There are two important days in your life, the day you were born and the day that you discovered why. The day I discovered why I was born has set me free from many bondages. This felt real and good, and from that day, I wanted to help everybody to become free, to understand what it is like to be free. You may ask, what is the definition of free? Free of guilt, free of shame, free of self-power. “Shame on you for breaking that glass”, “shame on you for not getting an “A”, “shame on you for not being pious enough”, “shame on you to divorce”, “you are guilty, you go to hell”. And I can go on and on. You ‘have to’ and ‘you must’. If you are still doing that, you are not free. “Yes, but the Bible says…”. Forget about these laws, they were written with the only purpose of binding and controlling Man, the most perfect being in the Universe. Has our Creator not written the “decrees of life” in our hearts? We feel or sense when we do good or bad, you don’t need stipulating rules for that. Religion has a controlling spirit behind it. Freedom means that you are allowed to do anything you like and experience it. Living is about experiencing life.

From that day of being free, I learned to think rationally, is it Religion or Reality? In nature, I find reality, everything you see is alive. That Life comes from the Creator. Even Earth is a living entity and she is hurting. Many people pray or think that God will restore it. I say, if we know how to break it, we can also make it. Experience the restoration of the earth and let me know how that feels. Many are asking Jesus to come and help us. But how can He help us, He is not here on earth now, and did He not give us the authority? I follow in the footsteps of Jesus and His authority is within me therefore, I have to do it. Has Man not been given all the authority to subdue the earth? You can pray all you want, but it will be to no avail if you don’t stand up and BE the difference. I know I will not receive many “likes” on this truth, but the knowledge of truth brings freedom. You can’t change the truth.

Some people just don’t want to wake up, but I am still trying. And for the thousand people that might read this article, if only one of them is awakened to the truth, then it was worth it all. I don’t mind being rejected by Man, as I am accepted by my beloved Father and all else is irrelevant. I am an eternal creation that is bestowed with the divine Love of God. I am called to bring the truth and awaken mankind and I will do so until I reach the New Earth. I will freely bring you the truth of the experiences I learned in this life. Experiences showed me very clearly that without Love, our divine Source, life is impossible.

Those who don’t take the time to listen to the truth are ignorant and have only themselves to blame if they had it wrong. There is enough science out there to prove that many are following lies and deceptions. Ignorance is not an excuse. Tell the cop that when you get a ticket for speeding, “Oh sir, I did not know the speed”, but you were supposed to know. The purpose of this article is to awaken those that are still sleepwalking about how they were robbed of their God-given freedom and have been lied to for ages.

However, one thing is for sure, we will all be awakened to the truth sooner or later, it is inevitable. Man can choose to delay it, as many have done because the illusion has become so real to many that they are terrified to leave it.  And of course, any choice you have made will be honored because love is gentle, it does not impose, demand, or command, it allows you to accept or reject It. Love knows that in time you will choose to awaken unto Reality, awaken to your true self. And at the end, there is only Love, Father, Source, Heaven, and Reality – whichever word you choose to use.

The Hebrew people were indoctrinated with an occult religion and were captivated by it, they did not realize that for millennia they have been lied to. The history of the Old Testament can be true stories, but many of the interpretations are very doubtful as to whom they apply. I always follow the simple rule, “who gets better off it?” Many of the happenings were attributed to the Creator, and this is where the big lie came in. My question is, “Was there any mention of divine love?” I can only find wars, punishments, judgments, rules, and all kinds of protocols in the Old Scriptures. No wonder many think this is the way it should be. But should it? Divine love can never make war. Jesus came, motivated by love for His people, to set the captives free of this occult religion. Love does not mean being “soft”, it means telling the truth, even if it might hurt. Was this a “sweet Jesus” calling the religious leaders, a generation of vipers, blind guides, fools, full of dead bones, serpents, and hypocrites?

