding of the blood of a lamb your sins will be forgiven. But Jesus came and was dealing with His folk, the Israelites, and not us. He wanted to set them free from the occult rituals of the Hebrew faith. I once saw an offering ritual on TV where they slaughtered animals for a sacrifice. What a bloody mess, it made me sick looking at this. However, I am glad I saw this, for I know now that my loving Father would never ask anybody to slaughter one of His dear creations as a sacrifice for sins. It is repulsive even to think that Father would ask such a thing. By now you also should know who instigated these rituals. However, Jesus came to set his people free of these occult rituals.

My time on earth is to give the message of truth and whoever will believe them will be saved, it’s as simple as that. Saved from what? Saved from a very difficult time on earth, from deception, from delusion, from believing lies rather than truth. But don’t worry they won’t die, we are all eternal beings, it just won’t be easy. Believe me, it is the awakened souls that will move on to live on the New Earth, where there are no more wars, no more religions, no more temples made of Man, God’s harmony will be restored. I keep on searching for more truth about the Universe. For what greater joy can there be than to learn the things that truly Are? As Hermes Trismegistus tells us: “He who instructs himself concerning the universe, its laws and its principles, its beginning and its end, give thanks for all things to the Creator, as to a gracious father, a good protector, a faithful teacher.”

Jesus came to set the captives free. To set them free of the occult protocols they were following. The only ones Jesus fought were the religious leaders of that time and He still is, but now through me and others of the same Mind. Look what He called them: blind guides, fools, whited sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones, and unclean, serpents, generation of vipers and hypocrites. Do you think Jesus was being “nice”? Do you think the Scribes were happy when He ridiculed their faith as occult? Many times, they wanted to stone Him, but they could not. They said He was blaspheming because being a man, made Himself God. But He was God and they knew it, but wanted to hide this from the people.

Eventually, they murdered Him, but only with His consent. If you still want to follow the protocols of the Hebrew people, think again. The people were captivated by the Scribes’ doctrines and occult protocols. They kept on deceiving them with the Scriptures.

Is it not true that in like manner today, the governments are deceiving you with their own “scriptures” for you to obey? Are they not forcing people to do things that go against our God-given human rights? Sometimes even against their own constitution. I have done a lot of research in my life and this is the truth: Authorities were, are, and ever will be the enemies of Truth. Wake up, and smell the coffee, authorities are not there to help you but to control you. Wake up and know who you are and take a stand against the wiles of the enemy. Stand your ground, don’t give up, and don’t give in. There is a way of doing that without having to be aggressive. Just hang on to your true self and demonstrate it. Simply and quietly claiming your right to be You is the true way.

My Father is not judging anybody, He leaves it to us to judge ourselves. I can only judge myself in this life and no one else may do that, not Jesus nor anybody else. And if you try to judge me, you are only judging yourself. That revelation dear reader is what set me free and made me a very happy person. My question to you is, are you happy or are you still under all these man-made protocols? I can tell you this, you are much more than you are thinking. Change your thinking and listen to your higher Mind. Here you will find all truth of the Universe. And your inner being will tell you who you are, godlike and a son or daughter of God.

For those who don’t believe this narrative, you have to prove to me it does not exist. Information is an image. An Image is an information. If you decide to erase this image from me, you have to prove to me that this image does not exist in reality. I can tell you now, the image that I have from my loving Father can never be erased from me.

A last sensible piece of advice I can give is “Mark what is written, not who wrote it”.

Remember who you are and stay tuned.


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