As a business visionary all my life I have seen success but also failures, but were they really failures? I had an unconventional way of doing business that made me successful with sometimes tumultuous, often challenging but mostly exciting experiences.

My wife and I experienced heavenly times and hellish times. But through them all we survived and became better persons or let me rather say, we discovered who we really are, sovereign beings. There was an awakening taking place and the result was that in fact the failures were really blessings. Once the real person within Man is awakening you will become sons and daughters of God.

We don’t need a Book to tell us who we are. We realized that the “system” Man had created is nothing more than a system of slavery. Then we found religion and thought this to bring blessings, but we realized soon that this brought forth another type of slavery. It is not religion but realty that matters. After experiencing all these tumultuous things, we left that all behind and decided to take matters in our own hands without religion.

The Creator created the Universe, the question is can anybody be above their Creator? The answer is NO! The Creator created Man in His image and Likeness and is also a creator. 

Now Man creates governments and laws, the question is again, can governments, laws and rules be above their creator, MAN? I would say, NO! No government can be above Man, no law can be above me. 

I decided to apply Gods unwritten laws (written in my heart) above any other human made law. I made sure that I am slowly but surely getting out of this damned system of the world. It is NOT of God! I have proven this over and over again. My determination is to follow Gods guidance of love and compassion.

But who are we then? Nature and Mind of the Universe have seen to it that every Man is born a sovereign, a king! He is like an angel – pure and undefiled. Maybe we don’t see that yet, because in our technocratic world, we take our children away from just that what was most important to them and instead show them our attributes and values of the artificial world created by our technocratic society.

On this website we present articles that may bring you closer to reality. Maybe I can’t change the “system” but I certainly can be the beginning of that change. I am definitely not fighting the system but concentrate on the true meaning of life that can be found in TRUTH, JOY and LOVE.

In these pages, the author Hans Koning will guide you in finding revelations why we were being set up for set up by Forces that was hidden for more than 6000 years.

How did we become bio-robots of a Higher Force – a Force we can’t see? How can we, the pinnacle of God’s creation, be forced to spend our lives as slaves on the earth, in obedience to a man-made system. A system that has become a great beast that is devouring our babies. He will expose this Ruler of this age.

Is there a way to escape all the craziness that is happening in the world and discover a Divine way of life? The author says there is. He will illustrate a way to enter a Space of Love that we have created ourselves, a place where we can find peace and wholeness.

A place where we will be energized and inspired by a totally new appreciation for life.

Do you experience poverty or a lack of finances in your life? Do you battle finding the proper work? Are you one who sits in church listening to all those promises and still don’t come further in life? If you experience this, then this book is written for you. This book will unveil the Truth and Purpose of Prosperity; that it is your birth right to be wealthy and healthy.
I will prove to you, contrasting in many ways what we have heard before, that it is very devout to pursue wealth. Once you are liberated of all those religious miss concepts of being wealthy, you too will be able to get what you desire and live the abundant Life, which was ordained by our Creator.
Every person consciously or unconsciously, desires to be wealthy. “As a man thinks, so is he”. To be able to be in harmony with Creative Power, we must pass from the Competitive to the Creative thinking. You will be encouraged, motivated and inspired to live up to your full potential.