When Christ came, He said, “I am the Truth” and he kicked against all the laws that the priests had designed. Was He loved for that? Well, did they not try to kill Him many times for that? Today, I am glad to be able to say, “I am the truth” and kick against all the lies of the religious dogmas. Am I loved for that? Probably not! In my latest book, I asked the “Lord God”, “are you not afraid that I will expose you, exposing who the real Lord God is?” He answered, “No, not at all”. I responded, “So, you are not afraid that people now know your moves and through what kind of channels you operate?” His answer was: “No, for the simple reason, who will believe you? If they really would believe all you said in this book you are about to publish, they would have to re-write many history books and re-write thousands of religious books. People are too proud to change anything they have created. Even if they somehow would believe this truth, they would rather destroy you than their good name”. I think he might be right, but I keep on trying to awaken people.

Of course, changing the minds of these hypocrites was a very difficult task for Jesus as they were programmed for millennia by the forces of darkness. The “High Priest” made sure he also had his preachers mixed with the true believers. The Judaism priests were very familiar with training their priests and they trained hundreds of Christian preachers. They were given enough money and were sent out to evangelize the world with this gospel of “good news”. But was it “good”?

Many have not understood the teachings of Jesus and therefore it was easy for the forces of darkness to change that a little to serve their purposes. These new preachers injected a twist into the Christian teachings and they created a need for salvation that no one recognized they already possessed.


And that is how I heard the “gospel” message, “you must be saved”.

Now deception was a big problem in my life. Many times, I have been deceived because I am a sucker for believing that the ‘words’ people speak are true. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe all people are good, I just don’t believe the devil that is inside of them (I heard that in a movie, quite true, ha-ha).

Most people think that the New Testament is the “Word of God”. But if that is true, why should my loving Father need a Book to speak to me? Even the NT is full of new rules and dogmas to adhere to, “and if you don’t accept Jesus, you go to hell”. Have you ever thought about how the first Christians received their knowledge about God and spirituality without a Bible? Have I then lost the ability to hear God for myself? Of course, I learned a few things in these “letters” from the early believers. But that is what they are “letters” written by followers of Jesus and deceived followers of Jesus. Why did they write them? To communicate with other believers and show their viewpoints, right or wrong. You have to prove to me how this can be the ‘word of God’. Do you really believe that our Great Creator needs to write letters, so He can still talk to each person personally? Did we not learn, that “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life”? The word Religion was first mentioned in the 13th Century. Religion is about spirituality. Today we have Organized Crime, Organized Labor, but why do we need Organized Religion if we can organize the Spirit of God?

Whatever is written in these N.T. letters are the viewpoints of those authors. So, if the author is deceived in certain ways, how can we know his writings are not mixed with deception? Some of them indeed are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and some are not. Maybe they seem to be good words to you, but someone else might find them appalling. Let me ask you, how do you discern whether what I write here is true? You can’t put my words next to the Bible, you have to take my words and discern them with your Spirit man. If I am wrong, please feel free to write to me, for I am also still in an experiential process.

You see, words are only symbols with no meaning other than the ones you each give them.  And once you experience and make individual choices about the precise meaning of a word, this can lead to confusion, and sometimes to conflict.


Many of our modern churches offer you to be “saved”. Oh, I believed this and did as they asked me to accept Jesus as Lord. But was that what saved me? Saved from what? The only “salvation” I might have received is an AWAKENING of the real me, my real Self. Then this awakening process continued only once I made up my mind to pursue spirituality.

Only many years later I discovered that we don’t need to be saved as we are already saved, for we are ONE with the Source (Father God) and that is an ETERNALLY UNCHANGING STATE. What we need is an awakening from this hypnotic sleep. We might talk about salvation when we awaken from the illusion which we have chosen to hide from reality. But the truth is that we can’t keep hiding under this religious cloak of lies like Adam and Eve did, because it is dissolving and crumbling and soon this will all be gone, and we will be naked again. All men will eventually awaken from the illusion.

There will be stubborn people that will refuse to acknowledge God’s loving Call and they just have to wait a little longer as Love does not command, demand, or impose. Your awakening is divinely assured, for sure all men will come to the knowledge of the truth that we are One with the Source.

