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I think, one of the most important things in life, which in fact should be natural, is the health of a person. Everybody living on the planet earth has a right to be healthy, it is your birth right. But when we look around us, we see this not always be the case. Show me one person that is 100% healthy or has never been sick in his life. Maybe there are a few, but I am sure they are not living in our environment.

I can only tell you my own experiences how I got healed and practice a healthy life. Of course, like anybody else, I have been sick occasionally but nothing serious. But then one day (about 10 years ago) I came home sick as a dog and had a lot of pain in my breast and back area. I told my wife to make me a hot bath. Ha, ha, as if that would help. I went to bed and still has lots of pain. My daughter-in-law heard from my wife the symptoms I experienced, and she said to call a doctor straight away. The doctor came and said I had to go to the hospital and would call an ambulance. I could be quite stubborn and did not want to listen and said, let’s wait until tomorrow and see how I feel.

He replied, “Okay, but maybe there will be another type of ambulance fetching you then”. I understood what he meant, and I agreed to go. So, the ambulance came and brought me to the hospital where they did a thorough examination and detected I had a clog in one of my arteries and needed a stent. They operated the same night.

The operation was not a big issue but then I was sent to a hospital room where there were about six other patients. What I experienced there I will never forget in my life. Today, I tell people “stay out of the hospital for people die there”. I am right about that and still warn people that it is not a healthy environment. Of course, when you need it for an emergency, but I was not impressed.

Of the 6 people on my hospital room two died, and they brought n another person that same night and died a few hours later. The next day I was talking to the person next to me and asked him why he had so many blue spots on his body. He said that this was happening because he also had a heart problem five years ago, and they put some stents in his arteries. The doctor prescribed blood thinner pills for him. “But you still had to come back again, they don’t seem to have helped you”. He gave me no answer, but I kept this in the back of my mind.

Now, lately I was doing some research concerning natural products for your body instead of Big Pharma prescribed drugs. I was talking to the nurse about this as I thought nurses are there to help you get better. But then half an hour later, I had a big fright as three doctors came storming to the room straight to my bed. They were very angry and said Mr. Koning I just want to tell you concerning your idea about alternative natural medications. It is not true what you were saying, it is a deception, it is an illusion. He was very adamant to tell me I was wrong, and he went on for another 15 minutes to tell me why.

Wow, I was so surprised, what had I done wrong, me and my big mouth. Maybe I challenged their occupation? I learned very soon, you never talk in the hospital about alternative ways to get healed. They oppose those things as I have learned later, because Doctors never learned about natural remedies in medical schools. What are you saying Hans, they never learned about herbs that can heal you? Exactly, and I also know why this is not been taught in Medical Schools. Do you know who sponsors these Medical Schools? Oh, I see you already sensed what I am saying. It is the Pharmaceutical Industry, Big Pharma that sponsors the Medical Schools. No wonder they don’t teach these natural ways of healing in those schools. So, don’t go out and blame the doctors, they only do what they have been taught. If you like to blame someone, blame Big Pharma that makes billions out of medicines.

To get back to my experience, after 7 days I was released from hospital.  I had seen enough in that hospital that made me determine to do some more research on alternative ways. They gave me three types of medicine that I should swallow. One of them was, you guessed right the “blood thinner”, also cholesterol lowering pills and another one that I had forgotten what it was for.

So. In my research I discovered natural remedies that were alternatives to the drugs prescribed by the doctors. I found it difficult at first to leave my prescriptions and instead take the alternative remedy. You see there was still some fear in me. They did a good job of instilling fear into people. What will happen when you leave the pills prescribed by the doctor? Good question.

I discovered that Big Parma makes a pill from a natural herb, but they can’t patent the herb as a medicine. They have to take out one molecule of the herb and replace it with a chemical molecule. Now they can patent the product and put their 1000% profit on. Now you must understand that Big Pharma is the 5th major industry in the world, and they make billions out of these products.

Now the pill is ready to be used by innocent people, and they discover after a while that they have other symptoms that need another pill. You will read on the prescription bottle that there are ALWAYS side effects, so you are warned. The chemical substance of the tablet creates the side effects. Now these side effects are to be healed with another tablet that also has other side effects. Once you are hooked on medicines, it never ends.

Now dear people Big Pharma won’t’ even allow us to talk about this. They want you to be quiet. There are doctors and analysts that have exposed these facts and are no more. This is not a joke as many of them are just killed or assassinated. Remember it is all about the money and not about getting you healed at all. The prescriptions you received are only to heal the symptoms of your sickness and not the cause of the sickness.