If you think this is not true, let me ask you a few questions then. Did you know that these “letters” were assembled only in the late 4th century in New Testament form? This was assembled by the councils of Hippo (393) and Carthage (397). But do you know the people who assembled them? They were just ordinary clerics, and people just presume they were walking in the truth. Can we prove that they did? Then this Bible was of course only available for a few Roman Catholic clergies and the Pope that made himself the “Vicar of Christ”, they could tell the people whatever they wanted to. It was only in 1611 that the Bible got printed, and commissioned by King James for the people to read. Does this mean that all those people that lived before the New Testament was established or before they could read those letters and gospels could not be “saved” and had to go to hell? What about all those people that lived before Jesus came to earth? Does that make sense? Did they not have a relationship with the loving Father or were they all lost? You can fill in the answer yourself.

What am I trying to prove with this article? That it is dangerous to believe everything you read as God’s command. It is not, for He never commands or demands, He is love and whenever you are forced to believe or do something, it is not from our Father, but from an imposter. If you keep on following written words only and obey those, you stop searching for the truth for yourself, you are sleepwalking. Is it not much easier to obey rules, than find out for yourself if something is true?

Words! Again, words are only symbols with no meaning other than the ones you give to them. The enemy of Divine Truth created a need for salvation that no one recognized they already possessed. All men on earth already possess salvation. Jesus did not come to save the people. Why would He? Is it not true that each has to work out his salvation? He did not come to “save”, but to set the captives free from the occult religion and to bring the truth so that Man could follow in His footsteps.

Even prophetic words that are spoken over your life, the truth of these words can be interpreted in different ways. I have about 100 pages of prophetic words received in my life. Sometimes they come from the Holy Spirit but often they are mixed with man’s carnal thinking. One of my prophetic words said that I will establish many churches. But why would I do that? There are so many churches already, do I want to add to that? Please, give me a break. I established one church and that already brought me enough confusion, pain, and misery. Why would I want to add to that?

And so, it happened, dear beloved, the Christians were very much indoctrinated with many lies. Dogmas from the State and dogmas from the church and many more are daily added. Lots of them are meant only to deceive you, to control you. Those who know what is going on with the so-called “Plandemic” realize that we are being lied to through the Fake Stream Media. Christians that believe you should obey those that have the rule over you, fall for this trick and obey their deceived government. Do you believe that this cuckolded government that has the rule over you has been appointed by our heavenly Father? Please, think again, is it not rather Man that appoints those people? They lie to you and they keep on deceiving so with “words”. Did you not know that the Vatican is the richest Organized Religion in the world? A richness that has been stolen from ordinary people. With the stealing of your money, they also stole your freedom.

There are very few awakened people today that are consciously aware of these facts, many are still sleeping and don’t know yet who they are and still believe in a “heaven” to come. Today all mankind still lives in the world of the occult that the “god of this world” created. He kept the people from thinking about the essence of life and instead he made them think about a happy life that only occurs for them in the afterlife. That is precisely what they began to believe even until this day. Now he could very easily teach them those deceitful dogmas about how to reach heaven or how to avoid landing in hell.

Can you see now, why you can’t depend on “words” only, you have to depend on the Real You, the Inner Witness, who has all the answers you need in life. This truth resides within each Man. Words can lie to you and it all starts when a new infant is born. I agree with Anastasia’s viewpoint here and I quote:

“A new infant, created by our Creator with the status as the most perfect being in the Universe. Nature and the Mind of the Universe have seen to it that every new Man is born a sovereign, a king! He is like an angel – pure and undefiled. Have you ever wondered why an infant has that soft upper part on his forehead that only closes after a while? Well, God designed it that way, so that through this soft part he can take in a huge flood of information from the Universe. The abilities inherent in each newborn infant are such to allow him to become the wisest being in the Universe, God-like. It takes him very little time to bestow grace and happiness upon his parents.

Now look at the lie we have bestowed upon our children. In today’s world, what happens when an infant opens his eyes for the first time? The natural learning process is being halted at birth by well-meaning parents. What does an infant see with his first conscious glance around? He sees the walls, the edge of his cot, some fabric hanging around the cot, and all kinds of features and values of the artificial world. All were created by a technocratic society. And in this world, he finds his mother and her breasts.

He is being wrapped up in some kind of fabric, which he finds most uncomfortable. He wants to free himself but in vain! And the only means of protest he has at his disposal is a cry! A cry of protest, an appeal for help, a cry of rebellion. (Those of us that are awakening still feel that rebellion).

He concludes this must be the way things are. His smiling parents offer him toys and other objects that rattle and squeak, as though they were priceless treasures. He spends a long time trying to make sense of this rattling and squeaking. He will try to comprehend them both through his conscious mind and his subconscious.

Often only until the age of nine does he hear a passing mention of the existence of the world of nature, and then only as an adjunct to that other, more important world of manufactured objects. And most people are never allowed to become aware of the truth, even to the end of their days. And so, the seemingly simple question ´What is the meaning of life, goes unanswered.” END QUOTE

Today I see this creation of Man (Technocratic world) as an illusion and is not the truth, it brings no life, no joy, and has absolutely no meaning at all, where does this all go? Why are we here? To understand that we have to return to Nature. Only what God has created is TRUTH. Only by communicating with His truth, will we be understanding God.

Therefore, all we need do is engage with Love, release our grip on fear, and go within and allow ourselves to experience once more the utter joy of Oneness with our Source. I am One with my Father. If you believe that too, pronounce it freely.

We know all things! This is the truth! You just have to go and find it. I have all the answers. Is that pride? No. It is knowing who I AM, a “child of God” an eternal being, that is maturing to become a “son of God”. We are all children that came from the Source and are One with the Source. Nobody can change that fact, for it is an eternally unchanging state.

Many have not understood the teachings of Jesus and many Christians are deceived into believing that there is a “future” heaven. Once they believe that, they would not listen anymore to their instinct or the Divine Mind. They would only listen to what the “Word” says, and it is here that they are hooked. The Christian world became divided into a multitude of denominations that were often in conflict with one another. I fell for that trick, as for many years I did follow that concept of what the “Word” says and added another church. Guilty as charged, but thank God, I did awaken.

Today, I know, the Cabal is planning for depopulation big time. The jabs are poison. It is an attack from the pits of hell. It is a Chemical War; World War 3 and casualties are falling. You better believe this. People are not awakening yet enough to the truth and I will keep on warning them. But if you know who you are, you are safe.

I can tell you also that our enemy, (devil, Lord God, High Priest, or Satan) the name does not matter as these forces of darkness are using “people” and playing with our minds. But this enemy is behind everything. He controls the “good” side and he controls the “bad” side. The Illuminati (Cabal, Deep State) thinks that this is all their ideas, but they don’t know they are being controlled by the same evil force. Many good Christians think their “God” is in control, but is He? By waiting on Him, Man becomes passive and does not change anything. Did we not receive from Him His authority to subdue the earth? It is not God, but the god in us, WE are the gods on this earth that are supposed to be in control of our environment. God gave us total freedom and all the power we need to control this earth. So, if we don’t control the earth, and it seems we don’t, who is controlling it then? Is it still the “god of this world” that is controlling us? Is it he that wants to kill us with jabs? If that is so, did not Jesus tell us that we have been given authority to trample on snakes (Corona) and scorpions (Vaccines) and to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm us? Didn’t He say, if you drink any deadly poison, it will not harm you? Is it not true that once we, the sons and daughters of God are free indeed, can the god in us be in control?


To strengthen his viewpoint, the “god of this world” issued another tacit command at the Second Council of Constantinople, against the doctrine of reincarnation. This happened in the year 553 AD. In that year, 165 Church officials (Roman Church clergy) condemned reincarnation. Who gave them the power to condemn anything? Did we give them the authority to do that? You know that before that time, reincarnation had been fundamental to Christian teaching. The Christian world has changed since people have come to claim that there is no reincarnation. Again, they (religions) lied to us, and again unfortunately many have believed this deception.