But Hans are you sure you tell the truth? Yes, and I have proof of that as well. Just be careful how you say it and where you say it. I told you my story in the hospital, I asked the right questions in the wrong place and got reprimanded.

I was being released from the hospital after 5 days. It took me a while before I had the courage to finally throw away all the prescription pills and used alternative ways. In the meantime, I went to an alternative doctor, a bio-resonant to find out the cause of my condition. He found that I had some artery calcification. He gave me natural products to get rid of the old calcium remnants in my body, to detox me and gave me some other natural products to take. I think this was called Energetica Natura Resium. It worked very well for me.

After 3 months I had to go back to the doctor in the hospital for a check-up of my condition. I went because I was curious of what he would say about my condition after I had thrown away my pills. He checked my whole system, and he said, “you are 100% perfect, all is well”. He asked me what kind of pills I take, but before I could reply to him, he found it already on the papers he had from me. “Oh, I see what you use, just keep on using these 3 pills”. I did not tell him I don’t use them any more for I did not want another fight and tell me again that it is an illusion.

But I needed to do some research on the calcification issue as I don’t like to have another heart attack. After more research on this calcification, I discovered something that the FDA and Big Pharma don’t want you to know. A heart attack has nothing to do with your cholesterol level. Nobody can prove the opposite to be true, not the AMA or any other research institute. They can’t proof this. In the meantime, Big Pharma is earning billions in selling cholesterol lowering products. Dr. Mathis Rath has proven that the cause of heart attacks has nothing to do with cholesterol but has to do with a Vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin C.

If cholesterol was really a problem, then it would be a problem for the whole body as thousands of kilometers of blood vessels exist in the body. It seems only around the heart is this a problem. These vessels are about 70-80 times per minute being used when the heart pumps. They don’t give up because they clog, but because they can no longer withstand the load and tear. (remember scurfy).

Cholesterol is the body’s response to the vitamin C deficiency. By depositing Cholesterol, the body tries to stiffen the vessel walls in order to prevent a breakthrough. Can you see why Big Pharma don’t want you to know this? Cholesterol is your friend, not your enemy. I don’t think there is good and bad cholesterols. The Creator knew what He was doing when he designed Man.

What would have happened to me if had taken these cholesterols and blood thinner pills. I could have been dead today, because of the wrong assumption that it would help me. Help me faster to the grave, yes. But please dear reader, I am not telling anybody what to do. I only tell you what I discovered and experienced myself. Don’t throw away your pills unless you are absolutely sure.

So, through calcification, my arteries were getting thinner and my friend cholesterol came to help me plug the walls. He was a very good friend, he did so good a job that one of my arteries got too much plugged and it clogged up too much and caused a heart attack.

How could I help my cholesterol friend, by making sure that my arteries and blood vessels became healthy and strong again? I did this by taking every day a lemon mixed with some honey. I do this now for 10 years after the hospital visit. Today I have not been sick and have no problems, not even a flu. I have not visited a doctor in all those years except just recently when I stumbled and fell on my mouth and needed some stitches in my lips. That is all folks. I make sure that I get my vitamin C and other Minerals as well.

The best way is to get your vitamins in by natural way, through genuine fruits and vegetables. And if possible from your own garden and not with Vitamin pills. They are not always very helpful.

The reason some people get easy this Corona virus, which is a type of flu is because their immune system is down. Get your immune system up and you won’t get any type of flu. This whole pandemic you see happening around you is a scam, big time. I ma not saying there is no virus, but it is not a Pandemic, there is only a Plandemic. It has been planned years ago for one reason only, to be able to control you better. No more people died of thus virus this year then last year, The Mainstream Media is helping with this to get this promoted. So, I call this rather a Media Virus. I will explain this maybe in a later article.

In the same way that doctors give you pills for lowering your cholesterol, they will now use a vaccine for the same reason. The use the vaccine against the symptoms and do not treat the cause. This is not helping you, they don’t even tell you why you got the virus, you get it?

I will not say more about it, do your own research and don’t believe everything the Media tells you. You know what wearing a mask means, it is a sign of slavery. But I will try to explain in my next article how you could up your immune system and never again get any type of flu or virus ever again in your life. It is possible. Don’t fear this thing. Energy flows where attention goes.

Stay healthy,


Part 2 follows: How to build your immune system against viruses.

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