This shows you how clever the dark forces were to hide this from the people. I was taught not to believe in reincarnation by the Christian church. But the idea of it did not leave me and at a later stage, I did some research on this issue and discovered the church had this very much wrong. Even Jesus taught reincarnation by affirming that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah. Read it yourself and do your research. Be not afraid to do that, you will be surprised by what you will discover.

You know, since the day I discovered who the Lord God from Genesis 2 was, and the lies about reincarnation, my eyes opened, and all things became very clear to me. It was so simple, it was like someone lit a candle in a dark place and you saw everything in the light. Today, I know the truth about all, it all made sense to me. Truths that were hidden from me before, became as clear as crystal.

You see, nobody had experienced life after death and where they would go when they leave their body. They had no idea how to reach Paradise or how to avoid hell. Therefore, the enemy could easily propose to Man some occult hints that would deceive them further into a religious mindset.

Today Christians don’t believe in reincarnation anymore, but then life does not make sense anymore. As someone mentioned: “How could a benevolent, loving God give one person a silver spoon and leave the next to starve in their supposedly only earthly life?”

Can you see where the big lie comes from and why? This would keep them from thinking about earthly life and only concentrating on heaven and how to get there. The enemy wants to stop Man from concentrating on the essence of life here on Mother Earth.

Maybe I should mention here why I always proclaim that God does not judge or punish anybody here on earth. I came to understand that each person has to work out his salvation. God is love and He will never punish His sons and daughters, but who then will be the judge? If it is not by God as the “church” so often deceptively proclaims, who is it then? The only one that has a right to judge your life is YOU! You are your judge and executor of your own words and deeds and nobody else. I will illustrate that as follows.

Just imagine you left your body and are arriving in a heavenly dimension where many souls, that went before you, are present. In this place, there are no more secrets as everybody knows everything about one another. You are brought to an immense hall where many of the souls are present. Here on a big screen, your whole life will be shown as your three-dimensional life on earth. Everybody can now see all the things you have done, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You see things that you did well, but also where you maybe might have wronged some people or done bad things. You are ashamed of yourself and proclaim, “this is bad, this is not good, I am embarrassed, and I will rectify those myself when you send me back to earth. You are now judging your earthly walk yourself and promise to rectify the wrong deeds. You sign a contract to do this. You are now being sent back to earth to experience life in another body to do what you intended to do.

It can happen that some people, who were maybe kings on earth before are now coming back as a pauper. We call that, working out your karma. Those who fail, just have to go again through the process of reincarnation until they are ready to move into the fifth dimension. But you need to understand that eventually, everybody will get there sooner or later. We are all saved as we are all connected, we are all One with the Source.

For those who are sent back and are not in an area of conflict or suffering, this means they are not meant to be undergoing these experiences. Their task is to be love in action, like angels, and show others how wonderful love is. Their existence on the earth is effective in assisting healing and awakening for many. Some again are sent back with a clear message as John the Baptist was sent to be a messenger for Christ.

This is not always easy as the problem is that most of us have forgotten where we came from and what to do. It did not help either to get indoctrinated with the “education system” and subsequently be robbed of our freedom. Once we believed the lies of the enemy, we became slaves of the “system”. You might understand now, coming back as an infant, why it is so important that we need that huge flood of information from the Universe. If we don’t receive that, we might have a difficult time on earth establishing our calling. But the fact is that we need to understand that the time we spend on earth is an experiential process, the more we experience, the better the balance. We need that balance to be brought into the fifth dimension and enjoy the New Earth.

Lately, we see that there are areas on earth of great pain and suffering. I do understand now that these are areas of great karmic clearance for all of humanity. This is the progress toward a great awakening and as we all can see, this is intensifying.

My mission on earth is to awaken Man and to point Man to Reality. No force is needed as Man, still has a choice to make, will they accept and embrace this truth, or reject and deny Its existence? I can only bring the truth in love. As I said, love never demands, controls, or imposes, it allows, and so all on Earth have complete freedom of choice. I intend to send Love to all and rest assured, God looks after His Own, and ALL are His Own!

Until we meet again on the New Earth.

Stay blessed,


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